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A Reminder!


Howdy Peeps!!!   It’s FRIDAY – and while indeed we will be doing the monster mash today (otherwise known as housecleaning), we ALSO want to remind every single one of you about a BRAND new “occasion” that’s coming up next Monday.   NO, Washington’s Birthday (President’s Day) isn’t what I’m talkin’ about because there’s nothing new about THAT…………what I’m talking about is THIS!


ANIPALSBADGE2 (small version!!!!!)

This my friends is a brand new day to celebrate our friends and FEEL THE LOVE…..what better day to celebrate than the day after Valentine’s Day?    Anipal Appreciation Day was Bacon’s brilliant idea – all I did is make this STUNNING (haha) badge for the occasion (which you should copy right now before you forget to do it!).

So what do we all do to celebrate the day?   We give “shout outs” on our blogs or our Facebook page, etc. to our friends – maybe some NEW friends we’ve made that could use MORE friends for themselves – if we put their links in our Anipal Appreciation Day blogs, they’ll get lots of visitors and make new friends.   We all love that right?

Or maybe some OLD friends who have things to say that everyone would enjoy – inspirational, funny, serious – whatever type of blogging they do……You can pick ONE or 87 blogs to talk about.   Just give the link and tell a little bit about them.   Make US want to visit THEM if we don’t already know them!   Cool huh?   If you link up to the blogs all we’ll have to do is just CLICK on the link and we can visit.

It’s a day of SHARING………….CARING………….and putting the spotlight on some new and old friends………………Isn’t Bacon BRILLIANT for coming up with the idea?   Well I think so!

Remember – put the day on your calendar NOW……………. FEBRUARY 15 and we’ll be celebrating this one every year from now until – well FOREVER!

Feelin’ the love?  I am…..

Oh – and do NOT forget that

Sunday is Valentine’s Day

or else you’ll be in

BIG TROUBLE.   No kidding!

Hugs, Sammy


Go on – make a note on your calendar now

Don’t make me WAIT !!!!!!!!!!


My Blogaversary Bash


Welcome to my THIRD BLOGAVERSARY party everybody!   I’ve been pretty excited about this party which for many of you is no big deal milestone since you’ve been blogging a lot longer than I have, but to me – well – it’s BIG STUFF!!!!


So, let’s get this party started!   Just because it’s black tie doesn’t mean we can’t have fun in our best duds right?

First of all, please come on inside and Jeeves will take your coats and announce your arrival to the HUGE THRONG of party-goers down in the ballroom.



Now for the introductions of the guests in “fancy dress” !!   Sundae and I will await you at the bottom of the stairs…………………


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Welcome to everyone!



The string quartet on the other side of the room will keep us entertained and please feel free to take your partner out on the dance floor if you wish……………..those of you who came alone to the pawty – there are lots of “singles” here so please take a dance partner out there and glide across the floor to some elegant music.   Ladies, you’ll find a little souvenir of the evening on the dining room tables – a crystal rose as a little remembrance of tonight – don’t forget to take it home with you!


Elegant music!

Elegant music!


For the ladies!

For the ladies!

The buffet is delicious – it’s in the alcove at the other side of the room – please help yourself as there’s plenty of everything including champagne!!   My friend easy brought some with him, didn’t you Easy?


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I also want to show the blogaversary cards I got yesterday – there may have been some more arriving this morning and as they arrive, my Mom (who is functioning today as our Housekeeper!) will add them in……………but thank you everyone who sent a greeting for my special day.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I do hope you had a wonderful time everyone………….please feel free to take a doggy/kitty/fish/horse/guinea pig/mini-pig or WHATEVER bag with leftovers home with you…….you can enjoy it as a midnight snack!

Big Hugs to everyone for making

three years go by so quickly with your

love and support –

Mom and I love all of you –

Thank you for coming to the party!  

Your always friend, Sammy

P.S.  Before you go – check out the fancy moves Pickles and Doc are doing on that dance floor!  WOO WOO WOOO!!!!


Sunday Stuff

Sam grazing on the grass in the front yard
Yesterday was nice and sunny….purrfect for grazing.

It was beautiful yesterday morning – perfect for a little grass grazing as the sun was coming up.  This morning I thought I’d go out again and get a little exercise and breakfast munch in before my parents left for a little road trip!

You see, my Mom’s blogging friend Miss Dianna from These Days of Mine and her hubby and my Mom and my Dad are meeting out in the country to go antiquing and have lunch today!  I totally approve – you see Dianna’s cat Sundae and I are kind of SWEET on each other so our parents SHOULD meet don’t you think?

I hope they have fun – I bet they do.  I’ll be home waiting to hear all about it when my parents return.

Meanwhile, I’ll be busy.  I have my tissue collection to reorganize:

Sam On His Tissue

And that will take a while you know…getting it just right for the week ahead.

Then I’ll probably tackle my toy box/wagon…….never hurts to go through that stuff from time to time – have a bit of a clear out you know!

My toy box is actually a toy WAGON!

It's full...but there's always room for JUST ONE MORE!!

So I’ll have plenty to keep me busy……! AND – MOST IMPORTANTLY – I want to be around to celebrate my friend Cody from CAT CHAT ‘s FIFTH birthday today!  Won’t you go wish him a happy day too? Have a super Sunday everybody…….KITTY HUGS ALL ‘ROUNDSammy