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Bacon Reward

Oh yaaaaah!

Oh yaaaaah!

Today is – as you know if you know me – BACON day.   Mom and Dad will make something yummy that humans love to have for breakfast but PART of it will include bacon so that YOURS TRULY will be able to have some.  That’s right – they know I count on that if I don’t count on anything else during the week……Saturday is MY day.

So what’s Mom making this morning:

Dump on some syrup and you're READY!

Dump on some syrup and you’re READY!

Remember these?   Oh yeah………….they had them once and they were so yum that they’re having them this morning.   I’m not interested in the pancake stuff – just the bacon of course!


After breakfast is finished what will I get up to?  Not much.   We have RAIN this morning……………that means I’ll be inside OR if I do go out it will be just on the front porch.   Mom says humans enjoy the smell of rain – well guess what – so do kitties!   Yep – at least THIS ONE does.

Rain or shine....this porch is MINE!

Rain or shine….this porch is MINE!

This evening my Mom and Dad are going next door to the neighbors for dinner…………When they come home, what usually happens is that Dad goes up to bed and Mom stays with me (she says she feels guilty for leaving me alone for a few hours so she’ll stay up and be with me….awwww,….geee…….).   So I’ll pop up on her lap and get a good brushing then I’ll hop down and lie down on my favorite spot on the rug and THEN she’ll go upstairs to bed.

Sambrush1 Sam Enjoying Being Brushed

So it will be a very UNEXCITING day for us in my house but know what?   I love that………..we don’t need to have a long list of things to do every day at my house – the three of us just enjoy being together…..even if we’re just “hangin’ out” and not doing a cotton pickin’ thing.   That doesn’t mean we’re lazy – it means we’re happy to be with each other!   YA!

Love and Happy Saturday!