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Last Call Monday


Hi Everybody!   My poor Mom is cross-eyed from all the work helping me get everybody into the right polls and in all the stuff for the trip – I can’t believe how many of you are coming along on this trip AND have entered the contests.  Seriously.  I’m blown away.

Today is the LAST DAY though for photos – and I MUST HAVE THEM BEFORE NOON Eastern Standard Time…….please…….why?  Well we still have a lot of work to do before tomorrow’s voting polls that’s why.   If I receive your photos AFTER noon my time, it will be too late to be in the contests.   I might be able to talk Mom into sticking you into some of the scenes for the trip BUT too late for the contest OK??  OK!!!

ALL TRIP INFO IS HERE   http://wp.me/s1ynMw-moonwalk

Now, about the polls which will be in tomorrow’s blog.  THEY ARE HUGE……..especially the spacesuit competition…….I am allowing MULTIPLE votes so you can vote for ALL your favorites and I’m also only letting you see PERCENTAGES and not NUMBER OF VOTES for each person entered.   That way there may be a little bit of mystery about who the winners will be at the Awards Banquet at the STARDUST HOTEL on the Moon this week.

There are THREE polls………….

SPACESUIT DECORATING (top three voted favorites will win prizes)

HOTEL ROOM DECORATING (one prize for most votes)

MOON MONSTER (one prize for most votes)

That means it will be a VERY long blog tomorrow!

ALSO, you will have just tomorrow to vote – – – – The post will go “live” at 1AM Eastern Standard Time instead of the usual 3AM Eastern Standard Time…….and I will close the voting at 8PM Eastern Standard Time.   Mom and I will work on Wednesday to tally everything up and get things ready for the awards AND I’m going to REMOVE the polls from the blogs so you can’t peek back and see what’s what!  I want there to be SOME surprises for you on the trip !!!!

You guys have been wonderful about getting your material in on time……I have to say that even though Mom and I have checked and re-checked and checked again, at a point we are so tired we aren’t sure if we really truly have everybody loaded up in the right spots!!!   Mom had a THREE page chart that she used to try and keep track of things but when we ran into problems uploading to the polls or with Pizap to photoshop you all into scenes, who knows whether we ALWAYS remembered to go back and try a second, third or even fourth time.  BUT WE HAVE TRIED…….and I’m just saying this “in case”……..if in the end it turns out you sent something to us but didn’t see it posted, you’ll get a prize too – how’s that for fair???!!!!   I don’t think we’ve missed anybody but you know….I’m covering my furry rear end ! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Before I go and allow Mom to take some Advil for her considerable headache (tee hee), let me show you Miss Layla’s fabulous Moon poster again………….this trip is gonna be SOMETHING ELSE – truly!


All Aboard!! 

(oops – that’s for trains!) 

Countdown Begins Now 

February 27th BLASTOFF

Not space related but sure is cute!  HAHA

Not space related but sure is cute! HAHA

Oldie But Goodie!


Hi Everybody!   Did you all know that August is Senior Pet Month?  Did you?  Well I did – and I think you know WHY I did.  I am a senior and proud of it.  Yep – thirteen years old and still hanging in there.  I know lots of cats and dogs who are older than that and still healthy.  We know that has a lot to do with our human companions and how well they take care of us but also sometimes it’s our genes (designer genes of course!).

Anyway, here’s some info from BlogPaws that I thought was super interesting:


I think I live with the perfect human family.  Why?  Well for many reasons but one of them is we are ALL “Seniors” !  That’s right – my parents are both SIXTY FIVE OR OLDER……. 😀 😀 😀 😀 so we’re all hobbling along together taking care of each other forever.

So all of you “Seniors” out there – humans included – let’s celebrate the rest of the month by keeping a smile on our faces and being grateful that we’re still here and lovin’ life!


Now you all know about MY contest – and I hope you plan to enter (CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS), but there’s also a pawsome raffle happening at Mollie’s right now to help out everybody’s friend Benny from Two French Bulldogs.  His medical bills to treat his cancer are HUGE…..every little bit helps……Mom and I bought some tickets yesterday and if you can help, please do by visiting Mollie and Alfie.   We think Benny is very brave.

We're pulling for you Benny!

We’re pulling for you Benny!


Back to my contest for a minute – TODAY IS THE LAST DAY TO ENTER – tomorrow I’ll have the voting poll up and you’ll get to vote for your favorites in the two categories………..”What I Did On My Summer Vacation” and “I Wanna Be The Teacher’s Pet”……..just wait until you see what some of our bloggy buddies have been up to!!

Happy Thursday Peeps! 

Your Senior Friend, Sammy (FUREVER YOUNG)