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Marvelous Monday


Howdy!  Well, all is right in my world again as most of you know……Mom didn’t lose her way coming back from her “Girls Weekend” for her birthday and arrived Sunday before lunchtime.  YAY……I gave her the cold shoulder for the first ten minutes then decided that as enough punishment for deserting me and have been following at her heels since (except for when I slept on her lap of course).   She did have a good time though so I suppose I should be GRACIOUS and say I’m glad she did. Here’s a photo of her sitting at her table at the book-signing she attended – this was taken before the doors opened and the throngs of people arrived:



She sold some autographed books, talked to some old friends and made lots of NEW friends so that means it was a success!  I think if I’d been sitting on her table it would have attracted more people to come over and then I could have told them about the kids cat book she wrote……..on the other hand I would have been freaking out at all the strangers so maybe it’s a good thing I WASN’T there!!

Now here’s some scoop for ya about tomorrow’s Teaser……….it’s another GUEST TEASER but it’s not from my friends at My Three Moggies this time.   I hope it’s going to be a toughie but I’m not sure – – – – so be ready when it pops into your email inbox and if you’re FIRST with the right answer you know you get that fantabulous purple award badge thingie that Easy has won about 100 of because he is:


BUT, there are a lot of you who are super good at figuring out where the Teaser is so BE READY DUDES!!!

Also, I hope you’re already thinking about what you’re gonna wear for my Halloween Costume Competition……………There WILL be prizes you know………YAY!


As we get closer to THE BIG DAY (Sam-O-Ween) I’ll give you more info about the contest but also tell you more about my actual Halloween BLOG because it’s gonna be fun just stopping by even if you don’t enter the contest.