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Falling Leaves Friday!



Fall continues to fall here!

That’s right – the leaves are coming down like rain these past two days……..just enough breeze to blow them down from their spots on all the big trees around our house – I can’t even go outside in my own yard without getting bopped on the head by falling leaves!   I guess it could be worse……..those acorns falling are a lot more painful when they hit my ginger head than leaves are that’s for sure.

Here’s how things look around here……….

Fall2014-2 FallYard2

We are nowhere near “peak” color though so I’ll show more photos as we march further into Fall.  I hope it’s pretty where you are!

I spent time on my porch this morning – it was chilly!

OK Mom....that's enough outside time for now.....

OK Mom….that’s enough outside time for now…..

Won’t be long before Mom will have to bring some of the houseplants that have lived on the front porch INSIDE for the winter – in fact we might get our first frost this weekend – EEEEK.

Also pretty soon Mom will be working on decorating our front porch for Sam-O-Ween…………we like to do something different every year………….here’s a couple of “oldies” – this year Mom bought some of that stuff that looks like a BIG spider web.  Can’t wait to see what she does with that

Our front porch decked out for Halloween

My front porch in 2011 for Sam-O-Ween

This was Sam-O-Ween 2012 (with a neighbor kitty photobombing!)

This was Sam-O-Ween 2012 (with a neighbor kitty photobombing!)

We want to take a minute to wish my friend Raz and Allie’s Mom Miss Sharon from FRIENDSFUREVER a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY today!


Tomorrow is my BACON day so I’ll be busy celebrating that you can just BET on it!

See you then?

HUGS, Sammy





Sunday Selfie


Fall is falling all around us so Mom and I decided to “Fall-I-fy” my selfie for The Cat On My Head Selfie Blog Hop today!    A ginger cat surrounded by orange – good combination right?


Click badge to visit the Hop!


Also, thank you to everyone who made Mom’s birthday so special!!!  Here are some of the cards and photo everyone sent in!

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 AND, this special “moving” birthday message from my Cousin Bacon and his Mom!!


Meeting Friends


**Pam here – Sam’s asleep and it’s MY turn to blog!**

One thing I read over and over on the blogs I follow is that without a doubt, meeting the people we “follow” in the blogosphere in person is almost always TONS of fun.  You know these people from their blogs so they’ve been friends for a long time but once in a while you get lucky and your paths cross!

On Monday my husband and I met the dynamic duo behind The Cat On My Head blog – the Mom and Dad of all those Kitties Blue we know and love.  They were not far away from our town on business and were coming BACK through this way so we decided to meet in Warrenton for lunch.    It was so much fun…….you see, not only are Janet and I friends from our blogs, we are friends through Cat Scouts as well.   Remember, Sammy is a Troop Leader and Janet’s cat Mauricio is the Assistant Troop Leader!

We decided when we discussed having lunch that it would be fun to have our cats with us (no – not our ACTUAL cats – the “Flat Cats” you’ve probably heard us talking about – a cardboard version of us that can be mailed/taken EVERYWHERE a bit more easily than a REAL cat).    SO Janet had Mauricio and I had Sam and we sat them on the table at the restaurant for a giggle – they had their official Cat Scouts neckerchiefs on too…….do I have to tell you that the entire restaurant thought we were nuts?   Do I have to tell you that we didn’t care one bit if they did?   HAHAHAHA

It was a lovely lunch and a fun time and even the FLAT CATS had a ball………we got to bring Mauricio home with us in fact.   The thing about “Flat Cat Scouts” is that our “Flat Cats” have been spending months traveling EVERYWHERE visiting each other through the mail.   We’re logging miles up as we visit and having photos taken of our cats enjoying themselves……….and whoever racks up the most miles is going to win a PRIZE.

Mauricio will be off in the mail today visiting another Cat Scout…………”Flat Sam” will be mailed out too on another visit.   I think the Cat Scouts are probably traveling more than most of my human friends have in YEARS!!!

Here are some photos from the past few days…………………I think you can tell it’s been FUN………………….

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Anyway, meeting someone in person that you’ve known only “at a distance” on the computer is always fun………………this was no exception.  David and I enjoyed visiting with Janet and Tom AND “Flat Cat” Mauricio!

Mauricio is celebrating today before he leaves us – it’s his BIRTHDAY today – so we hope he has a SUPER special birthday trip ahead to his next destination.   Farewell Mau – bon voyage and Happy Birthday!



Hugs, Pam (while Sam is napping!)

Keepin’ It Clean



BUSY BUSY BUSY……………….every week we have monster day and every monster day I help by staying out of the way and taking care of getting MYSELF cleaned up…………it’s the least I can do – giving myself a bath on Fridays.    While Mom and Dad are pushing the monsters around sucking up the dust bunnies, I’m cleaning between my toesies, taking care of my ears and face……and my  tummy of course……the spots I can easily reach.   Mom will brush me and take care of the others.


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Besides, I have a special reason to be extra clean today – it’s my Auntie Carol’s birthday (Mom’s sister) and I wouldn’t want her to read my blog and see a dirty cat!  OH NO!  Heaven forbid!   This is for you Auntie Carol (and I promise you I’m clean!).


It won’t be long now before July 4th celebrations…………….that means noisy fireworks…………I’ll be wearing my headset to keep out all the BANG BANG, KABOOM, SWOOOOOOSH BOOM noises.  My Mom and Dad will probably have a cookout at dinner time but at night – there will be fireworks.  They usually have a bit of a show in the front yard…….this year maybe just a few.  I am at the point where I like to WATCH them from inside the house though – that’s progress – I used to HIDE when they did them!   Are you afraid of loud noises?????   Mom thinks maybe because my hearing isn’t as good as it used to be, I may be able to watch without any problems.   Even though we live WAY WAY out of town in the Virginia countryside, Washington, DC always does a spectacular display down on the National Mall…………..a bazillion years ago my Mom went to that but it was just a mass of humanity and heat – our front yard fireworks are enough for us!

Well I’m off to begin snoopervising the cleaning…………cracking the whip – getting these humans MOTIVATED (sometimes that’s tough!).



A Special P.S.   A very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Miss Jan of Jan’s Funny Farm today!!!!!



HUG Your Cat Day!


Good morning friends and fans…………it’s going to be another one of those days when there’s no place like Mom’s legs.    That will require her utmost cooperation though – something that was sadly missing yesterday when I had to resort to HOWLING at the bottom of the stairs to get her out of her studio and down in the living room with ME on the recliner.   APPARENTLY I’ve been under under the false impression that I’m #1 around here.   She’s supposed to drop everything when I call right?   Well she’s falling down on the job!    Purrrrhaps I need to get that NUCAT performance review paperwork back out and let her HAVE IT!

On the other paw, I know the old saying “don’t bite the hand that feeds you” (and cleans out your litterbox).    I’ll just try to be a bit more patient.  Not an easy task.

Know what else today is???  It’s HUG YOUR CAT DAY!!!!!


That’s right – although I purrrsonally think EVERY day is “hug your cat day” – here are some of the huggy photos Mom has of the two of us in a little mini-slide show!

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Today is not only HUG YOUR CAT DAY, it’s also the birthday of my girlcatfriend Sundae’s Mom, Miss Dianna who is one of Mom’s bestest friends.    If you’d like to send her your birthday wishes, you can visit her blog HERE to do so!

Dianna in pink, Mommy in blue

Dianna in pink, Mommy in blue

It’s otherwise a quiet day here – no outside photos as it’s raining still and has been for days……………….remember this?   It’s starting to look a lot like this around here!


Here’s hoping wherever you are, the weather is PURRRRRRFECT!

See you on Monster Friday……I’m going to go warn the dust bunnies here to HIDE!

Love, Sammy