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Tuesday Teaser


Hello Teaser Fans!   It’s that time again…………..you probably couldn’t sleep last night because you knew today was THE DAY – the day everybody waits for every week – time to take a peek at the photo and figure out WHERE it was taken!

This week we have another Guest Teaser…..different Guest from last week’s Guest………and we want you to look at this photo and tell us what you see and inside what place was this photo taken?   READY???


Voila!  (that’s French for here you go and good luck to ya matey!)……………..try and figure this one out, then leave your guess in COMMENTS.  You have all day to think about it………there’s only one “First Right Guesser” every Tuesday, it’s true, but everyone who guesses RIGHT, still wins something and even those of you who don’t know or guess wrong get something – see?  Like I said, “IT’S ALL GOOOOD” !!

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Now, next item of business is the fabulous Auction to benefit Miss Kelly of Creekhikers  who has a huge vet bill from when her dog Mabel Lou was diagnosed with Bloat and then went to the Bridge.  Miss Kelly will be the beneficiary of all the funds raised by Mollie and Alfie so please take a look at all the great stuff in the Auction and make a bid!!  You might wind up with some great new stuff and Miss Kelly will hopefully be able to pay the vet bill.    My Mom put some items in the Auction as MANY other friends of Mollie and Alfie have done………………..just click on the picture of dear Angel Mabel Lou to go directly to Mollie and Alfie’s blog for the Auction!


Guess what else is going on this week?   This is a WAY WAY cool thing………..My Three Moggies and ME – One Spoiled Cat are teaming up for a “SHOW US YOUR PAW DAY” !!   That’s right – on Friday, June 13th all you have to do is post a photo of you with your paw in the air, or your paw in front of the camera, or over your eyes while you sleep, or poking your housemate in the face (hahaha) – SHOW US YOUR PAW………..if you do, you can put this badge on your sidebar to prove that you pawticipated in this fun event……YAY


That’s it for me today gang – – – – now make sure and send your guesses in ASAP………..you have today and today only – tomorrow is the TELL ALL!   GOOD LUCK!

Big Hugs, Sammy the Teaser

Whew! Pawties, Auctions, WOW


Hi Everybody!

Well, the month of May is slowly grinding to a close.  We here in the USA will be celebrating Memorial Day this coming Monday and that means a long weekend for people who NEED long weekends.  Around here, where my parents and I are in “retired and loving it” mode, every weekend is long and every weekday is long – so it’s no biggie.  There ARE things that we specially think about on that day but I’ll blog about that then.   Meanwhile, there’s some other FUN things coming up!


Well, first of all my very good buddy Henry from My Three Moggies is having a birthday!  His birthday will be on May 31st so put that one on your calendars.   Woo Hoo!

THEN, even though it’s not REALLY in May, it’s darn close so I’m telling you now in case you didn’t know, Odin from Cat Wisdom 101 is turning THREE on June 1st but his birthday pawty will be on June 3….pencil THAT one in too!   In case you don’t know Odin, he’s one of my heroes – when Miss Layla found him on the streets in NYC he was a tiny guy with a VERY bad eye and when she took him to the vet they said it had to be removed.  Odin the one-eyed wonder hasn’t let that stop him for one minute.  You can read his story on Miss Layla’s blog.    YAY!

We heard from Mollie yesterday that the big blogville “rally around Leo” auction and raffle that she was the hostess of was a BIG success.   Misaki was a huge help to Mollie too and everyone who chipped in at all for any reason to pull this big event off deserves a BIG SAMMY HUG…………but also if you stop by Mollie’s blog you can take the WAY WAY cool Badge that Misaki and her Mum made for all those who helped in the effort to raise money for Leo.   The auction and raffle brought in somewhere in the neighborhood of $400 and that we hope will help with Leo’s vet bills.


I’m proud to display my badge – my Mom and I donated some items to the auction !!

So what else happened yesterday you ask?   Mom went shopping and came home with something she had to HIDE in her office so Dad wouldn’t want her to SHARE.  Tee Hee   Mom has a sweet tooth and probably shouldn’t eat anything sweet but honestly, I think I can understand WHY she had to have what she got.  See, our Hallmark store sells fudge…….extremely yummy fudge according to my Mom.  Today she was there doing some shopping (not for fudge) and they had JUST loaded up the fudge counter with fresh stuff.   Easy, my cheesecake friend, know what the special fudge of the day was?


Mom bought a half a pound weight of it all sliced up and ready to gobble down.   Well, I tried to keep her from going nuts but she almost ate HALF of it before I convinced her to tape the box shut and hide it from herself – much less from Dad!    I can tell you this – I certainly didn’t WANT any of it (nor should I EVER have any of it because of the sugar) but it DID smell good…….it really did……….

Gee, that smells delightful Mom!

Gee, that smells delightful Mom!

So of course even though she finally STOPPED eating it I had to keep a close eye on her whenever she was on the computer today……………fortunately I can see/watch her from three feet away when I’m in my afghan tent!

No you don't Mom - I'm WATCHING you!

No you don’t Mom – I’m WATCHING you!

Yesterday afternoon Mom and I got a BIG SURPRISE too!   Our friend Michelle from My Three Moggies sent ME (yes ME) a special present – a surprise she said she was sending me that would be something she got in Japan on her trip (remember her Teaser??).   I was SO excited!

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Thank you Miss Michelle for the lovely (and tasty!) package of things from Japan.  Mom says she might make a small pillow AND scarf from the beautiful material and I only get ONE TREAT every few days because I want them to LAST!!!!   BIG HUGS FROM ME AND MOM….

Well, that’s about it for today guys…………..tomorrow I’m doing a special post all about my Mom’s book and the role Eddy the cat plays as the “sidekick” to the main character, private investigator Bailey Ferrol.  My Mom says she doesn’t know what she’d do without ME………..well Bailey says the same thing about her cat Eddy!!

Have a great Thursday – see you on FURRRRRIDAY!

Kitty Hugs, Sammy 😀 😀 😀

Tuesday Teaser Time


Hi Everyone!   Gosh I hope you all made it by Mollie’s yesterday for the super duper extra special Auction event – WOW……things got pretty “heated” over several of the items in the Auction – bidding wars were rather exciting……………Hopefully a whole lot of money was pledged between the Auction and the Raffle to help Leo out.  We’ll probably get all that info on Wednesday after all the DUST settles!

So today is that day you all simply CANNOT wait to come every single week – Tuesday Teaser when you have to stare for hours at the computer screen trying to figure out if you recognize ANYTHING about the photos I post from my parents vacations (or sometimes a Guest Teaser!!).

This week’s might just be a BIG challenge…………..why?  I don’t think there are ANY clues in it that’s why!   Without further delay – here’s your Teaser for this Tuesday….(drum roll please)…



See what I mean????   No clues (at least I don’t THINK there are!!!!)

Now if you think you might know where Mom and Dad were on this particular trip – let me know TODAY because tomorrow is Teaser Tell All when I announce who the weekly group of “SMARTY PANTS” are and you will be the ones to get THIS!


AND YOU KNOW YOU WANT ONE OF THOSE RIGHT????????????????????????

Remember I told you that I had my very own tomato plant in a big pot on our back deck?  Well I haven’t told you this because it’s rained so much I’ve not been going outside much but today the sun came out for a while and I gave it the old Sammy Peek………………IT HAS TWO FLOWERS ON IT – that means at least two tomatoes might be coming along soon!  How exciting…………Do any of you have gardens of your very own?????  If you do, whatcha growing?   Hmmmm?????


SEE YOU TOMORROW…………Kitty Hugs, Sammy

Auction Time!


Hi Everyone!  So today is finally the day of the big auction for Leo on Mollie’s blog.  I do hope you’ll stop by and maybe bid on something – remember that all proceeds are going to benefit Savannah’s friend Leo who is piling up a lot of medical bills to treat his Hepatic Lipidosis Syndrome.I’m going over as soon as my Mom gets up this morning – after all, she’s the one with the money – I do have a little change in my kitty bank but Mom’s got that paper stuff along with some plastic stuff so she’s got me beat!  If you click on Leo’s picture below, you can go directly to Mollie’s!

Leo would thank you if he could !!

Leo would thank you if he could !!

Yesterday we had a super lazy day around here………..it was raining off and on and when it’s like that – there’s not a whole lot we can do to keep ourselves entertained.  I was napping a lot (no surprise there huh???).

Sam Under Afghan on Couch

Huh? Did somebody call me???

Mom did exciting stuff like laundry – Dad did exciting stuff like – well – er – um – NOTHING.  So you see what I mean?  It was a lazy day.

One thing I DID decide to do this week on my blog though was tell you a little bit about my Mom’s book which is recently republished on Kindle.  Why?  Well, you couldn’t possibly know unless I told you but there’s a CAT in the story.  Yep – his name in the book  is Eddy and Mom named the cat after her “before me” cat named Eddy.  The Eddy in the book belongs to the main character Bailey Ferrol who is a private investigator in a small Virginia town called David’s Bridge  (which ACTUALLY is my small Virginia town but Mom changed the name to protect the innocent….HAHAHAHA).   Mom has some photos of HER Eddy and when she describes the Eddy in the book, he’s who she’s describing.

Eddy 001

These are old photos – almost 20 years old in fact – but Eddy was a way cool cat.  He “found” my Mom in the old neighborhood where they lived.  Neighbors said he was just a “neighborhood” cat – his family had just moved one day and left him behind and he’d been on his own for a year until one day he wandered into my Mom’s yard and THAT was THAT!   He decided that would be his new home and that was fine with my Mom and Dad.

So anyway, back to what I was saying – one day this week I’ll tell you all a little bit about Mom’s book.  It’s a mystery and there’s all kinds of quirky characters and lots of action and of course A CAT !   There’s a link over on the side of this page that takes you to Kindle where you can get the book FOR CHEAP (did I say CHEAP?  Well, I mean CHEAP!).

Speaking of pets (were we speaking of pets???)….so far no sign of my friend Freddy the frog so I’ve sort of decided that he moved out of my neighborhood.  Probably hopped down to the pond two houses down from mine.  I can hear the bullfrogs making their sounds down there in the morning and for all I know, Freddy decided life under my front porch just wasn’t exciting enough for him!

So long Freddy!  Have fun in the pond!

So long Freddy! Have fun in the pond!


Tomorrow is Tuesday Teaser you know and we won’t be having a Guest Teaser this time around.  Miss Michelle from My Three Moggies is home safe and sound from her trip to China and Japan where she taped two awesome Teaser Tell All videos for us which I think you enjoyed as much as I did!   Tomorrow will be photos from one of my Mom and Dad’s vacations so be prepared…………

Now go visit Mollie’s auction now before you forget it – OK?   See you there!

Happy Monday………….Kitty Hugs, Sammy 😀 😀