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Tell All Class Is In Session!


Time To Tell All…………..

Hello students!   Today we will spill the beans about the Teaser photo from yesterday.    We’ll also let you all know more about the new school!

First up though is Teaser details…………………….



Nope – sorry about that – it was not you……………it was our good friend and frequent supplier of wonderful Teaser photos…………..

Jackie of TwoDevonCats !


I was FIRST COMMENTER on the Teaser of August 28, 2018 !!! YAY FOR ME!

Now just to refresh your memory let’s show you the Teaser photo from yesterday before we tell you who was our First Right Guesser AND who sent the photo in to us for TEASER TUESDAY!

Isn’t this a fabulous photo?    It was sent to us by our wonderful world traveler and student at Ding Dong School, Miss Jackie who ALSO was our FIRST COMMENTER today.   She just happened to be by her computer when the notice of the Teaser post came through so not only did she sent in this great photo but she was FIRST COMMENTER.

This photo is of a spot she and her husband recently visited while on a little trip………it’s the Vicars Close located in Wells, Somerset, England – it’s the oldest (yes OLDEST) complete medieval street in England and MAY be the oldest in Europe.   Isn’t it GREAT?   They were former almshouses.    Here’s some info in a link provided by Jackie if you’d like to find out more details:


Thank you Miss Jackie for the terrific photo!!

My fabulous photo was featured on the Tuesday Teaser of August 28, 2018!

Then we waited – and waited – until we finally got our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER……………….know who that was?    It was someone who is VERY GOOD at figuring out what to google to find some ideas as to where the photo was taken – and she loves solving those mysteries!    The FIRST RIGHT GUESSER WAS:

Miss Csilla of kolytyi


Congratulations Miss Csilla!!

I was the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser of August 28, 2018! Hip Hip HOORAY!

If you also guessed correctly – then you are entitled to have a copy of this badge to show off:

Darn! I was RIGHT but I wasn’t FIRST on the Teaser of August 28, 2018….but I still get this badge so it wasn’t a total loss!

If you tried – guessed – but were WRONG, you are still going to take home a badge today from class!   This one:

Well I guessed but wasn’t right on the Teaser of August 28, 2018. I still get a nice GREEN badge though!



Now for the news about the new school.    The School Board hired a landscaping company to jazz up the greenery around the school for us and I think it looks GREAT!    They are getting the interior set for us and we should be able to occupy our new classrooms by next Monday’s PRE-TEASER class so make sure you’re here for that.    Here’s a peek at how things look so far:

I think we’re going to feel right at home don’t you?    Now it’s time for us to bring in our Cheer Team to acknowledge our winners this week………………..Team?   You’re ON!

Here we are cute as can be
All this adorableness and it’s all FREE!
We have some winners to tell you about
You losers get a badge too so don’t you pout!
First Commenter was Jackie who was also our GUEST
Her photos are super and make a good TEST!
First Right Guesser was someone you know
Miss Csilla is smart and often steals the show!
Next week we’ll move to our brand new school
We’ll all be SHEEP so remember this rule….
Sheep should be SEEN and NOT heard….
Don’t get caught saying a Baaaaaaad word!

The Cheer Team petitioned the building and grounds committee asking for their OWN Hot Tub this time – one that they don’t have to BEG to use like they do with Sarge.   Sarge and the Team will have SEPARATE quarters in the new facility.   If you think there’s something ELSE we should add to the school – just let us know.   We’ll put it before the committee and see what shakes out.   NO WE WON’T GET A NEW CAFETERIA SUPERVISOR.   Sorry Kismet and Evil Squirrel!

Speaking of the cafeteria – Miss Dingleberry?   Are you ready to feed a hungry classroom?

Yes indeed and I hereby promise LAMB will never be on the menu!! 

Guaranteed to be lamb-free!! 

Crispy onion rings

Bacon German Potato Salad


See you next week in the new school students!

Professors Angel Sammy and Teddy, your favorite sheepherders!

Pre-Teaser, Pre-Christmas Monday



I feel a song coming on……

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Ding Dong School is open

I know the kids didn’t want school today and for snow they were a-hopin’

Too bad kids, you’d better come in, the professors will be here soon,

If you’re not at your desk when they get here, Suzie will call you a buffoon!

Seems you got here just in time to avoid being called a buffoon…….well, good for you all!    Are you ready for today’s Pre-Teaser class?    All we will be doing today is preparing you for tomorrow when you will have your TEST – the test to see if you can recognize a photo when we show it to you – a photo of some spot in this big old world of ours that someone sent in to STUMP you.   You will study the photo then make your BEST guess as to where it was taken.   Got it?

First order of business when you arrive tomorrow will be to COMMENT – you need to hurry up and do that because we have SPECIAL PRE-CHRISTMAS TEASER BADGES we will be awarding tomorrow and the FIRST one will be for FIRST COMMENTER!!   That might be one of you or more than one – depends on how many comment in the first 60 seconds we are “live” with the blog.   GOT IT?   Here’s the badge you MIGHT win!

So make sure you’re WIDE AWAKE tomorrow morning – remember the post will NOT pop up at this normal time for our blog – it will be a SURPRISE TIME!!!    We have special badges for FIRST RIGHT GUESSER, RIGHT GUESSERS and even a NOT RIGHT GREENIE.

Now here are the rules for tomorrow:

  1. When you make you guess you must tell me what town/village/city the photo was taken in as well as what STATE (if USA) or COUNTRY (if not USA) the photo was snapped.
  2. We ask that you not use a computer program to load the image in and have the program tell you where the photo is from – it’s more fun if you just use your eyeballs and brain to make a guess and not a computer program!!!   Tee Hee

Now – the moment you have all been waiting for – we are introducing the THIRD MEMBER of our Teaser Cheerleader Squad – your favorite per the voting on our poll – BINKY !!!

Thank you for voting for me – I am so excited and honored to be a Teaser Cheerleader!
“Binky, Binky, I’m not stinky
My cheerleading outfit will be quite slinky
Suzie’s doing the sewing
By tomorrow I’ll be showing
The NEW Binky will cheer
Suzie, Lucy and I will be HERE!



Now class, let’s not scare BINKY off – she’s only just arrived…..

Alright BINKY – welcome to the group.    I guess the three of you will do your first TEASER cheer together tomorrow – we can’t wait to see your new outfit too!  If Suzie’s doing the sewing, we can only imagine (cough cough) how you will look when we see you here tomorrow!!!

Also, Miss Dingleberry will be having another one of her Pre-Christmas snack extravaganzas before you boys and girls go out for recess after Teaser tomorrow.    She’s really in the Christmas spirit (well, considering her usual mood, she’s been cheery lately anyway).

She still scares me a little…..

Teddy and I will see you here tomorrow at a SURPRISE TIME for the Pre-Christmas Teaser!    Study well and hard tonight class……………..remember, Santa is watching!!

If you study you’ll stay on the NICE list; if you party all night you’ll get on the NAUGHTY list!

Professor Angel Sammy and Assistant Prof Teddy



Pre-Tease Monday


Ready to be Teased Tomorrow?


Of course you are!   Well, let’s just say you BETTER be!!    You know that Sarge is not a happy boy when class is not READY for the geography lesson.

Listen up you students!  I don't want any monkey business tomorrow!

Listen up you students! I don’t want any monkey business tomorrow!

I can tell you that we have a GUEST TEASER again tomorrow………………..so be on alert!    I will expect you to be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed (which I know is tough if you don’t happen to have a tail but you know what I mean – just be READY).



Yeah – like this guy!

I think maybe you need a “dose of Suzie” to get you truly fired up for tomorrow so Suzie – come on in and get this class MOTIVATED will you?

Tomorrow is the Tease It's gonna be a WHEEZE No use in saying PLEASE Cuz the Teaser won't be a BREEZE! Just show up with a big old smile And plan to stay a while Or Sarge will have a FIT And I know you don't want to be BIT!

Tomorrow is the Tease
It’s gonna be a WHEEZE
No use in saying PLEASE
Cuz the Teaser won’t be a BREEZE!
Just show up with a big old smile
And plan to stay a while
Or Sarge will have a FIT
And I know you don’t want to be BIT!

OK – that ought to get you ready for tomorrow!     I’ll expect to see you at a SURPRISE time because as you know by now, I post the Teaser at a time DIFFERENT from the usual post time.   That’s why you need to be purrrrpared.   Remember too that you can win a FIRST COMMENTER badge if you are the first to comment on the Teaser post – cool huh?    I also will show you a BRAND NEW BADGE you can win……………you’ve all whined asked me about this for years but we will now have an “ALMOST RIGHT” badge!    I’ll tell you about it tomorrow.



See you tomorrow Students!


Good Luck, Professor Angel Sammy

P.S.  Don’t forget tomorrow is Valentine’s Day

(or else you might get in big trouble with someone for forgetting!)


Pre-Tease Monday


Attention Class!  Be purrpared!


That’s right – tomorrow is “you know what” day here in my classroom and I do hope you will be READY for it?   Did you spend the week since last Tuesday studying geography, maps, globes, watch travel programs, look in atlases, etc.?   WELL OF COURSE YOU DIDN’T!   We all have better things to do – so you’ll just have to fly by the seat of your pants tomorrow and try your best!

I’ll post a photo on this blog at a SECRET TIME, and you will get to figure out where it was taken……………..you’ll have to tell me country/state/town/city and that’s that!

It could be ANYWHERE in the world!

It could be ANYWHERE in the world!

Know what else?   I’ve got another FABULOUS Guest Teaser for you………………….this is another one sent in by a follower of Teaser Tuesday………………….so make sure you’re ready tomorrow – when?  Well of course I’m not telling………it’s TOP SECRET – but if you are FIRST to see it pop into your inbox tomorrow, you might win the “FIRST COMMENTER” prize!

I was First Commenter on Sammy's Teaser of 6/14/16

I was First Commenter on Sammy’s Teaser of 6/14/16

Yep – you don’t even have to GUESS – just be here FIRST and post anything and it could be yours – sometimes we have THREE clocked in at the same time here by WordPress – we round up to minute and don’t use seconds so who knows – you might be in a TIE to win this – in which case all get a badge to wear with pride!

You also might be FIRST RIGHT GUESSER, RIGHT GUESSER, or, if you have NO IDEA where the photo was taken or guess incorrectly, you will get the world-famous GREENIE!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I hope that fires you up – and if it doesn’t fire you up – maybe our entirely inappropriate and edgy sometimes insane Tuesday Teaser Cheerleader, Wacko SuzieQ might get you fired up!



Bingo Bango Bongo The Teaser's NOT the Congo I'm so cute and witty The Teaser's NOT New York City Bim Bam Boom We'll be Teasing BEFORE NOON!

Bingo Bango Bongo
The Teaser’s NOT the Congo
I’m so cute and witty
The Teaser’s NOT New York City
Bim Bam Boom
We’ll be Teasing BEFORE NOON!

Well I suppose she sort of helped you all instead of wreaking havoc as she usually does………..and no insults in this either………..amazing………..thank you SuzieQ – we’ll see you tomorrow when hopefully you will be in an equally magnanimous mood!

See you in class tomorrow…..


Professor Sammy

P.S.    On a sad note, we all learned yesterday that Merlin the ancient Meezer of Cat Wisdom101 has gone to the Rainbow Bridge and in fact has been there watching over Miss Layla and his other family AND all of us since May 11th.   It was a private grieving moment so hadn’t been announced until now.   My own heart is broken as I somehow thought of Merlin as my favorite Uncle….I hope that he will be a face in the crowd of my “besties” who are already at the Bridge when I go – I cherish the thought of walking over to him and giving him a Big Sammy Hug………..ONE DAY…………


Teaser Tell All


It’s Tell All Time!


Yes indeed, geography class is hereby reconvened!

Attention class! No more spitballs or paper airplanes - it's time to get serious!

Attention class! No more spitballs or paper airplanes – it’s time to get serious!

Yesterday’s Teaser was a “HOT MESS” wasn’t it?   I know you youngsters use this term to mean something that is either incredibly FABULOUS, or something that is incredibly HIDEOUS and in this case, I think you might say hideous.  Why?   Maybe because it was truly a VERY tough photograph to dissect and inspect and figure out!    Am I right?    Suzie?  Am I right?

The Teaser photo was a mess Made everyone nutso trying to guess Guesses were flying like lead balloons We shoulda stayed in bed and watched cartoons! We like tough Teasers RA RA RA But nobody guessed right SIS BOOM BA!

The Teaser photo was a mess
Made everyone nutso trying to guess
Guesses were flying like lead balloons
We shoulda stayed in bed and watched cartoons!
We like tough Teasers RA RA RA
But nobody guessed right SIS BOOM BA!

Gosh Suzie – that was a HOT MESS of a cheer but it’s true – nobody guessed this one……….it really was just plain tough.    Before we get to all that, I’ll show you the HOT MESS photo one last time then we’ll talk prizes!


A real toughie isn’t it…………can’t see streets or street signs, no hints from ANYTHING – even the architecture is vague enough it could be anywhere.   We like the blue porch railing and the dog on the roof in the left bottom but other than those features – what is there to give it away?   ZIP!    First I want to thank my FABULOUS Guest Teaser Raz, from FRIENDSFUREVER who sent in this photo of (wait for it) QUITO, ECUADOR!!!    YES – who knew?   Raz did but he was the only one……………….Thanks Raz for foolin’ my Geography class this week – this is for you!

Thanks Raz for the FAB photo for the Teaser of 5/3/16

Thanks Raz for the FAB photo for the Teaser of 5/3/16

So, who got what?     Well first of all my FIRST COMMENTER (and there was no tie this week so she gets it ALLLLLLLLLLLLL to herself!) is Annie from Animal Couriers!   HIP HIP HOORAY this is for you Annie!

First Commenter on Sammy's Teaser of 5/3/16

First Commenter on Sammy’s Teaser of 5/3/16

NOBODY guessed it correctly this week so everybody gets one of those absolutely lovely, much sought after and treasured (cough cough) GREENIE BADGES!!!!!!

I didn't have a CLUE on Sam's Teaser of 5/3/16!

I didn’t have a CLUE on Sam’s Teaser of 5/3/16!

What can I say except – WHOOPSIE!    You all really worked hard on this one though so you’re all winners in my book.


Maybe next week will be easier?  

Stay tuned to this channel!

Hugs, Professor Sam

P.S.   As promised, I’m reminding you until May 10th of the fabulous event in honor of Forrest from Down Under who left for the Bridge last week.   There’s a SPECIAL event taking place on that day – and you can read about it HERE!   Scroll down to the bottom of the blog for details!