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Thursday Stuff


Hi Gang!

Everyone’s still talking about how I fooled you (or Mom did really) on the Teaser this week but believe me – I’m not expecting to have another GOTCHA moment.  It was probably a “one off” because you guys are just so darn smart……….

So, a few goodies to pass on…………..

Today is Little Basil’s FIRST BIRTHDAY and his brothers are giving him a surprise pawty so make sure and visit him today at Hutch A Good Life!

Have a GRAND First Birthday Basil !

Have a GRAND First Birthday Basil !

If you haven’t been by the Hutch lately, maybe you haven’t met the newest addition named Nacho – he’s adorable and he’s now keeping Nutty company.

Also, on Sunday, there’s gonna be a PAWTY at “The Cat On My Head” where on Sunday, July 21st they celebrate their one year BLOGAVERSARY………..woo woo woo!

Guess who else is celebrating a BLOGAVERSARY????  Mollie and Alfie – theirs is next Monday, July 22nd.


So Many PAWTIES – You’ll Have To Keep Your Pawty Hat HANDY

I don’t know about you but with all these parties and all the snacks and food and stuff, I’m going to have to work EXTRA hard to stay in shape…………….I’m thinking of suggesting to Mollie that SHE be the hostess for “AniPal Exercise” – just like her Mom Miss Stella does YOGO……..after all, lots of us are real slugs when the weather gets hot……we need to STAY IN SHAPE!






So, see you at all the parties gang…………….if not, stay cool – I know it’s been HOT HOT HOT almost everywhere.  I’ve been spending extra time inside with Mom in the AC.  I’m ONE COOL CAT!

Kitty hugs, Sammy

Trial and Error Thursday


Gosh…….finding the right costume to wear to Mollie’s birthday party bash is kind of turning into a big problem.  Mom keeps having me try on different costumes and so far I’m not totally thrilled with any of them. 

See what I mean?

Hmmm….I look like a pilot with a long white beard…..


Sammy "Rocky" Kimmell?????

Sammy “Rocky” Kimmell?????

Well, I do look rather distinguished as a Bobby....."Bobby Sammy"???

Well, I do look rather distinguished as a Bobby…..”Bobby Sammy”???

You've GOT to be kidding me Mom!!!!

You’ve GOT to be kidding me Mom!!!!


Now THIS I could possibly live with!!

Now THIS I could possibly live with!!

Well, obviously the search goes on!!!!!  I’ll find something that’s really ME I’m sure….meanwhile I suppose I have to admit that seeing myself all kitted out in some of these outfits is pretty – well – HILARIOUS!!! 😀 😀

Remember to send your costume photo to Mollie by March 31st!!! 
Then don’t forget to put April 1st on your calendar for Savannah’s blogiversary……gosh…….so many pawties for us PAWTY ANIMALS in blogville huh????
Kitty Hugs, Sammy  😀