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Bakin’ !



I wonder if you thought maybe my Saturday post would NOT be about bacon and instead would be about BAKING  since I did a little tricky trick with my post title today……….naaaah….you all know me too well, you know it’s BACON SATURDAY at my house today!!!

BACONBEGGINGWell of course you “can haz” – we all can if our Moms cooperate that is and buy the stuff for us at the grocery when they go.   My Mom stocked up so we’re having our bacon fix this morning.   Mom is going to try to make these – egg nests (hash browns with an egg cooked in the middle) with a LARGE side order of bacon!

BREAKFASTBACON BREAKFASTNESTShe can hold the hash browns and eggs and just load me up with the GOOD STUFF……………..and that will mean we’ve officially started our Saturday!     Our RAINY Saturday I might say – for the third day in a row.

Raining cats and dogs!

Raining cats and dogs!

Bacon improves all situations………..bacon even makes me forget about the rain and how I can’t go outside to munch on the lawn because of the rain…………bacon is the “fixer” of all my problems.


Fortunately for ME, my good dish is in better shape than this guy’s AND it’s about to have my portion of bacon dumped in it on TOP of my ham baby food so I’d say it’s a pork kind of day for this spoiled old cat wouldn’t you??

BACONHAPPYI am getting spoiled extra rotten today because it’s the very first National Tabby Cat Day!    That’s right…………..we’re celebrating it in the Tabby Cat Club (of course!) and I celebrated it there by designing a tee shirt which I modeled at the TCC……………..what do you think????



This first National Tabby Cat Day was put together by a wonderful organization – the BIDAWEE folks here who seem to do a whole lot of great things to benefit animals.   This is their poster for the event – I love the poster cat on this one!


So two reasons to celebrate today – it’s the first National Tabby Cat Day……….AND there’s bacon in abundance at my house………………..I’m liking this a whole lot!

Tabby Hugs, Sammy