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Sunday Selfie




Celebrating my 4th Blogaversary today,

Mothers’ Day,

AND Sunday Selfies with the Kitties Blue

from The Cat On My Head!




She loves me  when I’m happy,

she loves me when I’m sad,

no matter if I’m the perfect angel,

or am having an attack of “BAD!”  

She says that I’m her baby,

she takes good care of me, 

when I think of being totally loved,

it’s my Mom’s eyes I see……………  

I love you Mommy!  

Your Sammy

The Monster’s Here


Here we go again on a Friday….of course that’s monster day around here and I am as prepared for it as I ever am.   Just keeping an eye on the hallway closet waiting for it to make an appearance.    Then “LET THE CLEANING BEGIN!!!!!”…………………

"Mr. Clean" (?)

“Mr. Clean” (?)

There are two ways of looking at the cleaning thing………..one of course is that we keep our homes nice and neat and clean and  tidy, but we should also consider that when we clean, we might be destroying the lives of millions of dust bunnies all across the world!


I say I’d rather do without the bunnies and the sneezing from the dust and live in a nice clean house…….if anyone’s gonna mess this place up it should be ME!   Right?

My toy box is actually a toy WAGON!

Yeah the place is a mess but I like my stuff where I can keep an eye on it!

Tomorrow is Bacon Day as you all know but Sunday is a HUGE day………..it’s Mother’s Day ( yay for Mom) AND it’s my 4th blogaversary and the party I’ll be giving for YOU – all my friends  –  to celebrate that occasion.  Make sure you stop by  even if it’s just for a minute OK?


Now get out there and start your Friday———————-it’s  the end of the week and  you have to START today to get to the end of today and the weekend!  Right?  Right!

Hugs, Sammy

I just updated my CafePress shop to include some new stuff!  

Click the link on my sidebar to visit my newest “SAMMY’S STUFF”!!

Wacky Weather


The past two days have been totally weird……………what’s that mean?   Well, at almost PRECISELY 3:17PM it has begun thundering LOUDLY – then five minutes later a MAJOR downpour, then it stops, the sun comes out, then five minutes later a dark cloud comes out of NOWHERE and we start all over again………………after an hour of being silly (!!) it settles into a nice, lawn-drenching rain for a couple of hours then STOPS.    So that’s not all that weird really but we think it’s just a LITTLE weird that it’s the same exact time and same exact pattern.   So there…….if I think it’s WEIRD than I guess it’s WEIRD!    HAHAHA


One GOOD thing about the rain is that all this stuff Mom has been planting around the yard gets watered FREE of charge to our water bill.    That’s a GOOD thing.   Another GOOD thing is that along with the rain has come some pretty stiff wind – and why is that good?   Because all the seed pods/pollen pods, miscellaneous pollen from the oak trees and other “litterers” of the yard wind up having all that junk blown out of their branches and it flies through the air like it’s snowing a blizzard and lands on the grass………so instead of DAYS and DAYS of pollen falling, we get rid of it quicker in the wind!  Cool huh?   Mom and Dad  don’t have allergies to pollen thank heavens – nor do I – but even if you’re not allergic, there’s so much junk flying around it makes you sneeze anyway!

Shall I quit griping about the weather?  OK…….will do.   Besides, I think I said it all.

I’m working on my blogaversary party and I do hope all of you will at least be able to stop by my blog on Sunday even though some of us are ALSO celebrating Mother’s Day on Sunday.   It’s no big deal kind of party – just some food, drinks, and thank yous – my way of thanking YOU all for being my friends for four years of blogging!!!!    This is YOUR party….not mine.

Sam Loves His Friends!

Thankful for my friends

OOPS…….here comes some noisy  thunder so I guess we’re still in the “pattern” – I’d better go for now………..our power hasn’t gone OUT but it has “blipped” a little bit.   Blips aren’t good for computers you know!

See you tomorrow!

Hugs, Sammy

P.S.   Our hearts are broken to learn of our friend Nerissa’s passing over the Bridge.  MOUSES!


Nissy was  one of a kind………………..I’ll miss you dear friend……….

Nerissa Forever badge, Ann

Tuesday Teaser



It’s Tuesday Teaser Time!

Would you believe me if I said I think this is an EASY one?   Would ya?   Would ya?   Well, guess what………..I kind of think this is an easy……….it’s not a Guest Teaser either – it’s one of my Mom’s and while artistically speaking it’s not one of her best photos, it will “do” for a Teaser I think.


I need you to examine it – agonize over it (if necessary) – and then post a comment stating WHERE the photo was taken.   Just saying “Europe” or “The United States” or “Australia” or “The North Pole” won’t work either because I want to know  where specifically OK?

If you are the first person to comment (even if you don ‘t guess) on today’s Teaser post, you actually WIN something – how cool is that?


If you are the very FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on today’s Teaser, you win something too!


If you aren’t FIRST, but you do guess it correctly, you’re a winner as well!


If you are particularly fond of GREEN, or you haven’t got the slightest idea where the Teaser photo was snapped, or you guess and are WRONG, you still get something!


You lucky blog followers!!!!!   You win no matter what!   Tomorrow all of you will find out on my Teaser Tell All blog WHERE the photo was snapped and who the big WINNERS are!!

So get cracking……………..guess your little hearts out – I’ll be here waiting to see how you do……………….READY?   SET?  GO!


Don’t forget….Sunday is my 4th Blogaversary Pawty! 

  Hugs, Sammy

Before I forget – HAPPY CINCO DE MAYO ! Ole’ !


Monday Again!



Here we go again………..another week starting and another weekend ending………..we had a glorious-weather type weekend in my neck of Virginia – it was BEYOND nice.   I got a whole lot of fresh air, a pretty good amount of exercise for an old guy, and had some fun along the way.    How about you?

A couple of things to tell you all – for one, tomorrow is YOU KNOW WHAT day………….that’s right – Teaser Time again…………….and remember it will appear like magic when you least expect it so:

Be Purrrrrpared!

You might win a badge of glory – or maybe a Big Greenie…………let’s find out tomorrow OK?  OK!

TuesdayTeaserBadge You ARE a fan aren’t you??????

Another thing to tell you is that on May 10th I will be celebrating my FOURTH blogaversary.    Four years of having fun – and  some of you have been along for the ride for the entire four years while others of you joined me along my way.   How am I celebrating?  Well I’ve thought about it and thought what kind of special party I should have but know what?   I’ve decided to have no special theme (I thought about having a pajama party, or a costume party, or doing a camping trip) what I’m going to do is just have food, drinks, and FUN and I want all of you to join me.   How’s that?   Please plan to stop by and celebrate TWO big days – it’s of course Mother’s Day too so of course you MUST honor your Mom, but after you do that, stop over and say hi here………..I’ll be waiting for you.  I’ll have plenty of food and hugs available and we can start my 5th year of blogging together – OK?  OK!

My Mom says she'll share her recliner AND her Mother's Day with ME!!!!!!

My Mom says she’ll share her recliner AND her Mother’s Day with ME!!!!!!

Meanwhile, see you tomorrow for TEASING!

Hugs, Sammy