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Caturday With Friends…..


No I’m not having company today – no there’s nobody coming to see my parents or anything….so why is the title of today’s blog “Caturday With Friends” ??  

Because I want to thank all of YOU today.  In this blog world we live in there are honors bestowed to us along the way – blogging awards handed out and given to each other because we care…because we appreciate each other…because we think someone else’s blog is worthy of “standing out”…and certainly because we’re friends.

I received two nominations in the last couple of days from friends – and it made me stop for the millionth time to think about how much I enjoy sharing my little life with you all.  How much I hope you  enjoy hearing about my very ordinary little life.  How much FUN it is to talk to you every day and catch up with what you’re up to!  Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks to everyone………

Miss Dianda from Cats&Co. nominated me for the “Wonderful Team Readership Award Award” which is one I already received and have posted on my home page…..then I received the “Seven Things About Me” award from the lovely Nellie of Cat From Hell


For the “Seven Things” award, I am to tell seven things about ME and then nominate seven other blogs.   Coming up with some things you might NOT know about me is gonna be hard – I’ve shared everything with you over the year-plus that I’ve been blogging but here goes!

  1. I love buttons.  If I see a button on a shirt or sweater from across the room – I make a beeline for YOUR lap!  I’ll hop right up and start trying to remove that button or buttons as the case may be.  My Mom gets a big charge out of it…my Dad….well….not so much!
  2. When I was very little, my Mom had tied one of those toys on an elastic band up on a stair railing for me to play with – I had fun pulling on it and watching it fly through the air and I’d leap up and grab it again, etc.   She left the room for a few minutes once and came back to find me all wrapped up in the elastic because I’d gotten hung up in the elastic and couldn’t get free – HANGING ELASTIC TOYS ARE DANGEROUS! 
  3. I think crickets are rather delicious.
  4. I do NOT like my Mom to talk when I’m in her lap.  Even if she and my Dad try to have a conversation….if I’m on her lap, I PREFER her to be quiet.  If she talks, I’ll hop down and wait for her to stop then hop back up.  Persnickity aren’t I ???!!!
  5. I love classical music and lift my tail in the air to move it back and forth with the music while I close my eyes and listen.
  6. I have exactly $2.26 cents in my piggy – I mean CAT – bank.
  7. I once chased a fox down into the woods in my backyard.

So there are my seven things…..and I’ve already linked back to pretty Nellie and now I have to nominate seven blogs!

The Princess Tails

Pedro The Cat

These Days of Mine

Nerissa’s Life

A Tonk’s Tail

Mollie’s Dog Treats (Mollie and Alfie)


And for the “Wonderful Team Readership Award” I have a few days to think about who to nominate – you’re supposed to nominate 14 blogs and I’m not sure I KNOW that many so I’ll see what I can come up with!

At any rate, I hope all of you have a great Caturday……why?  Because you’re my FRIENDS that’s why!

Kitty Hugs, Sammy

Many Thanks (and I DO mean many!)


I am such a lucky cat.  I have made so many truly great friends since I began blogging.   My Mom and I want to pass on some majorly huge hugs to two of our mostest favorite people for many reasons, so here goes!

First of all, we should have thanked Miss Caren of CAT CHAT a few days ago when she very kindly did an incredible book review for Mom’s new kids short story fable book called “Rainbow Forest Fables”.   It was an amazing review and Mom’s just tickled pink (imagine how funny she looks!!).  Here’s the review she wrote if you’d like to read it:


Secondly, we must thank our sweet friend Miss Dianna of These Days of Mine  for giving One Spoiled Cat blog (that’s ME!!!!) THREE new blog awards!  That’s right – THREE new ones!   They are:

Genuine Blogger Award

"Genuine" is a VERY nice thing to be!

The Genuine Blogger Award is way cool isn’t it?  It doesn’t have any “stipulations” to fulfill for acceptance so we’ll just post it in my BLING section!

Miss Dianna also awarded us the HUG Award!

Hug Award

What a NICE award - everybody needs a HUG (and hope!)

I love hugs and I think we should ALL have hope so this is a special award too.  All I have to do to accept this one is pass it on to at least one other blogger…..that will be easy (I’m passing it on to three other bloggers though):

Pedro the Cat – this is one of my best buddies.  Pedro the cowcat and I seem to be on the same wavelength (scary thought huh?).  He’s ever so much fun to follow and always up to something (like me). 

Cat Chat – Miss Caren and her cat Cody are special peeps!   They always have great tips, swell book reviews, funny stories and photos of the ever handsome Cody (!) and Miss Caren is involved in all sorts of great causes on behalf of animals. 

Cat From Hell – Nellie and Kozmo have become my friends recently and it’s Kozmo who is my “partner in crime prevention” with the Feline Bureau of Investigation (FBI).  Nellie is the Queen of the site though – and I’m sure is in fact Queen of her entire household!   They have lots of friends and I’m glad to be one of the “newer” ones!

And my third award is The Sunshine Award….and we cats love our sunshine puddles don’t we?!

Sunshine Blog Award

I love sunshine and I love this pretty award!

The Sunshine Award requires that I answer some questions so here we go!

Favorite Color:   Red!  (Mom’s fave is purple)

Favorite Animal:  Cats of course (Mom says “ditto”)

Favorite Number:  ONE because there’s just ONE cat in this household (Mom agrees)

Favorite non-alcoholic beverage:  Water (Mom likes milk best if you can believe it!!)

Prefer Facebook or Twitter?  I don’t have a PAGE on Facebook but Mom’s there – however she doesn’t “tweet” !!

My Passion:  NAPS!  (Mom’s are writing and painting and ME)

Prefer getting or giving presents? Getting of course!  (Mom likes to GIVE best though)

Favorite pattern:  Tiger stripes  (Mom likes quilting patterns)

Favorite day of the week:  Any day my Mom’s home (Mom says her favorite is Wednesday which is grocery shopping day!)

Favorite flower:  Mom and I both like roses bestest!

Wow…..this is a blog blog huh?  Sorry about that but I’m just so excited about my new awards AND we wanted to properly thank Miss Caren for the super fabulous book review for Mom’s book.  Mom was at a big book fair in Lumberton, NC last weekend and sold a lot of copies of “Rainbow Forest Fables” so it was nice to have such a super review of the book so she could “brag” at the event.  Tee Hee

Now if you’ll excuse me, I believe I’m due for a nap.  It’s exhausting posting all this stuff.

Sam Sleeping on Mom's Lap

I'm dreaming about awards....LOTS of them!

Until tomorrow gang! 

Sammy, One Happy Blogger…………….


Hey! Get these presents out of the box so I can have it for a racecar!

This green thing is my "4,000 Hit Award" ?? Really?? That's IT??

Yippeee!!!!  I’m Celebrating 4,000 Hits On My Blog

Sometime overnight I passed a milestone….over 4,000 hits on my blog is a big deal I think.  After all, I’m just a cat!  Granted, I’m not an ORDINARY cat – I’m almost twelve years old, I’m polydactyl, I’m a formerly feral kitty adopted from a shelter, and best of all, I have GREAT humans in my life who spoiled me rotten.  Not bad huh?

I babble on every day about stuff that’s important to me – but even though it’s nothing spectacular, my friends – YOU! – seem to enjoy visiting me every day to see what’s up in my life.  How cool is that………trust me……….I appreciate it.  From what I’ve observed in my almost twelve years, humans are pretty busy almost all the time.  So for so many of you to visit me is – well – WAY WAY COOL. 

So, to each and every one of you who’ve made me an “over 4,000 hits” blog – Kitty Hugs and Kitty Kisses from One Spoiled Cat. 

Sammy, One GRATEFUL Cat!!