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Teaser Tell All


Ta Daaaa!  Let’s tell and show all shall we??

Hello class.   What a great Teaser yesterday don’t you think?   A very unusual photo too of what looks like an interesting place to live.    All those very similar looking homes so close together but yet you go to any big city and you find a spot very much like this.   We’ll tell you where this is in a minute BUT FIRST…………….

Announcing First Commenter(s)

That’s right – we had a bumper crop of FIRSTIES yesterday.   No doubt we’ll have some grumpy cheer team members but they are currently soaking in Sarge’s hot tub so they will be in a good mood by the time they get dried off and arrive for cheer time.   Who were the FIRSTIES this week??

Friends Furever, Timmy Tomcat, Madi AND Calvin/Oliver!

Each of you gets to go home with a little badge to prove you were up early and you were alert enough to comment this morning!!

I was one of the FIRST COMMENTERS this morning and I’m proud of it! YAY for me on the Teaser post of June 19,2018!

TOO LATE DOODS – others got here before you!

Then we sat back and WAITED………………..WAITED to see who would figure out where this photo was taken……………coulda been SO many different spots on the globe………..but it was only one spot and I guess I should quit torturing you and tell you WHERE it was and WHO was first??????

This very interesting photo with all the similar houses all crammed and jammed together is in the interesting community of BACK BAY in Boston, Massachusetts!    WHO was the first to figure that out????????

The suspense is killing me!



Timmy you get this for your SMARTY PANTS guess my friend!!!  

I was the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser of June 19, 2018! YAY FOR ME!!!!

Let’s have a big fat cheer for our winners today shall we?

OOPS – give us a minute Professors – hand out the RIGHT GUESSER and NOT RIGHT GUESSER badges or something – we are still SOAKING!  We’ll get dressed and be right there!!

OK – we’ll wait for the team to get out of the tub………………….

If you were RIGHT today but not FIRST you still get a badge – after all, being CORRECT with your guess is a big accomplishment – most of our Teasers are TOUGHIES so guessing correctly deserves something!   Please take one of these for YOU:

I was RIGHT but I wasn’t FIRST on the Teaser of June 19, 2018….but I get this nice badge anyway! YAY FOR ME!

And if you were one of those who made a guess but were WRONG, you still get credit because at least you TRIED – please take one of these for your very own!

WHOOPs – I was wrong with my guess on the Teaser of June 19, 2018 but I still get this badge to prove I tried!

OK – I see four very drippy and wet cheer team members here who are ready to cheer the winners…………………………………….it’s all yours gang:

Gosh this is like a wet t-shirt contest……woo hoo

Sorry we were in the tub soaking
Time got away from us and we’re not joking
A bonanza crop of you commented FIRST
Saying all these names will give us a powerful thirst!
There was Sharon, Oliver/Calvin, Timmy and Madi too
All crowded in to comment early – it was quite a zoo!
Then same the big test of where the photo was taken
We knew there’s be one winner while other hearts were breakin’
Who was the FIRSTIE who guessed it right?
It was TIMMY TOMCAT he was outta sight!
His Dad knew the photo since he’d been there before
And there were some others who figured it out too – they all knew the score.
Congrats to our winners we’re so proud of you
Come back next week again and we’ll see how you do!

OK Team – you can head back to the Hot Tub…………Sarge has finally decided that it’s OK for others to use the tub when he’s not around………..so you don’t have to SNEAK in there any more!!!

Oh boy – I’ll add some more hot water – everybody in the tub!

I’d say this was a good class today – wouldn’t you?    Miss Dingleberry has your lunch for you – it’s burger/hot dog day AND for dessert – ICE CREAM!!!!

Ice Cream Sundaes

Perfect on a hot school day!    Enjoy – congratulations to the winners today – we will be back next week with another photo TEST for you……….meanwhile, stay cool!

Your Professors, Sammy and Teddy

Teaser Tell All Time!!


Tell It Like It Is…..


Hello students of geography – and welcome to another Wednesday when we learn who has been studying like a good student and who needs to hit the books before NEXT Tuesday!

First, let me thank our pawsome GUEST TEASER for yesterday’s photo………….THANK YOU to Miss Layla of Cat Wisdom 101 for sending in that great photo of a “lobster in space” flying above some city getting fresh air and pointing direction for anyone caring to know where the wind is coming from!

Thank you Miss Layla for the fabulous TEASER photo of 9/20/16!!

Thank you Miss Layla for the fabulous TEASER photo of 9/20/16!!

And WHERE did Miss Layla take the photo?   Well, she snapped it down on the Boston Wharf in Boston, Massachusetts!    A couple of you even guessed the actual building the weathervane is on!  BRAVO…………………but who gets what today……….I know you’re just dying to know!

First off, we had a TIE for First Commenter – and it was a “Tie Made In Heaven” because it was Raz of Friends Furever AND Madi of Down Home in NC and as we all know (unless you’ve been hiding under a rock) Raz and Madi are an ITEM and these two commented during the first minute the Teaser went live.    Concatulations to both of you and EACH of you get this:


And who was the lucky receiver of the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER badge this week?    It was our friends the Kitties Blue from The Cat On My Head – that’s who!   Concatulations to you all and this little beauty is YOURS:


Several other smarties were out there yesterday though and we had several other “Boston, Mass” answers so if you were one of them, this is yours!


Have no fear if you were wrong when you guessed…….maybe next week you’ll be lucky!  In the meantime, you can console yourself with one of these:


Who knows what our photo will be next week……………could be anywhere!   So you’d better be on your toesies by then so you can take a whack at the piñata of Teaser (hahaha).   Thanks for playing along and should you have a photo that you think would work for me to use, send it to me at junekimm(at)aol(dot)com !

I also thought I’d share some coolio photos with you……………you may recall that I told you the ever-fabulous and talented Miss Sharon of GENTLE STITCHES had designed and was making a couple of prototypes of a new tote she called the “Sammy Tote” – because she said she took the inspiration for it from ME ME ME!    That alone made my heart beat faster because I’ve never to my knowledge inspired anyone before BUT, guess what came in the mail from Australia yesterday??!!   That’s right – the world’s first Sammy Tote!    Mom tried to take a photo of me and her with the bag but I was squirmier than a greased pig (no offense Bacon) but Dad did squeeze this one out which is as close as it’s gonna get:

sammytote2Yep – I was less than cooperative for this photo shoot…………….Mom had Dad take a couple of others – one of her holding the tote and another of me giving the tote the SNIFF INSPECTION:

Hey - this smells like Australia!

Hey – this smells like Australia!

So darn cute - note the TAIL!

So darn cute – note the TAIL! The tote is nice and roomy too!

Miss Sharon tells us that the pattern for this cute tote will be available in December from RAVELRY.com and I am sure lots of people will want it – I’ve already seen on her blog at Gentle Stitches some other people are suggesting other anipals as “stars” of the tote but no matter what the future holes for the tote, I was FIRST and I was so surprised when I found out, and I will never forget Miss Sharon’s kindness.

AND – last but not least, I just thought I’d share that yours truly FORGOT that I was getting close to my 2,000 post………well, it came and went and I didn’t even notice it but still, I think it’s pretty cool that I’ve managed to squeeze out over 2,000 blogs since I started blogging in 2011.   Other interesting figures Mom saw on my stats page are:

228,500 views of my blog

28,810 Visitors so far

My BEST DAY ever was Oct. 30, 2013 when I had 708 views (it was my Halloween costume contest!)

AND……I have 636 WordPress followers and 195 Facebook followers

Thank you friends for having fun with me!

Tomorrow is Thoroughly Poetic Thursday and it will be the letter “O” that we’ll do poems for – put your thinking caps on and share your poem about “O” here on my blog by putting the poem in comments OR leave your blog link here to your post so we can read your “O” poem……..I’m thinking WHAT to write about that starts with the letter “O”……..Ovaltine?  Ocean?  Olive Oil? 

See you tomorrow !!

Hugs, Sammy

Stars wear sunglasses, right?

Stars wear sunglasses, right?

One final note……..like many of you have reported on YOUR blogs, we are now having problems with our comments on some of your blogs – particularly other WordPress blogs – showing up on your sites……..we have tried to send notes to most of you to please check your spam and “unspam” us so we don’t go to “neverland” in SPAMVILLE, but if you haven’t heard from me lately, check that spam…..chances are we’re there!  

Teaser Tell All Time!


Geography Class Is Now In Session!

Alright class...you'd better settle down....Professor Sam is coming up the hallway!

Alright class…you’d better settle down….Professor Sam is coming up the hallway!



Time for us to see who passed, who failed, and who was FIRST to comment and guess correctly………………Before we begin, I want to thank my GUEST TEASER Miss Layla from CatWisdom101 for the awesome photograph of……………….where?????   It is the Custom House Clock Tower in Boston, Massachusetts!   Interested in some info?   Try this LINK and you’ll see there’s much more to this place than meets the eye and there’s some interesting history too back to the 1800s.

Thank you Miss Layla for an INTERESTING Teaser which actually gave everyone a fit until someone GOT IT………..but before we get into that, please accept this token of our thanks for your photo!

Thank you Miss Layla for the Teaser Photo from 5/24/16

Thank you Miss Layla for the Teaser Photo from 5/24/16

Now – here’s the photo you all saw yesterday so you can put the PLACE with the FACE!


A rather magnificent structure isn’t it?   Has some European touches which might have thrown a few of you off…………..the other thing is that you’re actually seeing part of the Custom House Hotel as well as the Clock Tower.   Anyway, it’s a goodie!

Now, shall we proceed?   SuzieQ is away at a cheerleading seminar, so we’ll just get down to business and let you know who got what.   First up, our FIRST COMMENTER yesterday on the blog was none other than Miss Annie of Animal Couriers!   Concatulations Miss Annie, this is for you!

First Commenter on Sammy's Teaser of 5/24/16

First Commenter on Sammy’s Teaser of 5/24/16

Then our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER was our buddy from across the pond, Flynn of TwoDevonCats!!   This is for you my friend:

I was FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on Sam's Teaser on 5/24/16

I was FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on Sam’s Teaser on 5/24/16

After that, there were SEVERAL of you who recognized the photo or otherwise came to the same conclusion as Flynn and his Mom and those of you who did, get this for being “also right” !

I wasn't FIRST but I was RIGHT on the Teaser of 5/24/16

I wasn’t FIRST but I was RIGHT on the Teaser of 5/24/16

Then of course we have THE GREEN BRIGADE……….that growing list of Teaser followers who are collecting (it seems) the GREEN BADGE OF COURAGE for either not knowing OR guessing incorrectly.   We love you too you know!   This is for you!

I didn't have a CLUE on Sam's Teaser of 5/24/16!

I didn’t have a CLUE on Sam’s Teaser of 5/24/16!

Now wasn’t that FUN as well as educational?    My Mom and Dad have been to Boston and while they saw a lot of stuff they did NOT see the Custom House.   Just an excuse for them to go back some day right?   Right!

Thanks for playing along everybody!   We will be adjourning class for now but next Tuesday at a SECRET time (you never know when) you will get an email notifying you that CLASS IS IN SESSION and to report to Geography classroom and review the photo.   Maybe you’ll be FIRST next week?

Until Then……… Class Dismissed!

Thank you for paying attention in class today!!!

Thank you for paying attention in class today!!!


Teaser Tell All


Tell All Time!


I didn’t fool you all this week!  Stay tuned and I’ll tell you who did what!

Mr. Silver Briefcase please show the FOTO FANS yesterday’s Teaser??

Reporting for Duty!

Reporting for Duty!


Many moons ago my Mom and Dad flew to Boston, Massachusetts to explore the city……………they did something called “The Freedom Walk” and on that tour they got to see THIS structure off the cobbled streets and bricked sidewalks of Boston…………it was a wonderful and super interesting museum and it was the HOME OF PAUL REVERE!!!!!    That’s right – “THE” Paul Revere.   Built in 1680 it’s the oldest remaining structure in Boston…….and if you’d like a little more info – check out this LINK !

Now for the GOOD STUFF……………………yesterday our First Commenter was the dynamic duo of Oliver and Calvin !    They are always on the ball on Tuesdays – they are in fact “Frequent Flyers” for the Teaser – and this will not be their FIRST rodeo when it comes to winning this:


Then we had for our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER, the dynamic Raz and his sisters Allie and Ellie from Friends Furever !    They knew where this was and were FIRST to get it right!   You guys and gals get this:

First Right Guesser!

First Right Guesser!

I also had a few more who guessed it correctly – – – – BRAVO!    You all get one of these!

Right Guesser but not FIRST!

Right Guesser but not FIRST!

AND…………last but not least………..my GREENIE FANS………..my friends who didn’t know, or guessed incorrectly – you still get something for your time and effort!

The new 2016 GREENIE!

The new 2016 GREENIE!

Mom and Dad said Boston is a great place to visit and it sure was a good photo to use for a Teaser wasn’t it???     I hope I’ll see you next Tuesday for the Teaser of the Week……………..you won’t know WHEN it will pop up in your computer – which is half the fun anyway right?   Everybody loves surprises!


Same Time, Same Channel

Next Week!  

Until then,

Sammy Hugs all around….

Pee Ess….don’t forget to tell your humans if they think

they have a good photo to use for my Teaser,

email it to my Mom at junekimm(at)aol(dot)com !


The Truth About the Teaser!

Mystery Photo 3

Some of you mentioned New England and you were right!

OK guys…….nobody guessed it this Tuesday but some came pretty close!!  This house and garden is located outside Boston in Salem, Massachusetts and it’s The House Of The Seven Gables!  Nathaniel Hawthorne wrote his novel by the same name about this very old house built back in 1668.  The oldest house of its kind in New England.  The grounds are beautiful too and on the property now (moved there from its’ location just a few blocks away!) is the actual house where Nathaniel Hawthorne lived. Mom said the house was interesting on the inside and there were lots of interesting rooms and even a secret hidden staircase! So, thanks for playing along with my latest Tuesday Teaser.  I’ll try to fool you again next week……… Have a great Wednesday!!Sammy The Tease 

Sam on Mom's Recliner

I'm just a ginger colored teaser!