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Teaser Tell All



Happy  New Year’s Eve Day!   May the coming year be filled with tons of love, good health, fun, and HOPE.

The Teaser was a good one wasn’t it?   The fun thing about it was that these rock formations are found in MANY places around the world – so knowing WHICH was the TEASE!   Here’s the photo again:


Where was this??   Who took the photos??   Well here’s where the photo was snapped:


And it was taken by my Auntie Carol on a trip to visit her daughter who lives in California…………..they went to Bryce Canyon Park in Utah and this was one of the many beautiful sights they saw.  Here’s some info on those formations and the park in case you’re interested!    And, Aunt Carol, the little “Guest Teaser” badge is all yours as well.

Thanks My Three Moggies!

Thanks My Three Moggies!

Now – who guessed right FIRST?   Well, I have to say my heart was very happy when my First Right Guesser was my very good but very sick friend Flynn from Two Devon Cats.   As you know, he’s been quite sick and his Mom, Dad and vet are trying very hard to help him feel better.  All of us are purring and praying and sending POTP to Flynn – I hope winning the Teaser helps send some positive energy his way……Flynn my friend, this is for you!


There were others of you who guessed Bryce Canyon too!   You Smarties!   You get this:


Were you WRONG?   Were you CLUELESS?   Well heres’ the BIG GREENIE – the last special December Greenie I might add!   This is for you!


I’m going to try to have some NEW Teaser awards ready in time for the FIRST Teaser of 2015……………….however, before we do THAT, I want to remind you all that tomorrow I’ll be hosting a “New Years Day Breakfast Buffet” at MY house for my birthday.   Also it will be a “Commentathon” to benefit Marg’s Animals and help to pay for poor Donkey Joe’s vet care.   So make sure and stop by – if you’ve had one too many niptinis I’ll have some comfy beds available……..if you need a little food in your tummy, that’s going to be there too………….so stop by and see me!!

I HOPE YOU HAVE A FABULOUS NEW YEAR’S EVE…………….I have two pawties to go to – Cat Scouts and Nellie’s………….maybe I’ll see you there????   May you have the most fabulous year EVER in 2015.   Thank you for being my friends and followers…………you’ve made this old ginger guy a happy boy.


Remember, the POTP Blog is a great spot to keep up with all our friends who need POTP!!!