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Friendly Fill-Ins


Let’s Fill In Sentences Together OK?

It’s Friday and that means completing some sentences provided to all of us who play along on this FUN blog hop co-hosted by McGuffy’s Reader and 15andMeowing!    Each week we get two sentences with “holes to fill” from Miss Ann at McGuffys and two from Miss Ellen at 15andmeowing and we fill the blanks, post our sentences then hop around and see what our friends have said – it’s so much fun learning new stuff about everyone who participates!   If you wanna play – just click on the badge above and use the LINKY tool to get in on the fun!

This week’s sentences are below and this week my Mom let ME ME ME ME fill in!   My words are in BLUE……….

1. My inner child is alive and well because I am still just a youngster – just about 17 months old!!.
2. My favorite month is March because that’s my birthday month – although I think December when Santa comes will be a CLOSE SECOND!.
3. My favourite commercial is the Chewy.com one, because there’s almost always a kitty or pup or two and lots of action/colors/foodables – FUN to see!
4. Personally, I don’t care for wet kitty food OR any dairy items – even cheese – I know – I’m weird but I can’t help it!.


There you have it!   Mom let me fill in and I did it!  YAY FOR ME!    Don’t forget to visit the co-hosts of the Hop so you can see all the fun things everyone else did with their fill-ins………..maybe you’d like to join us every week for FILLING IN FUN!!

Love, Teddy

P.S.  Tomorrow is BACON SATURDAY!!!!!!!   Don’t forget!!


Sunday Selfie Blog Hop


Happy Sunday!  It’s Time for Selfies!

Every week we play along with Kitties Blue at THE CAT ON MY HEAD and add our Selfie into the mix……….everybody likes to “strut their stuff” and Sunday is the day to do it.   Just click on their badge and go there to use the LINKY tool and enter your blog link to join in the FUN!

Click Badge to Visit Them!!

Again, I let my little brother Teddy handle our Selfie entry……….why?   Well he’s very photographable (!) and besides, now that I’m an Angel, it’s only fair that HE be the “main star” of the blog.   Oh don’t get me wrong – I’m not going anywhere – but Teddy is the new “force to be reckoned with” around here and I want to give him his AIR TIME!

Happy Sunday from ME and the Teddy Bear Boy!


Friendly Fill-Ins!


Let’s Fill In Shall We??

Every week we pawticipate in a fun Blog Hop co-hosted by 15andMeowing and McGuffy’s Reader……….it’s tons of fun……….if you haven’t “filled in the blanks” before, you should give it a whirl!   You can click on the above badge and go to McGuffy’s and use the Linky Tool to join in!!

We took a look at the questions and decided that Mom would be the best one to answer these………we don’t watch much TV or have crushes (tee hee) but Mom probably did 87 years ago so take it away Mom!   Her responses are in ORANGE (or is it GINGER?!)!

Here are this week’s four sentences!

1. I hope Eastenders gets renewed for another season.

2. My first crush was a boy named Dewey – I think it was third or fourth grade.   He was adorable but not yet interested in LUV.  Too bad for him!.

3. Chocolate usually makes me get a headache but it’s SOOOOO worth it!.

4. If I were a super-hero, I would be exhausted all the time.
So there we are!    Thanks Mom – you did a good job.   We are proud of ya…………………..!

Yep – we sure are!

Uhhuh Mom – we are!

See you tomorrow for BACON SATURDAY……!

P.S.  Thank you Cousin Bacon and everyone at the Hotel Thompson for the “goodie package” I got in the mail Thursday!   It was for my first birthday and had treats and a squirrel stuffie inside!   Oh boy!    

I’m sending you Teddy Hugs and Love  ♥♥

We are also sending hugs to Miss Laura and all the Tabbies O Trout Towne because their Boomer has gone to the Bridge.   Of course I was there along with MANY other friends to welcome him but left behind are the family – and the friends – and everyone will miss him greatly.   Love goes on forever though…………and Boomer will always be in your hearts.

If you click the badge above, you may go and leave a message at their blog……



Friendly Fill-Ins Friday!


We’re Filling In Today!


We fill in sentences on Fridays given to us all by our co-hosts for this blog hop, Miss Annie of McGuffy’s Reader and Miss Ellen of 15 And Meowing!   If you click on the badge above, you will be transported to McGuffy’s Reader and you can see all the other hoppers pawticipating and read THEIR fill-ins too….you can also use the LINKY TOOL and put yourself in the hop!

Today I’m doing the filling in…………and my fill-ins are in RED so you can’t miss them!   As usual two sentences are from Miss Annie and two are from Miss Ellen.  Ready?

1. My favorite kind of cookie is Temptations Tuna Treats (although now that I’m an Angel I don’t eat these anymore!.
2. Garfield would play me in a movie about my life.

3. Love is “all we need” (thanks Beatles!).

4. For Valentine’s Day, I will get a Day Pass from the Bridge and spend the day with my Mom and Dad – my two favorite lovebirds!.
Thank you ladies for this super fun blog hop………………we look forward to Fridays and “filling in” your sentences AND we enjoy hopping around seeing everyone else’s sentences.   We learn a lot about our friends this way!    I don’t think any of my fill-ins today will be surprising to anyone who knows me though.
You know how important hot air balloons are to me – I had no idea how important they would be a few years ago when I made my Valentine’s card that year but Mom and I found this while going through the photos of ME Mom has on her computer.    Anyone who doesn’t know WHY hot air balloons are important may not know that on December 2, 2016 I went to the Rainbow Bridge but on that day, on my blog, I was visiting all of my wonderful friends in blog-land in a hot air balloon courtesy of my good friend Easy Weimaraner – who himself had tragically gone to the Bridge a few days before.   It was an event in my honor planned well before ANYONE could possibly know that both of us would leave for the Bridge…..but we did.   Now we’re Angels together there.
Since then the hot air balloon has become VERY important to my Mom as a symbol of my life journey.   This was a Valentine I did several years ago…………….

  The photo below is me on December 2, visiting my friends before I went to the Rainbow Bridge:


We never know what’s around the bend for us…..

Just keep on smiling!


Love, Angel Sammy

Friendly Fill Ins



Time to do some “filling in” !

This is a wonderful and fun blog hop hosted by our friends 15andmeowing and McGuffy’s Reader.   We fill in the blanks on sentences they give us every week then hop around to see how everyone answered – we learn lots about each other that way so it makes it tons of fun.    Just click HERE to join in the hop!

Here are this week’s sentences AND our (I say “our” because I let Mom answer this week along with me!)……..my answers are in RED and Mom’s are in GREEN!

1. I love the following Christmas film(s) Muppet Christmas Carol, Polar Express, White Christmas, National Lampoon Christmas Vacation.

2. I don’t care for the following Christmas film(s) Scrooged, Christmas in Connecticut.

3. At the holidays, I cannot resist asking for turkey, EVERYTHING CHOCOLATE!!!!!.

4. A favourite holiday memory of mine is every Christmas I would lie under the tree and watch the lights and train, WATCHING Sammy enjoy being under the tree and watching the lights and train.

Thanks so much to both blogs for hosting this hop – it’s one that all of us love – we get to share “stuff” about each other and end our week with a BIG SMILE!


Oh I saw this photo the other day and I think it looks a WHOLE LOT like me – now that I’m over the Rainbow Bridge and am young again………………


Hope you can have a HAPPY day!

Love, Angel Sammy



Sunday Selfie Blog Hop


Hop Along!

Today is Sunday Selfie Blog Hop hosted by our good friends Kitties Blue at The Cat On My Head.   We’ve been doing this for a long time and if you haven’t joined up before, now’s a good time!  We have fun visiting each other and all you have to do is post your selfie blog with the LINKY tool on their blog and VOILA – you’re in!   You can click on their badge after my selfie and be MAGICALLY transported there!

Mom used Lunapic to add some artsy effects to this portrait of ME – this is a “flashback selfie” – I was probably 2-3 months old.   Even then I was showing off for the camera!


Awwwwwwww…………..well, you can sure see my magical tabby marking on my forehead – that “M” stands out!

Here’s the badge to take you to The Cat On My Head and I hope you have a FABULOUS SUNDAY!    Tomorrow is Pre-Tease Monday you know…………..!

Click Badge to Visit Them!!

Click Badge to Visit Them!!

Sunday Hugs, 


Friday Filling In!



Let’s Fill In !!!

This fun blog hop exercise is co-hosted by Ann of McGuffy’s Reader and Ellen of 15andMeowing.    You can visit by clicking on one of their links AND if you want to – join in the fun and finish the sentences in your OWN way!

Today I’m filling in MYSELF instead of letting Mom do it.   My fill-ins are in RED!

1. One Halloween, I dressed as Sammy Scissorpaws – I’ll post the photo at the end of the fill-ins so you can see how ridiculous I looked!
2. My favorite comedian is Garfield – he’s a pretty funny guy!
3. My scariest Halloween was my FIRST one – I was only 10 months old and the entire thing scared me to death especially all the doorbell ringing and little kids at the door!

4. PEACE AND QUIET is my favourite Halloween treat.



I hope you have a fabulous Friday whether you’re filling in or not!    But I promise if you do fill-in you’ll be hooked from now on………….it’s lots of fun and you learn a lot about people you know and don’t know……..!!



Scary Hugs, Sammy

Selfie Sunday


Sunday Selfie Blog Hop

hosted by The Cat On My Head!

Mom started with a very blurry photo of me up close, then kept adding layers of filters until she made it a bit funky but at least it’s ME and it’s a selfie so we’re popping it in the hop today……………if you’d like to join in, just click on the badge and head to the hop to use the linky to add your blog in OR just visit everyone else who’s pawticipating today …………




Have a peaceful, quiet Sunday!  

Love, Sammy

Sunday Selfies Hop with Sunglasses


“Yes I’m HIP…..”

Hi peeps!   Well, I’m combining things today – I will have a “triple selfie” featuring ME in my sunglasses that Phoebe from 15andMeowing is sending around the world to those bloggers who want to be part of the “TRAVELING SUNGLASSES TOUR” !!!    I of course signed up to be on the tour and when I got the package, well, Dad had to HOLD me so I’d be able to get my selfie done but it worked!!     Wanna see?


I took two other closeups of my shades while I had them on………………….

samglasses2 samglasses3

I’m so cool……………well, I tried anyway!     We have sent the sunglasses on to the NEXT person pawticipating in Phoebe’s Traveling Shades tour so stay tuned in blogville – you’ll be seeing the sunglasses again I’m sure!

MEANWHILE, if you click on THE CAT ON MY HEAD’s badge, you can visit the host of this selfie blog hop and see all the other selfies AND add your info if you’d like to be hopping along with us!   Thanks Kitties Blue at The Cat On My Head!



Have a PEACE-FULL Sunday……

Love, Sammy



Filling In On Friday!


Happy Friday!

The Broomhildas have come and gone and the house is spic and span

SOOOO I can do my “fill-ins” in peace and quiet!

We're done now !  See you next week!

We’re done now ! See you next week!

Thanks to 15andMeowing and McGuffy’sReader for hosting this fun Friday tradition – we just love it and enjoy reading everyone else’s fill-ins too…..if you’d like to join in yourself and fill in the sentences, please do….you can visit either of the host blogs and use the LINKY TOOL to put your blog out in cyberspace to share your answers with all of us OR just hop around and read everyone else’s!


Today’s Fill-Ins are complted by Mom in RED………..I did last week’s so it’s HER turn!

1. I wish fashion designers would bring back baggy, loose fitting clothes (my body is baggy and loose fitting so I think clothes should be too…..!!!!).

2. An act of kindness that I do often is donate to charities .

3.  I still have my teddy bear (now 69 years old!) from my childhood

 4.  If I didn’t have LOVE, I’d be completely lost.

Mom and I will be back tomorrow with BACON SATURDAY………………..you know how much I love that day!!!
I declare it TIME TO HAVE BACON all over the Kingdom!

I declare it TIME TO HAVE BACON all over the Kingdom!

Love, Sammy