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The Day Before


Good Morning!!

So today is THE DAY BEFORE the big “do” for my third blogaversary.   Are you coming?  Remember, it may be a “Black Tie Blogaversary Buffet” but you don’t have to get in your formal wear (if you can still fit into it of course) – just come on by and have some good food and fun.

Thought you might like to see where the party is being held……………I couldn’t have it here in my own house of course – it’s not a “black tie” kind of house – but this place is!!


My hired Butler for the day – Jeeves – will introduce those who have submitted a photo of them all dolled up from the top of the red-carpeted staircase……………and of course my girlcatfriend Sundae and I will be waiting to welcome you to the beautiful ballroom and dining area………….




We’ll be waiting to see you – remember to have your “fancy dress” photos to me ASAP today if you want Jeeves to introduce you, and in the meantime I hope you have a FABULOUS Friday!!

Pre-Blogaversary Hugs,


Sammy’s Cafe’


What?   Sammy’s Café?  What would that be you might ask?  Well, the scoop is this……………….the last three days we have had a little visitor on my front porch and fleetingly through the yard on occasion.  A little (probably year old and no more) black and white tuxie kitty with light green eyes.   She’s shy, but becoming more used to us…….she has “won over” Stevie – our Frequent Moocher cat from the neighborhood who comes to my house for breakfast and dinner every day.  Stevie isn’t easily won over either.  Stevie tries to beat ME up every time I am in my own yard and she comes up to me……..I hiss appropriately and roll to my back ready to fight if I have to but she backs down and gets the message (mainly because my Mom yells at her to STOP)……..Anyway, that’s off the point – Stevie and the little kitty (who Mom has named Tina and who my Dad has named Marilyn) are getting along.

My front porch is an “equal opportunity mooching porch”……..anyone in need of a meal – COME ON DOWN TO SAM’S CAFE’ !!!    I think the word’s getting out in the neighborhood.

Speaking of neighborhood, not one soul is claiming this little tuxie – nobody knows who she belongs to……the little boys next door even went door to door to see if they could find her home.  So, for now, she’s an outdoor kitty with Stevie and we’re feeding her.   Here she is:



Mom knows that because I’m 14 and because I’m formerly feral and very used to being an “only” here with my parents, I can’t have an inside cat living here.  Sound selfish?  Well, we’ve tried and cats pick on me and I get upset and am afraid (I hate to admit it but it’s true!)………..so that’s why we have helped cats out from time to time but they live outside – not inside.

So that’s the big news in my life………….between that excitement and getting ready for my black tie buffet blogaversary party on Saturday – well – me and Mom are BUSY!



A reminder that if you’re coming to my party in your “fancy clothes” and want Jeeves to introduce you when you arrive at my party, send your photos of you in your best gear by Friday noon.   You don’t have to get all dressed up though to come by – we’re celebrating all day long!    WOO HOO!!!!!





Tuesday Teaser


Hello Teaser Fans!!!


Here we go again – another challenging Tuesday comes around and I just know you can’t WAIT to see what little gem I’ve picked out for you this morning.   What can I say but GOOD LUCK.   Mom showed it to Dad and he guessed it right away…………….but then he’s been there so that doesn’t count right?   Anyway, without further ado, I present to you today’s TEASER!


So your mission (should you decide to accept it) is to agonize over the photo, examine every square inch of it with your magnifying equipment, zoom lenses, and whatever else you normally use to figure these things out AND be the FIRST person to guess where this photo was taken.   Not just the planet or country – the WHOLE thing….what city is it???  You know the drill AND you know there’s no cheating allowed (or lightning will strike you!).

If you’re the first to guess right – you know what you get……………..you lucky duck (or cat or dog or hamster or guinea pig or mini-pig or horse or bunny wabbit):


If you guess right BUT you’re not the first one, you get this:


If you really blew it this week you get this:



Now, don’t forget if you wanna be introduced by my hired butler at the top of the big old staircase at the spectacular mansion where I’m holding my blogaversary this Saturday, you need to send me your fancy-shmancy photo with you all dressed up by this coming Friday.   Got it?  Good!!!   If you are bringing a date to my “do”, you can send a photo of the two of you being introduced TOGETHER (awwwww……how romantic)……or if you’re coming on your own and hoping to hook up there (hahahaha), just a photo of yourself.

Dressing up is not required though – you don’t have to be gussied up but those who DO gussy  will be formally introduced by THE BUTLER!  You know you want that…….right?


We know that Blogpaws is going to keep a lot of personal assistants busy and that means several of you won’t be able to attend my FABULOUS blogaversary pawty this Saturday, but we totally understand that.   Totally (sniff sniff).

I’ll see you back here tomorrow when we find out WHO the First Right Guesser was AND who else knew where this photo was snapped………………..meanwhile, HAPPY TUESDAY TEASER FANS!!





Sammy the Tease

Resting up for the pawty....at my age it takes a while to recharge my batteries!

Resting up for the pawty….at my age it takes a while to recharge my batteries!

Wet Thursday


Hi Everybody!!   Well, like many of you, we struggled with the storms that simply STAYED and STAYED and STAYED.   One very big rain/wind system that came up from the Gulf and seemed to never end………..we had something close to five inches of rain but thankfully, this morning, other than a light drizzle which is SUPPOSED to stop, we are finally finished with “the storm that was”.    It makes us so sad that so many people in other parts of the country got tornados and experienced so much loss…….humans and animals alike will struggle to find “normal” after this so we do feel blessed.

However I was beginning to think I’d have to drag this old photo of me out – again………………


Today Mom’s gonna do some laundry (exciting huh?) – well that’s not big deal of course except it’s the sheets and towels she’s washing which means CHANGING SHEETS ON THE BED!   You know – that ritual we all love love love!


Sam Preventing Mom From Making The Bed

Guarding the clean sheets…..

Other than that, I think things will be quiet around here………….I might finally get a chance to go outside and sniff around in the mud that is our yard……….and perhaps look for worms in the puddles because there are always TONS of worms in the Spring……..I don’t eat them (ewwwwww) but I do like to “fish” them out of a puddle and watch them squirm around.   I tried playing “push the worm” – like I used to play “push the frog” with my little frog friend Freddy, but they just don’t HOP like Freddy used to when I gave him a bit of a push.   Oh well……..I’ll have to find some other entertainment!

Gosh we used to have so much fun....well, I did anyway!

Gosh we used to have so much fun….well, I did anyway!

I miss you Freddy!

I miss you Freddy!

Speaking of entertainment – I’m working on my blogaversary plans………….I promise next week to reveal some of them but honestly I think it will be “low key” – at least for me – purrrhaps something dignified – like a “black tie buffet” or something………I’ll let you know when I know.  Deal?

Formal or non-formal....THAT is the question!

Formal or non-formal….THAT is the question!

Have a PAWSOME Thursday – and may the sheets be changed for you today too!



Monday Mania


Hi Everybody! Did everyone have a good weekend? We did although it was HOT HOT HOT and while we had a brief shower, we didn’t get the rain the liar weatherman said we would. Oh well. Maybe THIS week?

So do you know what today is? It’s Mollie and Alfie’s BLOGAVERSARY!!!! That’s right – you better not forget to stop by and wish them MANY more years of hilarious posts and adventures because who else would bring you YOGO and a fun shop full of incredible handmade goodies to buy???

UPDATE!!!   Mollie and Alfie have decided to celebrate their blogaversary TUESDAY instead of today – they’re taking their time prepping for all the guests – so I’ll remind you again tomorrow, but right now the PAWTY is on hold for today………….


I’m hoping Mollie’s pinky paws are all healed up by now otherwise she’ll have a tough time boogying around the house to celebrate at the PAWTY! Alfie’s so laid back I bet he sleeps through the entire thing! 😀 😀 😀

Tomorrow is Tuesday Teaser day. I’m still deciding on what photo to use. I have it down to a choice of THREE…that’s right THREE…and remember that it won’t go “live” until 6AM Eastern Standard Time. I don’t think I need to remind you about that anymore because you Tuesday Teaser fans know by now that I post that blog later than my usual 3AM timeslot the other days of the week. And for those of you who want to cheat and peek at “properties” on the photos (hahahahaha), Mom’s going to remember to change them to something mysterious so don’t let that fool you OK?????? Just part of the fun-packed Tuesday Teaser service ya’ll (that’s southern talk for YOU ALL in case you didn’t know!!).

See you in the morning……….meanwhile Happy Manic Monday!

Kitty Hugs, Sammy

Me and Mini-Me Say Happy Monday!

Me and Mini-Me Say Happy Monday!