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Caturday With Friends…..


No I’m not having company today – no there’s nobody coming to see my parents or anything….so why is the title of today’s blog “Caturday With Friends” ??  

Because I want to thank all of YOU today.  In this blog world we live in there are honors bestowed to us along the way – blogging awards handed out and given to each other because we care…because we appreciate each other…because we think someone else’s blog is worthy of “standing out”…and certainly because we’re friends.

I received two nominations in the last couple of days from friends – and it made me stop for the millionth time to think about how much I enjoy sharing my little life with you all.  How much I hope you  enjoy hearing about my very ordinary little life.  How much FUN it is to talk to you every day and catch up with what you’re up to!  Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks to everyone………

Miss Dianda from Cats&Co. nominated me for the “Wonderful Team Readership Award Award” which is one I already received and have posted on my home page…..then I received the “Seven Things About Me” award from the lovely Nellie of Cat From Hell


For the “Seven Things” award, I am to tell seven things about ME and then nominate seven other blogs.   Coming up with some things you might NOT know about me is gonna be hard – I’ve shared everything with you over the year-plus that I’ve been blogging but here goes!

  1. I love buttons.  If I see a button on a shirt or sweater from across the room – I make a beeline for YOUR lap!  I’ll hop right up and start trying to remove that button or buttons as the case may be.  My Mom gets a big charge out of it…my Dad….well….not so much!
  2. When I was very little, my Mom had tied one of those toys on an elastic band up on a stair railing for me to play with – I had fun pulling on it and watching it fly through the air and I’d leap up and grab it again, etc.   She left the room for a few minutes once and came back to find me all wrapped up in the elastic because I’d gotten hung up in the elastic and couldn’t get free – HANGING ELASTIC TOYS ARE DANGEROUS! 
  3. I think crickets are rather delicious.
  4. I do NOT like my Mom to talk when I’m in her lap.  Even if she and my Dad try to have a conversation….if I’m on her lap, I PREFER her to be quiet.  If she talks, I’ll hop down and wait for her to stop then hop back up.  Persnickity aren’t I ???!!!
  5. I love classical music and lift my tail in the air to move it back and forth with the music while I close my eyes and listen.
  6. I have exactly $2.26 cents in my piggy – I mean CAT – bank.
  7. I once chased a fox down into the woods in my backyard.

So there are my seven things…..and I’ve already linked back to pretty Nellie and now I have to nominate seven blogs!

The Princess Tails

Pedro The Cat

These Days of Mine

Nerissa’s Life

A Tonk’s Tail

Mollie’s Dog Treats (Mollie and Alfie)


And for the “Wonderful Team Readership Award” I have a few days to think about who to nominate – you’re supposed to nominate 14 blogs and I’m not sure I KNOW that many so I’ll see what I can come up with!

At any rate, I hope all of you have a great Caturday……why?  Because you’re my FRIENDS that’s why!

Kitty Hugs, Sammy



Happy Friday everybody…………we’re on a roll lately here with weather because Thursday was another pretty Fall day.   Nice enough that Mom and Dad decided to take the new car out for a spin (actually they wanted to go shopping but I made it clear they had to get ME something too!).

Here’s a photo of the new wheels…..right after Mom backed it out of the garage this morning.  It’s black although it almost looks dark grayish – it’s sort of a metallic black and has a black interior. 

So other than my parents new bling (hahaha) I wanted to say THANK YOU to Miss Marcey and her pretty cat Minnie at Hot Rod Cow Girl  for nominating me for another award.  The “You Make Me Shine” award is one that I already have posted on my blog but I’ve said before – and I mean it (!) – it’s nice to get an award more than once because it’s nice that people think enough of us to nominate us right?  So THANK YOU Miss Marcey and Minnie – we send you a BIG SAMMY HUG!

Today is “monster out of the closet” day here – my parents will clean the house up so I can make it messy again.  It’s a tradition we have here (tee hee).   I think that’s about all that’s going on around here other than my usual napping activity.  See?  Life here with my retired parents is pretty darn boring quiet – but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Sam Sleeping Close Up



Kitty Hugs, Sammy 😀 😀



BLINGO!   Isn’t that what people yell out really loud when they’re playing that game with the cardboard thing that has numbers and letters on it and the guy with the machine in front of the room reaches into the machine and pulls out a number????  Huh????  OHHHHHHHHHHHHH!  Sorry – I thought it was BLINGO……but it’s BINGO…….oh well.  Got your attention though didn’t it?

Can you tell I’m smiling???

Seriously, I’m excited because you know how I am about adding bling (aka awards) to my blog – and because I get excited that somebody thinks enough of me to pass one on to me.  Well, I have a new one thanks to my dear friend the lovely Malamute Pup Misaki!   She nominated me for the “Wonderful Team Member Readership Award” which I think is quite a wonderful honor. 

I’m supposed to display the award (just have to have my assistant put it on my page for me along with a few others she’s a bit BEHIND doing that on!) and nominate 14 other blogs (or any number of blogs I wish to nominate) AND, last but far from least, I must complete this sentence:

“A good reader is…………………”

Well, I happen to think that’s a great thing to think about.  What really IS a good reader?  I think a good reader is many things.  A good reader is someone who likes to learn new things,  have a good time, have a good cry,  have a good laugh, experience things they wouldn’t have a chance to in “real” life, and most of all, enjoy the excitement of escaping through the joy of reading to another time, place or circumstance they’d NEVER have other than through reading.   Long sentence huh?  HAHAHA  Well, Mom (who is herself a writer) tends to do that.  But she’s right. 

Now for my nominees:

These Days of Mine

Texas A New York Cat

Little Miss Satchie

Hands On Bowie

Cat From Hell

Jazz Cat Jay


I hope you all enjoy receiving this award as much as I did!  Now to get my assistant busy on posting the award for me…..I may have thumbs but there are some things I STILL need help with! 😉

Happy Friday (or Bling Day as I’m calling it today)

Kitty Hugs, Sammy

p.s.  I also got another kinda funny award from my friend Doggy – it’s called the Ass Award (tee hee)…..”because everybody’s got one”….which technically IS true….it doesn’t come with qualifiers and you don’t pass it on, but if you want the bloggie icon for your OWN blog – you can copy it from me and display it on your page if you like! 🙂

Bling-o-licious Blog!


Hi Gang!  I am here to tell you that I’m one lucky guy – I have THREE awards to tell you about – two of which I’ve never seen before and one I already have but need to THANK my friends for!

The award I have already is the Lovely Blog Award which my little guinea pig friends Poppy and Clover  kindly nominated me for.  Even though I already had it, it never ceases to be just as exciting every time someone thinks of me so a big Sammy Smooch for you girls!

The two I didn’t have I got from my wonderful friend Texas  who has a heart as BIG as the state of Texas!  Those awards are the Addictive Blog Award and the Super Sweet Blogger Award.

For the Addictive Blog Award I need to thank Texas (THANK YOU BUDDY) and link to his blog (done), share a little about why I blog and how my journey in blogging got started, post my award AND nominate ten other bloggers (and let them know I have!).  So here’s the scoop:

My Mom has been a writer for many years and says I have been her “muse” (is that some kind of cat breed??) since I came to live with her and Dad.  She was in a writing slump but thought it might be fun to try blogging (that was MY idea of course).  We both love meeting new people who love animals – what better than having a blog all about ME?

Now for my ten nominations:



Cat Chat

Poppy & Clover

Hutch A Good Life

Little Miss Satchie

These Days of Mine

A Tonk’s Tail

Fluffy Popcorn

Jazz Cat Jay


Now for the Super Sweet Blogger Award I need to thank the person nominating me (thanks again Texas!!), and answer five super sweet questions!

  1. Cookies or Cake? Well, since I’m not supposed to eat any sugar if somebody offered me a cookie OR a cake made out of shrimp I’d eat it!  My Mom would eat cookies AND cake!
  2. Chocolate or Vanilla? I must confess I took a swipe of Mom’s chocolate icing once and didn’t like it.  Vanilla I’ve never tried but I’m “game” – does it taste like shrimp by any chance???
  3. Favorite Sweet Treat?  SWEET and sour shrimp….(hahaha)
  4. If You Had A Sweet Nickname What Would It Be?  Well, don’t tell anyone but one of my Mom’s nicknames for me already is “Sweet Sam”…..how’s THAT for “sweet” ?????
  5. When Do You Crave Sweet Things The Most?  At night when Mom’s having her nightly pomegranate popsicle. 

Honestly I think ALL OF YOU deserve to have the “Super Sweet Blogger Award” because nothing to me is sweeter than reading your blogs and updates every day (or every day you post anyway), so if you would like to have this beautiful (and yummy looking!) award, please consider yourself nominated!!!   Just go ahead and grab the award icon and answer the questions, etc.   I know that’s the easy way out but hey – this is hard work!! 😀 😀 😀

Sam Loves His Friends!

Yes indeed I do! I REALLY do!

Thanks to everybody for visiting me every day……do you know how happy that makes me?  VERY!

Love and Kitty Hugs, Sammy 😉

A Pretty Award!


Hi Peeps…….Happy Thursday to everybody from sunny Virginia. 

Several days ago (before Tuesday Teaser) I received a NEW award….one I haven’t received before EVER.  My very good friends Nibbles, Nutty, Bingo and Buddy at Hutch A Good Life nominated me for the You Make Me Shine Award.  They also nominated me for another award which I already have.  I want to thank my adorable guinea pig friends for BOTH nominations though.  It’s quite an honor to have someone nominate you for ANY award, don’t you think?  Take a peek at this one:

I love this image – don’t you?

The rules of acceptance for this award are:

  • Answer ten questions
  • Nominate 10-12 (or whatever number) other blogs
  • Include the award in MY blog
  • Pay the love forward (link to the nominees and let them know on their blog that they’ve been nominated
  • Pay the love back by linking to the blogger who nominated you

Well, I’ve linked to my guinea pig buddies above AND you can see the gorgeous award I got so let me answer the questions then I’ll very happily nominate some of my blogging buds!

  1. What is My Favorite Color?   RED
  2. What is My Favorite Non-Alcoholic Drink? Water
  3. What is My Favorite Animal? Gotta be cats – right?
  4. Do I Prefer Facebook or Twitter?  Facebook
  5. What is My Favorite Number?  20 (number of toes I have)
  6. What is My Favorite Flower? Red roses (I actually do love their scent when Mommy gets roses from Dad)
  7. What is My Passion?  This is a toughie….let’s see, there’s blogging, raspberry yogurt, butter, grass munching, fresh breezes…..there’s SO MANY!!!!

My nominees for this award are:

These Days of Mine

Doggy’s Style

The Official Blog of Author P.M. Terrell

Sparta’s World

Jazz Cat Jay

Mollie’s Dog Treats

Satchmo The Cat

Cat From Hell

I actually would like to give this award to ALL of you because quite honestly you ALL make me shine (!) – I love hearng from all of you and love catching up with your worlds in your blogs.  You’re all THE BEST!

Kitty Hugs and Kisses,