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Tuesday Teaser


Hear Ye, Hear Ye…….is everyone ready for Tuesday Teaser?  Hmmm??? 

Good!  Then let’s get to it……………


Today’s Teaser is just a little something I put together to keep you on your toes.  My pal Easy won’t be able to use his “figure it out tools” which are – as we all know – his bench, costume, trash cans of the world, etc. catalogs that he’s ordered from Amazon so he can put all the clues together and guess the Tuesday Teaser first every week!  This time it’s definitely got NONE of those things visible.  It’s an enigma.  Yep – sure is.

Everybody take a look, give me your best shot – I want to know what city in the universe these roofs are in????  My parents snapped this little gem on a trip.  But WHERE WERE THEY????  Hmm?????MysteryPhotoJuly29

Remember you have to let me know TODAY because tomorrow is award day…….you’ll get one (or more!) of the fabulous, personally designed badges for Tuesday Teasers!!

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Then of course you all know by now that if you would like to display this little gem on your blog you most certainly can…………….why not raise your hand (or paw or claw) and admit to the fact that you’re addicted to my Tuesday Teasers????  Tell the world you’re not afraid to get out there and GUESS every week!



There’s not much else to share today – all eyes are on the Teaser on Tuesdays around here!  I did, however, hear a little rumbling in my house that my parents are planning a getaway in October.  Just a few days BUT it will involve yours truly having to visit Paws A While…..my favorite (and only) kennel where I will bask in the sunshine of their love in my own private cell space while my parents are missing me desperately (I’m sure!).  Where are they going?  Some place called MAINE.  Why are they going there?  Mom wants LOBSTER……can you believe it?  She can have a furry ginger kitty on her lap but she wants a hard, claw snapping lobster instead!

Oh well – they do deserve a break.  I guess.

Now get to it and take a peek at the Teaser……………………I’m waiting to hear from you!!!

Kitty Hugs, Sammy The Teaser Dude