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Pre-Teaser Monday Class!


Good Morning Students!   Another week begins……

I hate Mondays!

Yes well none of us are crazy about Mondays to be sure but we have to have a MONDAY in order to have a TEASER TUESDAY.   So let’s get Monday over with shall we?   Besides, I have some GREAT news about last week’s voting for our new school.   I know you’re anxious to hear how that turned out.

BUT FIRST…………………….let’s get you prepped and ready for tomorrow shall we?    First up is a reminder about rules.   You know rules are impawtant and give everyone a chance to be a winner if rules are followed.   So here’s your REFRESHER:

Only two rules – and they are easy to follow!

Just two rules but rules are rules are rules and I like being a MAVERICK!

The other thing to remember about tomorrow is that the post will NOT appear at the usual time for our posts – it will be a surprise time known only to US so be on the lookout!   If you get here and are FIRST TO COMMENT here’s what you get:

And if you are the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER or a RIGHT GUESSER or a WRONG GUESSER, you get one of these – all you have to do is copy it and share it on your blog or page or whatever so the world knows you’re a SMARTY.   OR at least the world will know that you are a student at DING DONG SCHOOL and you enjoy playing Teaser Tuesdays with us!


Before our Cheer Team comes in to give you a “pump up” to get you in the mood for studying tonight…………..let’s share the exciting news on WHICH of the available schools YOU voted for to be our new “digs” when Fall term starts in a couple of weeks.    This design came in FIRST and we’ve already been approved to move in!

Over the next couple of weeks the grounds crew will be adding some touches and a new sign will go up letting the world know that Ding Dong School has moved in and taken possession of the coolest school in town!     Thanks to all of you for voting – it’s YOUR school so YOU needed to choose which one you wanted to attend.    It wasn’t easy choosing just one because we sure had some interesting buildings that were available to us.

Some of you asked if Miss Dingleberry would be in charge of the cafeteria at our new school and the answer is OF COURSE she will.   She keeps a sparkling clean cafeteria and kitchen and MOST of you like the food she serves (except you Kismet) and she’s excited about having a new and modern facility in which to create her culinary delights for us!

Let’s bring on the Cheer Team in their new hats to get us fired up for tomorrow shall we?

Ding Dong Sheep is what we are
Grazing in the fields near or far
Cheering you on with our sheepish tone
We think our new hats make us look Baaaaaaaa-d to the bone!
We’ll be back tomorrow so get plenty of sleep
No tears tomorrow – just a room full of SHEEP!

You all look grand in your hats.   A finer bunch of cheering sheep I’ve never ever seen that’s for sure.

Miss Dingleberry?   How about coming in and telling us what you’re serving for lunch today?   You look grand in your new kitchen sheep chef’s hat and new eyeglasses!

It’s Burger Bar Day……and there will be no giggling in line!!!

Alright students!   Step right up and pick your burgers – we’ll see you in class tomorrow !  

Baaaaaaaa Bye!!   Professor Angel Sam and Teddy


Teaser Tell All


Good Morning Students – Geography Class is in session!

(frantically waving)

Yes Bobby??????

Nothing Professor – I was trying to catch a fly in my paw…….sorry!

Alrighty then Bobby.   Guess we’ll move on to letting everyone know the STORY OF OUR FIRST COMMENTER from yesterday.    We in fact, had a bumper crop of FIRST COMMENTERS – we broke our 4-way with a 5-way winning group yesterday!    Within the first sixty seconds, we had FIVE comments………..WOW……………gonna be hard to break that record (although we thought that when we had four!)……………who were the winners?????

Annie from McGuffy’s Reader

Csilla from Kolytyi

Melissa, Oliver & Calvin

Carol from CarolMaeWY

Clowie from Clowie’s Corner

We ALL were FIRST COMMENTERS on the Teaser of 9/26/17: McGuffys, Kolytyi, Oliver & Calvin, Carol and Clowie!!

All of you get to copy the badge above,  and have it for your VERY OWN – we just put all winner names on ONE badge instead of posting five separate badges!   Clever of us huh???????

OK!  We shall move on.    Let’s talk about the Teaser photo in yesterday’s post so you can find out whether you win something or not!    I know you’re DYING to find out and since we don’t have to take time to tell you who the Guest Teaser was (since it’s Mom’s photo!), we can move right on to showing you the photo from yesterday again.

NO, it’s not Forrest Gump on that bench, it’s my DAD!   

To tell you about this photo, Mom and I thought it might be fun to give you a link to follow to the FIRST post Mom did with a photo of this location she and my Dad visited – just read the blog post and you will find out WHERE she took it!!    Ready?????    CLICK HERE – then come back!     YES (Miss Jackie you thought it was familiar!)  back in 2012 Mom did a post about this place……you will recognize that building on the other side of the square in the photo on the old blog…………..Obviously my poor old Dad needs some lessons in posing for a photo because many of you were right – he DOES look like Forrest Gump (Mom says Forrest GRUMP) in the photo.    HAHAHAHA

Shall we tell you WHO the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER was ?    Oh yes – lets!    It was someone who was also a FIRST COMMENTER…………it was Miss Carol from CarolMaeWY!!!    This is for you Miss Carol and you don’t have to share it with ANYONE!

For Teaser of 9/26/17

SEVERAL (and I do mean SEVERAL) others guessed this photo correctly and if you guessed Savannah, this is yours!!

For Teaser of 9/26/17

Of course if you guessed incorrectly – you still win something – one of our world famous GREENIES!!

For Teaser of 9/26/17

Congrats Winners AND Losers!!

Suzie will have her work cut out for her today with her cheer.   Her tradition lately has been to do a cheer using the names of all the winners……….usually that’s easy peasy for someone of her considerable cheering talents but we have a crop of five first commenters and one first commenter and that is a lot of names………Go Suzie Go!


Oh my achin’ back!
I’ll have a heart attack!
SIX names to put in the cheer?
I’m gonna need a beer!
First Commenters there were FIVE
Busier than a bee hive!
Clowie, McGuffy’s. Oliver/Calvin, Csilla, and Carol
You five sure had me over a barrel!
I took the easy way out
So please don’t have a pout!
Our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER was a two-time winner
Someone give this girl a free dinner!
Carol ALSO guessed it was Savannah –
Her free dinner will be a BANANA!
You can’t expect me to be BRIGHT
I had a hot date last night
Cheering for winners is TOUGH
Especially if you feel ROUGH!!!

Well Suzie that was one major cheer with a bazillion verses and a lot of names and some MARGINAL rhyming but what’s a girl to do right?    I think you did very well.    Let’s hear it for our Cheerleader!!!


Tune in next Tuesday for another exciting Geography class with your teaching team of:

The TWO Dynamic Professors!!!

Tomorrow is the DEADLINE to submit your photo if you want to be included in our BACON HARVEST blog post on Saturday – send your photos in your best HARVEST clothing to me and Mom via email…………..wear something comfy and come ready to work and party afterwards!!!   It will be our Saturday BACON post this week.


Teaser Tell All


Happy Wednesday Class!  

Wasn’t that a great Teaser yesterday???   We thought so – it seems it was a real puzzler for a lot of you but not for our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER!    I’ll give you the scoop on that in a minute but first, let’s talk FIRST COMMENTER……………who was ready with a comment the minute we went live yesterday (well, not THE minute but in the first few minutes anyway) – it was:

Miss Csilla of Kolytyi !!

This is for you Miss Csilla

I also must tell you that our Cafeteria Snoopervisor Miss Dingleberry said you little piggies ate ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL the pizza up yesterday and she is sure there was rampant indigestion all around the world because you didn’t have just one slice – you went nuts and all of those pizzas were GONE!

Sarge still hasn’t forgiven us for showing that old photo of him with hair being his Grumpy Old Self…………right Sarge??

Yeah right…..but it did get me a date – someone who saw the photo called me and I’m meeting her for a meowgarita tonight!

So happy we could help you find a date Sarge………maybe THAT will make you less grumpy??????

Let’s tell you who our wonderful Guest Teaser was AND where the photo was taken shall we?????????  Oh lets!    A big thank you to our Guest:

MISS JACKIE from Memories of Flynn and Eric – the Mom of Angel Flynn and Angel Eric!    

Here’s the photo she shared with us……………..

Gorgeous photo which she took while on a recent cruise through the British Isles…………and this is Saint Peter Port in Guernsey in the Channel Islands!!!    The cruise ship can’t dock at port but you can take a small boat from the ship into port…….isn’t it a beautiful view?    The castle on the left of the photo is “Castle Cornet”…………………

This is for you Miss Jackie for being our Guest Teaser

For Jackie’s photo for our Teaser of 6/13/17

Now I suppose you’d like to know WHO was our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER yesterday too………..Well I think the name of our winner will ring a bell – he’s fast catching up to his Angel brother Easy on the HIT PARADE OF WINNERS here –

Our friend Da Phenny was FIRST RIGHT GUESSER!!!!

Woo Hoo Da Phenny!    Way to go my friend………………and I believe we had a couple of others who guessed Guernsey, UK too…………………you get this:

But by far the most popular badge yesterday (ahem) was the famous GREENIE which goes to all those who guessed incorrectly!

Don’t Forget To Copy Your Badge and Display it with PRIDE!!!!!!

Suzie asked if she could do a cheer for you today – sometimes she does on the Tell All Day and sometimes she’s busy with a hot date or a therapy class or a fitting for a new uniform but today she wants to cheer…..Suzie?

Guernsey is a type of cow
But also a place you tell me now?
Alright thanks I learned something new
Thanks Miss Jackie – this cheer’s for you!
I also cheer for Csilla and Phenny
They both get badges worth more than a penny!
Sell them on eBay and make a buck
Then come back next week again and try your luck!
Now excuse me please cuz I’ve gotta go
My boyfriends’ taking me to the early show
See you next week and be on time
To be late is a TEASER CRIME!

Thanks Suzie…..you outdid yourself today………………..!!!

Assistant Professor Teddy and I hope that you enjoy Tuesday Teasers……….we sure do.    If you’d like to proclaim your fondness for my Teaser challenges every week, you can feel free to snatch this badge for your blog sidebar or WHATEVER……………….and we will look for you next week!!!

Class Dismissed!  

Hugs, Angel Prof Sammy and Teddy too


Happy Flag Day…..long may she wave

Teaser Tell All


Telling It All !!

Hi Teaser Fans!    Before we get down to business with the Teaser I must let everyone know that the recruitment for a Teaching Assistant for me has been put on hold for a while.   You all know that I left for the Bridge December 2nd and my Dad has decided that he just still misses me WAY TOO MUCH to bring a new kitty into the house JUST YET.    Mom loves me and misses me too but she’s ready to be a Mom again………HOWEVER, they both need to feel the same on this so until they do, no more trips to the Shelter.   Mom would be bringing all the cats home I’m afraid!!!   SO, I’ll keep you posted but for now, we aren’t recruiting for a while.



The Teaser yesterday was not a Guest Teaser – it was one of Mom and Dad’s photos from a trip they took many moons (or suns) ago.   Way before I entered the picture in fact.   Where were they???   Well before I tell you, let’s do some other BUSINESS……………..like telling you WHO was the first commenter yesterday!

KOLYTYI (Miss Csilla) was – WOO HOO!!


She was there in the first 60 seconds and was followed thereafter by bunches of other QUICK DRAW peeps but she was first and the only one in the first minute!    Concatulations Miss Csilla!

Here’s the photo from yesterday – and I’ll tell you WHERE it was taken THEN I’ll tell you who got it right FIRST!


This is a rather long-distance view of Cape Cod’s famous Provincetown in beautiful Massachusetts!    That thing in the WAY distance is the Pilgrim Monument and you can read all about “P-Town” and the wonderful spot that it is by reading what Wikipedia has to say about it HERE.    Mom and Dad stayed in two spots out on the Cape during this trip but visited Provincetown during the day and had lunch there as well as visited a lot of fun shops.  It’s just a very interesting town and they highly recommend a stroll around the streets!


Da Phenny and his Mum and Dad – that’s who!!!


BUT there were other right guessers – several of them in fact and those who DID guess Provincetown after Phenny did get this!


Then of course there is the FABLED and FABULOUS Greenie and any of you who guessed but were WRONG will get one if you like:


Feel free to post it on your blog or Facebook page, etc. because – well – YOU EARNED IT GANG!!!!

Another Successful Geography Class concludes!  

Thank you students for paying attention!

Next week I will have a Teaching Assistant but it won’t be another cat in my household, instead it will be someone Suzie has recommended (UHOH I smell trouble don’t you???).   So you can tune in to see what she’s dug up found in the way of help for OLD PROF SAM.   


Your Angel Prof Sammy

Tuesday Teaser


Good Morning Class!

Today is our “Christmas Teaser” Geography test so I do hope you have your magnifying glasses, maps, brochures, globes, computers, IPhones and whatever else you’ve got available to help you figure this out because (drum roll please) I have SPECIAL CHRISTMAS BADGES for you this week!


YES, it’s true – we have badges for tomorrow’s Teaser just for this particular Teaser then it’s back to the “regular” ones.   SO, I think we should get on with the show right?????



Let’s go ahead and start this off with a bang (or a whimper or a scream or something like that) with our little pal, SuzieQ!!

Jingle Bells Garbage smells Santa better be good Like he knows he should Bring me some stuff Don't make me get rough You'd better make me happy Santa make it snappy! I worked hard all year Now Christmas is here Don't disappoint Or I'll visit that North Pole joint I'll tell Mrs. Claus That you've got grabby paws!!

Jingle Bells
Garbage smells
Santa better be good
Like he knows he should
Bring me some stuff
Don’t make me get rough
You’d better make me happy
Santa make it snappy!
I worked hard all year
Now Christmas is here
Don’t disappoint
Or I’ll visit that North Pole joint
I’ll tell Mrs. Claus
That you’ve got grabby paws!!

Only our Suzie would dare threaten Santa!    Good luck Suzie!

Now let me remind you that in order to WIN today you must tell me what TOWN/CITY/VILLAGE the Teaser photo was taken in AND what State (if USA) or Country the photo was taken in………..got it?  Town and Country or State OR you won’t win!  

Here are the NEW badges you will win if you are lucky enough to be the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER, A RIGHT GUESSER WHO ISN’T FIRST, OR EVEN IF YOU LOSE OR GUESS INCORRECTLY!







Let’s bring in Mr. Silver Briefcase with today’s TEASER PHOTO CHALLENGE!

MERRY CHRISTMAS PROFESSOR and I hope all your students have a good Christmas too.  I'm hoping for a locksmith to get this danged briefcase off my arm so I can eat my turkey dinner peacefully!

MERRY CHRISTMAS PROFESSOR and I hope all your students have a good Christmas too. I’m hoping for a locksmith to get this danged briefcase off my arm so I can eat my turkey dinner peacefully!


WHERE WAS THIS TAKEN??????????????????????

Tomorrow we’ll have our TELL ALL and award prizes – will you be winning something or will there be TEARS in your house??????  

See you then!


Pre-Tease Monday



Here we go again!  It’s time to get ready for tomorrow!

Hi Teaser fans……………….I have a confession – I had fully intended to come up with some brand new badges for everyone tomorrow but I’m afraid between my duties at the Rainbow Bridge, learning my way around, keeping a close eye on my Mom and Dad, being at Cat Scouts, AND my blog here, I’m up to my eyeballs!    Add to that the fact Mom needs my help to do her Christmas cards (yes we’re WAY WAY behind around my house) and NO NEW BADGES is the end result.  I’ll try to have them for NEXT Tuesday though OK?

Tomorrow’s Teaser photo is yet to be finalized too – we have two in the running and I haven’t chosen THE ONE yet.   But I will……..trust me on that!    Also Suzie will be here as usual to get you all fired up and in the mood to guess.

Remember too that we have a prize for whoever is the first to comment on tomorrow’s Teaser blog – that’s right – that lucky ducky will win this:



All you have to do is be alert for the notice that my Teaser post is UP………….hurry here and comment…….then you can take your time guessing where the photo was taken OK?   OK!    Our operators will be standing by for your call……HAHA

We';; be ready!

We’ll be ready!

You know Christmas is almost here and there’s still time to switch from one list to the other in Santa’s books so if you wanna be on the NICE list, you’d better show up in class tomorrow……….!!



See you tomorrow!  

Angel Professor Sammy

Tuesday Teaser


“Attention Students…..

Geography Class is about to begin!”


Yes indeed it is, so students, please come in and take your seat because your test is about to commence!   You know the drill – the FIRST to Comment on today’s blog post gets a little SOMETHING/SOMETHING – or as is more commonly uttered, sumthin’ sumthin’ (or sump’n sump’n).   This:

First Commenter on Sammy's Teaser of 5/24/16

First Commenter on Sammy’s Teaser of 5/24/16

Give us a ringy dingy NOW in the form of a comment!   Then come back to figure out the Teaser (and hear SuzieQ’s trash talk of the day) !

Hello? Yes you ARE first commenter!

Hello? Yes you ARE first commenter!

So why don’t we start this boat floating, this train running, this plane flying, this bee buzzing, this……………….oops I got carried away.  Let’s just bring Suzie in to cheer for us before we show you the photo for today!

Bim Bam Bum Let's have some fun What do you see? No, not my knees! Where is this place? No, not outer space! Ricky Ticky TOOO Good luck to YOUUU

Bim Bam Bum
Let’s have some fun
What do you see?
No, not my knees!
Where is this place?
No, not outer space!
Ricky Ticky TOOO
Good luck to YOUUU

Uh………….OK………..thanks Suzie, other than the knees thing most of this makes sense for a change!!   You’re learning.    However, all that cheering still brings us back to what we’re here for – to look at a photo and guess WHERE it was taken…………..and I don’t mean a “general” where, I mean a “specific” where.   What town/city/village and in what state or country did SOMEONE (my Guest Teaser) take this photo????    If you are the very FIRST to guess right, you get this:

I was FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on Sam's Teaser on 5/24/16

I was FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on Sam’s Teaser on 5/24/16

If you guess CORRECTLY but aren’t the first one who does, then you get this:

I wasn't FIRST but I was RIGHT on the Teaser of 5/24/16

I wasn’t FIRST but I was RIGHT on the Teaser of 5/24/16

And of course, there’s the “ALSO RAN” category – you were HERE, you looked at the photo, you examined it thoroughly but you still either guess WRONGLY or don’t know PERIOD in which case you still get THE BIG GREENIE!

I didn't have a CLUE on Sam's Teaser of 5/24/16!

I didn’t have a CLUE on Sam’s Teaser of 5/24/16!

READY?????  OK!

Mr. Silver Suitcase with the lock on your wrist for protection, please bring in today’s TEASER photo for display!

Yes Boss.....I've got your photo RIGHT HERE!

Yes Boss…..I’ve got your photo RIGHT HERE!


What is this lovely building AND where is it located on Planet Earth????????????????????????   Don’t let time waste – you know you wanna be first so get to studying and guessing!


See you tomorrow for the Tell All! 

Professor Sammy

Make me proud now Students!

Make me proud now Students!


Teaser Tuesday!



Hello Teaser Fans!

Students of geography, I, Professor Sam, have a goodie for you today.   It’s a Guest Teaser and I think you’re gonna like it.   Why?  Because it’s a challenge, that’s why!   So no dilly dallying or shilly shallying (gosh I sound like SuzieQ….eeeek), let’s get down to business.   I hope you studied last night by the way.

We might as well call SuzieQ to the front of the class for her weekly cheer and get it over with enjoy it before we show the photo OK?

Rama Lama Ding Dong We don't live in Hong Kong I could sing a song song But then you'd have to sing along Good luck with the Teaser Professor Sam is such a geezer But he's a real crowd pleaser So let's DO THE TEASER!

Rama Lama Ding Dong
We don’t live in Hong Kong
I could sing a song song
But then you’d have to sing along
Good luck with the Teaser
Professor Sam is such a geezer
But he’s a real crowd pleaser

OK Suzie, that wasn’t too bad…………maybe a little – well – insulting in spots BUT what can I expect from the Queen of “HUH” ??!!    OK, Teaser Dude, would you bring out the photo PLEASE?     Remember class, you have to guess the town/city/village AND the state/country where this scene may be viewed in person.   So study it hard OK? 

Ask and you shall receive Professor Sam!

Ask and you shall receive Professor Sam!


It’s a hum-dinger isn’t it?    WHERE IS IT LOCATED????????????????????????

REMEMBER – first person to COMMENT on today’s blog post will get the FIRST COMMENTER award:

First Commenter on Sammy's Teaser of 4/26/16

First Commenter on Sammy’s Teaser of 4/26/16

First student to correctly guess where this photo was snapped will get the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER award:

I was FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on Sam's Teaser on 2/26/16

I was FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on Sam’s Teaser on 2/26/16

Everyone else who guesses correctly but isn’t the FIRST to do so, will get the RIGHT GUESSER award:

I wasn't FIRST but I was RIGHT on the Teaser of 4/26/16

I wasn’t FIRST but I was RIGHT on the Teaser of 4/26/16

AND all of you students who haven’t got a clue, did NOT study last night, or guess somewhere and are WRONG get the GREENIE!!!!!!

I didn't have a CLUE on Sam's Teaser of 4/26/16!

I didn’t have a CLUE on Sam’s Teaser of 4/26/16!

So class, what are you waiting for?   Impress me with your knowledge and get guessing!    Before you know it, someone ELSE will beat you to the punch and you wouldn’t want that now would you?

You heard what the Prof said.....give it your best shot!

You heard what the Prof said…..give it your best shot!

OK class.....let's see who our STAR geography student is for today????!!

OK class…..let’s see who our STAR geography student is for today????!!

Hugs, Professor Sam the Geography Man


Almost Teaser Day




It’s almost here…………….Tuesday is but a blink away from happening.    Teaser Tuesday is big stuff you know.   Well I guess you do know or you wouldn’t be here right?   Anyway, tomorrow we’ll have one for you that is a toughie.  I know you wanted me to say it was easy peasy but I’m afraid I have to be honest – it’s tough.   It’s also a GUEST TEASER.   Not one of Mom’s or Dad’s.   Will you be ready?

The post is scheduled for tomorrow at a TOP SECRET time…….you just won’t know when it will appear BUT if you happen to be awake and alert at the time you get the notice that it’s THERE, then pop over quickly because if you are the FIRST visitor to comment on tomorrow’s blog post you get something for your trouble – something you can put on your blog or facebook page and crow about having won!   Here it is:

First Commenter on Sammy's Teaser of 4/26/16

First Commenter on Sammy’s Teaser of 4/26/16

So in order to get you fired up for tomorrow and hopefully ready to guess where my Teaser photo was taken – SuzieQ is going to give us one of her world-famous cheers (hopefully one you can understand but with her – we never know!).   Suzie?  The stage is yours!

Two bits Four bits Six bits A dingbat Go outside now And catch a big treerat! They are yummy They are good Squirrels live in your Neighborhood! Gimme a TREE Gimme a RAT What is it REALLY? A squirrel and that's THAT!

Two bits, four bits
Six bits, a dingbat
Go outside now
And catch a big tree rat!
They are yummy
They are good
Squirrels live in your
Gimme a TREE
Gimme a RAT
What is it REALLY?
A squirrel and that’s THAT!

Suzie that was one for the record books my little friend.   It made no sense although I know that a lot of animals call squirrels tree rats so obviously you’ve been reading OTHER BLOGS than mine!    But over and above that, what’s it got to do with the Teaser??????????????????    Never mind……..I have a feeling even you couldn’t explain it to me.


Here are the prizes for tomorrow – and you KNOW you want one…………so try to get here and make a guess because you might be right and you might be a winner! 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Then on Wednesday you have to come BACK here to find out who wins what!    First Commenter, First Right Guesser, all Right Guessers and even CLUELESS folks will win.   So, see you then???  Is it a date?    Good!

We love Suzie!

We love Suzie!

I see Suzie is getting a fan club around here………….hope she doesn’t get too big for her uniform!!!

Good Luck in the Morning!  

Hugs, Teaser Sam

I'll see you in class tomorrow!  Be alert!

I’ll see you in class tomorrow! Be alert!

Teaser Tell All




OK – but first we have to take care of some business………like for instance a repost of the photos for one last peek:


Where in the big wide world is this????????   Why it’s NANTUCKET ISLAND, Massachusetts, USA.   Cobblestone streets and all…..and those buildings in the first photo aren’t on a washed out street, they’re on piers over the water……this photo is actually almost at low tide.   Mom and Dad took a ferry boat over to Nantucket Island on a vacation and LOVED the place.  Wonderful shops, wonderful restaurants and a whole lot of history!  Wanna know more?   Check out this Nantucket Island Chamber of Commerce.

Now, wanna know who won what?   OK!


Sharon from Gentle Stitches

First Commenter on Sammy's Teaser of 4/12/16

First Commenter on Sammy’s Teaser of 4/12/16


Jan from Wag-N-Woof Pets


I was FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on Sam’s Teaser of 4-12-16


Yes we had a few others guess Nantucket Island so YOU all get this one

I wasn't FIRST but I was RIGHT on the Teaser of 4/12/16

I wasn’t FIRST but I was RIGHT on the Teaser of 4/12/16

Guessed wrong or didn’t guess????  You still get this!

I didn't have a CLUE on Sam's Teaser of 4/12/16!

I didn’t have a CLUE on Sam’s Teaser of 4/12/16!

Everybody wins……..what a deal………….a lot of you didn’t think this was an Easy Teaser this week (which I had promised) but I thought in the scheme of things and considering how tough some of the Teasers HAVE been lately, this one would be one somebody would know – and I was right!   HOWEVER (you knew this was coming) we will have a GUEST TEASER next week……..and it just might NOT be easy…….or will it??????  HAHAHAHA    Love to keep you guessing and coming back every Tuesday to see if you can figure it out………………..I love my Teaser fans!

Until next week remember - I love you!!

Until next week remember – I love you!!