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Thoroughly Poetic Thursday AND Whoops!


First Things First…….!!

Can you believe that yesterday was our blogaversary and MOM FORGOT?   Well she did………….now I have an excuse as I wasn’t around when the blog was started – I’m the new kid on the block and I’m PAWSITIVE if Angel Sammy was still living with us he would have known and told Mom.    But we did NOT get the “wake up” call until today with our friends at Friends Furever wished us a Happy Blogaversary!    GOOD GRIEF MOM!     I’m so THANKFUL that we have friends who pay attention to these things since Mom wasn’t!    That’s what I’m thankful for as we join up with Brian’s THANKFUL THURSDAY.    Want to share your “thankfuls” ??   Click the badge and do that right now before you read more!

Mom and Angel Sam started the blog on May 10, 2011.    To me that sounds like EONS ago but then I’m just a kid.    Mom posted a link to our first post here on our blog yesterday, which was rather pitiful, rather short, and had very little interesting information in it – which is reflected in the FEW comments we got back then!    We’ve come a long way baby – we have tons of followers, tons of fun, and have celebrated the blogaversary ON TIME every year until now.    Here’s the link in case you want a good YAWN.    CLICK HERE

Since we’re a day late, we won’t get too carried away celebrating – let’s just say the chances are SLIM we will forget again!    Tee Hee    Maybe just a WEE celebration?


Yummy choc/strawberry cake!

Now shall we move on?    Today is my brother Angel Sammy’s Thoroughly Poetic Thursday post day – and he never lets me down – he always visits me the night before and brings me a poem he’s written for the occasion.    We are nearing the end of the alphabet again – this is our second time through…………but we will continue with a Poetry Day – we just might add a little TWIST to it which we’ll talk about after we get to “Z”!

Take it away Angel Sammy!

Greetings Poetry Fans!   Today we are celebrating the letter “V” !    If you have written a poem that you’d like to share with everyone, just put your blog link in my comments and let us know you want us to visit and see your glorious work – OR – you can post your poem right here in my comments if you like!   Put a little poetry in your life – you’ll be glad you did!

With Love from the Rainbow Bridge…………..Angel Sammy



By Angel Sammy Kimmell, 5-11-2017

One thing that I totally do not miss

Is the vacuum cleaner’s whine and hiss!

At the Bridge we don’t need to daily clean

This place is the most orderly spot you’ve ever seen!

Monster machines in closets there are NOT

Wall to wall beauty is what we’ve got.

Back home on Fridays I knew the sound

When Mr. Monster would come around.

Our house was clean as clean can be

But Mom did “monsterizing” regularly!

When I got old and my hearing was failing

I got more brave and less scared of “de-TAIL-ing” !

That machine was a monster and I kept my tail under

If it had sucked up my tail it would hurt like thunder!

Nowadays from my cloud I can see little Teddy

Preparing to vacate when the vacuum is ready……

He hides in the basement until cleaning’s done

For sure that old monster is way far from FUN!

My Angel brother sure can write a poem can’t he?    Actually I have become a little more brave with the monster – when Mom opens the closet where it lives I watch until she plugs it in – THEN I run and hide.    I used to run the minute she opened the closet – I’m making progress!

Happy Thursday! 

Love, Teddy

Now that you finished reading my blog – why not stop by my friend Raz’s blog HERE and wish him a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!  

Tell him Teddy sent ya!

Teaser Tell All Time!


Time To Tell All!

Yes indeedy – we are gathered here to give you the SCOOP on yesterday’s Teaser BUT before we do that, perhaps we should say WOO HOO for our FIRST COMMENTER yesterday?   Of course we should – she was in there commenting one minute after we went live – how’s THAT for “on the ball” ??   Who was it who accomplished this feat?

Miss Csilla (kolytyi)

This is for you Miss Csilla:

I was FIRST COMMENTER on the Teaser of May 9, 2017!

Now on with the show……………….Yesterday’s Teaser was from a good friend of One Spoiled Cat – someone we haven’t had a Teaser from in AGES AND AGES (hint hint) and hope to maybe get one now and again from her – why?  Because everyone loves her Teasers AND her Tell Alls………….have you figured it out yet?    Well, hang in there – let me show you the photo then we’ll show you the Tell All and you’ll figure it out alright!!

Here’s her “Tell All” !


YAY!   Michelle Lewis from My Three Moggies blog…………….Thank you for the photo an the Tell All Michelle……….and making us smile by mentioning sweet Angel Sammy too.   This is for you:

For Michelle of My Three Moggies for Teaser of May 9, 2017

Now who was the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER????    That was our good friend and frequent flyer of the Teaser, Miss Carol (CarolMaeWy) and you get this Miss Carol:

We had SEVERAL others who guessed correctly too and you all get this:

AND those of you who didn’t guess correctly win a GREENIE!!!!!!

While Michelle didn’t tell us in the Tell All, just for informational purposes, the statue is of St. Vitus who is just one of MANY statues on the Charles Bridge in Prague, Czech Republic.   My Mom and Dad have been to Prague – a truly gorgeous city by the way.    They were on a cruise vacation that started in Prague and ended in Budapest.

So that’s this week’s Teaser all wrapped up!     Hope to see all of you NEXT week when we will be having another Guest Teaser for you – I wonder where we will be visiting next??????

Love and Hugs, Angel Sammy and Teddy

Jumping for Joy for Teaser Tuesday!!!!!

WHOOOOPS!!!!!!!!!   Know what we forgot?

We forgot that today was our BLOGAVERSARY!!!!   That’s right – Mom and Angel Sam started this blog May 10, 2011 with this totally BORING post!   (CLICK HERE)

Angel Sammy is gone but I’m here now and we’re still going strong……Mom is older and hopefully wiser, and I’m the new kid on the block having a ball – just like Angel Sammy said in his VERY FIRST BLOG…………..tomorrow we will talk a bit more about our anniversary that WE MISSED today…….DUH


Love, Teddy

Resty, Rainy Thursday!


Still Recovering!

Having sweet dreams....

Having sweet dreams….

I’m pooped – Mom’s pooped – Dad’s the only one who isn’t pooped because he didn’t help me and Mom with the Teaser OR my blogaversary and Forrest tribute………..what did he do?  NAPPED, READ HIS BOOK, WENT FOR A WALK – did all the stuff that Mom and I would have done if we hadn’t been busy!

But it was a wonderful day……….we had an impossible Teaser……….and we had a really GREAT time with Wags and Waves for Forrest.   Mom stayed at the computer so she could comment back to everyone who took time to visit us – because it was ALSO my blogaversary, I decided to make it a commentathon and I pledged that for every comment we’d make a $1.00 donation to the shelter where I was adopted from 16-1/2 years ago.   We knew Forrest would approve of this way to honor him!    So how did we do on the commentathon???

We had 70 comments from YOU!

That’s right – once Mom counted them up from that post it came to a total of 135 comments and when we took out my responses, it came to 70 – and that’s a nice donation indeed!


You all are THE BEST………..I got to meet a lot of new friends too which is always nice.   We want to thank again Miss Sharon of Gentle Stitches who invited us to join her in getting the tribute started – but once we did – YOU did the rest…..YOU visited us and you left messages for Miss Bev and posted wonderful wags and waves on your OWN blogs.

We will be sending our check for $70 to Fauquier SPCA in honor of Forrest.   What a fabulous blogaversary celebration with a most happy ending to help out the small shelter where I spent my first days behind bars until my Mom and Dad found and adopted me!!

LUCKY ME! February, 2000

LUCKY ME! February, 2000

Tomorrow is CLEANING DAY – which means of course the fabulous team of Mr. and Mrs. Broomhilda will be here to get the house whipped (ouch) into shape!   No worries – I’ll stay one step ahead!

Love, Sammy

Teaser Tell All!


Hear Ye, Hear Ye!

Geography Class is now in session!


Welcome class……please put your cellphones away, your paper airplanes, and spitballs because it’s time to LEARN SOMETHING!

We had an amazing day yesterday with a lot of guesses popping in – ALL DAY LONG.   Part of that was because we had two posts yesterday – one for the Teaser and one for my Fifth Blogaversary………but it DID bring more traffic to THIS blog than normal so thanks to all of you “newbies” visiting us yesterday and guessing the Teaser – I hope you’re back today to find out what’s what and who’s who and most of all WHERE WAS THAT PHOTO TAKEN???

You tried your best There is no doubt So I'm hoping you won't Cry and pout Because yet again, we fooled you all I may be short but I'm standing tall We got you good, thanks to our GUEST Not one single soul the right spot guessed! So grab a hanky and call me "MEANIE" Cuz I'm here to say you ALL get THE GREENIE!

You tried your best
There is no doubt
So I’m hoping you won’t
Cry and pout
Because yet again, we fooled you all
I may be short but I’m standing tall
We got you good, thanks to our GUEST
Not one single soul the right spot guessed!
So grab a hanky and call me “MEANIE”
Cuz I’m here to say you

Thanks for that rousing cheer SuzieQ! 

Let’s thank our GUEST TEASER before we show the photo and “TELL ALL” shall we?   The Teaser was sent in by my pal Speedy the Bun and his Mum Miss Rachel!    This is for you my friends!

Thanks Speedy and Miss Rachel for the FAB photo for the Teaser of 5/10/16

Thanks Speedy and Miss Rachel for the FAB photo for the Teaser of 5/10/16

Here’s the photo!


It’s a certified WHOPPER isn’t it?   Where was it taken?   CORFE CASTLE in Dorset, UK!    It’s so hard to tell from this shot but this is a GORGEOUS spot to visit – here are two photos AND a link to more info:

TEASERMAY10-2016-2 TEASERMAY10-2016-3

Isn’t this pretty?   Here’s a link for more info! 

So who got what???   Well Oliver and Calvin were our FIRST COMMENTERS – WOO HOO – you boys get this:

First Commenter on Sammy's Teaser of 5/10/16

First Commenter on Sammy’s Teaser of 5/10/16

The REST of you, get this!

I didn't have a CLUE on Sam's Teaser of 5/10/16!

I didn’t have a CLUE on Sam’s Teaser of 5/10/16!

Once again I apologize for having an impossible Teaser………will next week be any better?   Maybe……can I promise that?  Heck no.    Do I want you to have a challenge and maybe learn something about a place on the planet you don’t know anything about purrrrhaps?  Heck yes.  

Thanks for paying attention today Class....just because nobody knew doesn't mean you're not the SMARTEST DARN CLASS EVER! So there! Study hard and see you next week!

Thanks for paying attention today Class….just because nobody knew doesn’t mean you’re not the SMARTEST DARN CLASS EVER! So there! Study hard and see you next week!


Today’s Blog – Part TWO

First of all, thank you to everyone who was kind enough to wish me a HAPPY FIFTH BLOGAVERSARY………..it was beyond wonderful and so many sweet comments here and on Facebook and it made my old heart sing!    What also made me sing was the support you all gave to Angel Forrest and his Mum Bev for the beautiful posts you all did in their honor AND the support you showed for my Commentathon to honor them as well.    The Commentathon was my promise that for each comment left about my blogaversary, Mom and I would donate $1.00 to my local shelter where my parents adopted me 16-1/2 years ago.   They can use money and other contributions just like almost all shelters in existence today – most of them struggle to give proper care to their sheltered animals and donations go a long way.   Mom and I are still tallying up the comments we got from you on the blog but it looks like a HUGE number as of the writing of this update – we will report to you tomorrow what the final tally is but it’s going to be GREAT!    Our shelter will be so thrilled.  

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts….

you made Forrest’s day SO special. 

Together we can do ANYTHING!

Hugs from me and Mom to Angel Forrest over the Bridge, Miss Bev and family, and to all of you……….

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Some of my Blogaversary cards……thank you friends………

From Layla at Cat Wisdom 101

From Layla at Cat Wisdom 101

From Phoebe at 15andMeowing!

From Phoebe at 15andMeowing!

From my Nellie!

From my Nellie!

From Boomdeeadda and her two Diva kitties!

From Boomdeeadda and her two Diva kitties!

Marvy Monday

How I felt after my pawty yesterday!

How I felt after my pawty yesterday!

Oh what a day I had yesterday!   My blogaversary party was a huge pile of fun and I do hope that you were able to be here……..if not, you can always check the post out from yesterday and have leftovers!  Tee Hee

Thank you to all of you who sent messages or cards –  that was extra special too……………

How was your Mother’s Day?   Our was spectacular………….we had the neighbors over for a cookout and the weather cooperated – we weren’t sure if it would but it did……sunny and breezy and in the low 80s.   We had TONS of fun.


Tomorrow is Tuesday Teaser…………….all I can say is I’m NOT gonna say it’s easy or hard –  whenever I do say one or the other, it’s not  the way things turn out so better to just WAIT AND SEE right?  I’m sure someone will guess and of course there’s ALWAYS someone to be the first commenters so it’s a WIN/WIN!

Today is also my buddy from Friends Furever, Raz’s BIRTHDAY!    Happy Birthday dear buddy and pal and best amigo!   Hope your day is wonderful in EVERY way!


SO – it’s a date?  I’ll see you all here bright and early tomorrow?   Yeah?   Bring your  thinking caps, world atlases and encyclopedias so you can study the Teaser picture and maybe – just maybe – you’ll be FIRST RIGHT GUESSER?!?!?!

Have a MARVY (Marvelous) Monday!

Hugs, Sammy



Sunday Selfie




Celebrating my 4th Blogaversary today,

Mothers’ Day,

AND Sunday Selfies with the Kitties Blue

from The Cat On My Head!




She loves me  when I’m happy,

she loves me when I’m sad,

no matter if I’m the perfect angel,

or am having an attack of “BAD!”  

She says that I’m her baby,

she takes good care of me, 

when I think of being totally loved,

it’s my Mom’s eyes I see……………  

I love you Mommy!  

Your Sammy

The Monster’s Here


Here we go again on a Friday….of course that’s monster day around here and I am as prepared for it as I ever am.   Just keeping an eye on the hallway closet waiting for it to make an appearance.    Then “LET THE CLEANING BEGIN!!!!!”…………………

"Mr. Clean" (?)

“Mr. Clean” (?)

There are two ways of looking at the cleaning thing………..one of course is that we keep our homes nice and neat and clean and  tidy, but we should also consider that when we clean, we might be destroying the lives of millions of dust bunnies all across the world!


I say I’d rather do without the bunnies and the sneezing from the dust and live in a nice clean house…….if anyone’s gonna mess this place up it should be ME!   Right?

My toy box is actually a toy WAGON!

Yeah the place is a mess but I like my stuff where I can keep an eye on it!

Tomorrow is Bacon Day as you all know but Sunday is a HUGE day………..it’s Mother’s Day ( yay for Mom) AND it’s my 4th blogaversary and the party I’ll be giving for YOU – all my friends  –  to celebrate that occasion.  Make sure you stop by  even if it’s just for a minute OK?


Now get out there and start your Friday———————-it’s  the end of the week and  you have to START today to get to the end of today and the weekend!  Right?  Right!

Hugs, Sammy

I just updated my CafePress shop to include some new stuff!  

Click the link on my sidebar to visit my newest “SAMMY’S STUFF”!!

Wacky Weather


The past two days have been totally weird……………what’s that mean?   Well, at almost PRECISELY 3:17PM it has begun thundering LOUDLY – then five minutes later a MAJOR downpour, then it stops, the sun comes out, then five minutes later a dark cloud comes out of NOWHERE and we start all over again………………after an hour of being silly (!!) it settles into a nice, lawn-drenching rain for a couple of hours then STOPS.    So that’s not all that weird really but we think it’s just a LITTLE weird that it’s the same exact time and same exact pattern.   So there…….if I think it’s WEIRD than I guess it’s WEIRD!    HAHAHA


One GOOD thing about the rain is that all this stuff Mom has been planting around the yard gets watered FREE of charge to our water bill.    That’s a GOOD thing.   Another GOOD thing is that along with the rain has come some pretty stiff wind – and why is that good?   Because all the seed pods/pollen pods, miscellaneous pollen from the oak trees and other “litterers” of the yard wind up having all that junk blown out of their branches and it flies through the air like it’s snowing a blizzard and lands on the grass………so instead of DAYS and DAYS of pollen falling, we get rid of it quicker in the wind!  Cool huh?   Mom and Dad  don’t have allergies to pollen thank heavens – nor do I – but even if you’re not allergic, there’s so much junk flying around it makes you sneeze anyway!

Shall I quit griping about the weather?  OK…….will do.   Besides, I think I said it all.

I’m working on my blogaversary party and I do hope all of you will at least be able to stop by my blog on Sunday even though some of us are ALSO celebrating Mother’s Day on Sunday.   It’s no big deal kind of party – just some food, drinks, and thank yous – my way of thanking YOU all for being my friends for four years of blogging!!!!    This is YOUR party….not mine.

Sam Loves His Friends!

Thankful for my friends

OOPS…….here comes some noisy  thunder so I guess we’re still in the “pattern” – I’d better go for now………..our power hasn’t gone OUT but it has “blipped” a little bit.   Blips aren’t good for computers you know!

See you tomorrow!

Hugs, Sammy

P.S.   Our hearts are broken to learn of our friend Nerissa’s passing over the Bridge.  MOUSES!


Nissy was  one of a kind………………..I’ll miss you dear friend……….

Nerissa Forever badge, Ann

Tuesday Teaser



It’s Tuesday Teaser Time!

Would you believe me if I said I think this is an EASY one?   Would ya?   Would ya?   Well, guess what………..I kind of think this is an easy……….it’s not a Guest Teaser either – it’s one of my Mom’s and while artistically speaking it’s not one of her best photos, it will “do” for a Teaser I think.


I need you to examine it – agonize over it (if necessary) – and then post a comment stating WHERE the photo was taken.   Just saying “Europe” or “The United States” or “Australia” or “The North Pole” won’t work either because I want to know  where specifically OK?

If you are the first person to comment (even if you don ‘t guess) on today’s Teaser post, you actually WIN something – how cool is that?


If you are the very FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on today’s Teaser, you win something too!


If you aren’t FIRST, but you do guess it correctly, you’re a winner as well!


If you are particularly fond of GREEN, or you haven’t got the slightest idea where the Teaser photo was snapped, or you guess and are WRONG, you still get something!


You lucky blog followers!!!!!   You win no matter what!   Tomorrow all of you will find out on my Teaser Tell All blog WHERE the photo was snapped and who the big WINNERS are!!

So get cracking……………..guess your little hearts out – I’ll be here waiting to see how you do……………….READY?   SET?  GO!


Don’t forget….Sunday is my 4th Blogaversary Pawty! 

  Hugs, Sammy

Before I forget – HAPPY CINCO DE MAYO ! Ole’ !


Monday Again!



Here we go again………..another week starting and another weekend ending………..we had a glorious-weather type weekend in my neck of Virginia – it was BEYOND nice.   I got a whole lot of fresh air, a pretty good amount of exercise for an old guy, and had some fun along the way.    How about you?

A couple of things to tell you all – for one, tomorrow is YOU KNOW WHAT day………….that’s right – Teaser Time again…………….and remember it will appear like magic when you least expect it so:

Be Purrrrrpared!

You might win a badge of glory – or maybe a Big Greenie…………let’s find out tomorrow OK?  OK!

TuesdayTeaserBadge You ARE a fan aren’t you??????

Another thing to tell you is that on May 10th I will be celebrating my FOURTH blogaversary.    Four years of having fun – and  some of you have been along for the ride for the entire four years while others of you joined me along my way.   How am I celebrating?  Well I’ve thought about it and thought what kind of special party I should have but know what?   I’ve decided to have no special theme (I thought about having a pajama party, or a costume party, or doing a camping trip) what I’m going to do is just have food, drinks, and FUN and I want all of you to join me.   How’s that?   Please plan to stop by and celebrate TWO big days – it’s of course Mother’s Day too so of course you MUST honor your Mom, but after you do that, stop over and say hi here………..I’ll be waiting for you.  I’ll have plenty of food and hugs available and we can start my 5th year of blogging together – OK?  OK!

My Mom says she'll share her recliner AND her Mother's Day with ME!!!!!!

My Mom says she’ll share her recliner AND her Mother’s Day with ME!!!!!!

Meanwhile, see you tomorrow for TEASING!

Hugs, Sammy