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Thursday Stuff



Gosh…………it isn’t right that we’re not even AT Christmas and my Mom is already so danged busy that I’m not getting suitable lap time.   This is just wrong.  What’s with that………she’s running around like a chicken with its’ head cut off (gosh that’s an ugly sight!) running errands, doing Cat Scouts stuff until it’s coming out her ears, working on Christmas cards and getting NOWHERE fast, trying to get some shopping done but finding there’s no time AND she hasn’t even started decorating the house yet (which is bound to be noisy).

Yeah....I'm grumpy!

Yeah….I’m grumpy!

Sigh………..what’s a guy to do?   I follow her around wherever she goes waiting for her to land so I can pop up on her lap but she never lands.  If she DOES land, it’s in her room upstairs and she’s ATTACHED to her computer doing something………..I don’t go upstairs any more – too tough on my old legs – Mom will carry me up there but I immediately come back down.    Those of you who have known me a while remember when I was constantly camped out in Mom’s office under my afghan tent……those were the days right?  Mom wishes I would do that again but I have ZERO interest in that anymore.  I’ve moved on…………now that I’m old I am TOTALLY devoted to the living room or basement – period.   That’s why I have been known to stand at the bottom of the stairs and SCREAM for Mom to come down immediately if not sooner!   I thought I was running this household?!?!?!?!

I'll just stay inside and play all day......

MA MA MA MA MA – Come down, down, down, down!

Mom says EVERYBODY is busy this time of year………yeah I know but I don’t care about “everybody” – I just care about HER!    Besides, we’re on Day Three of rain, rain and more rain and I haven’t been able to enjoy my yard AT ALL.   This morning before it got really rainy and Mom and I went out for my first walk (4AM) it was so foggy I couldn’t see my Mom and she was on the other end of my leash about four feet away from me!   Fog and mist…….and COLD……so it was a quickie walk.  Then the fog got WORSE later and then it rained and rained some more.   It was a thoroughly disgusting day.



Today is supposed to be nicer……….maybe I can at least go outside and enjoy the yard a bit………….MAYBE.


Mr. Pouty Pants

(otherwise known as ME)



One Blog Thursday


COMPUTEREYESSammy’s Gone Nuts!

Did you think I went blog crazy yesterday with TWO blogs?  Well, that was because I didn’t realize it was BLOG FOR PEACE day yesterday so I quick did a special post for that since I LOVE to honor that day!

Today only one blog……….and a rather boring one at that.  Why?  Well, how about because there’s not much going on around my house that’s worth talking about?   Fall continues to fall…..leaves are flying out of the trees at a record pace so Mom and Dad will be busy in the yard this weekend I’m sure………….we’re like everyone else who’s got Fall going on – just trying to keep up with stuff.   But one thing is for SURE…………..I’m excited about November being here because I DO love turkey day!    This year Mom and Dad are going to W. Virginia for Thanksgiving but they WILL be bringing home a doggy (oops…I mean kitty) bag with some turkey for ME ME ME.   YAY!

What the heck is this?

What the heck is this?

Mom has been working hard packing up the packages for the two winners in my Sam-O-Ween Best Costume Contest…………we are hoping that Peanut and Ernie both like what we’ve got for them – Mom will get those in the mail by tomorrow or Saturday.   We sure had a GREAT contest this year.   YOU GUYS ROCKED your costumes and those of you who didn’t enter still came back and voted and we had a TON of votes cast.





See?  I told you this would be a boring blog post………….I just don’t have any big news or even any old news……….we’re just floating along here at my house.   The one thing that puzzles me though is considering how BORING things are around here, how come Mom is STUCK at the computer all the time instead of downstairs in the family room in her recliner so I can pop up and get in her lap???   Huh???   It’s my favorite spot and she knows it.

Gimme that lap Mom!

Gimme that lap Mom!

Hugs, Sammy