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Teaser Tell All


It’s Teaser Tell All Time!   Pull up a desk and see how you did yesterday!

Hey buddy this is MY desk………back up Jack or there’s gonna be bloodshed!

Alright boys – that’s enough or you’ll go to the Principal’s Office!  

OK everyone let’s settle down and see what’s what with the Teaser shall we?

First let’s talk about FIRST COMMENTERS – we had TWO of those yesterday – in the same 60 seconds!   Who were they?

Friends Furever and Kitties Blue



Here’s your badge you two – each of you gets one of our lovely FIRST COMMENTER BADGES for being QUICK and FAST !

WOW! I was one of TWO First Commenters on the Tesaer of July 16, 2019! YAY FOR US!

Pooey – I was here but I fell asleep at my desk!

That’s what happens – if you CRUISE you LOSE!    Now let me show you the photo from yesterday again:

This photo was sent in by our Guest Teaser, Miss Csilla and it shows us the Berlin Wall and associated photos from the turbulent times that led to the wall coming down…………..there were a few more photos and a link if you want more info:


This badge is for your fabulous photos Miss Csilla!

My photo was used on the TEASER CONTEST on July 16, 2019 !!

Who was the lucky FIRST RIGHT GUESSER?????????????????????????????????????



Such smart Weimaraners and their Mom who occasionally helps them figure out the Teaser……………….here’s your badge!

We were the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser of July 16, 2019!

And a LOT of you were right this week with your guesses so each of you who WERE right – get one of these of your very own:

I was RIGHT with my Teaser guess on July 16, 2019, but I was NOT the FIRST…..DARN!

Did you try but fail at the Teaser this week?   You STILL get a badge…………so no more crying!

Darn, Darn, Double Darn – I was WRONG with my guess on the Teaser of July 16, 2019…..At least I tried!

Well wasn’t THAT fun???    Let’s see what our Cheer Team has to say about this week’s Teaser results shall we?

It’s too hot for us to leap around
Here in Sarge’s hot tub there’s not a sound
Ours is being fixed so he let us hop in
He filled it with cold water so it’s a POOL we’re in!
Congrats to Sharon and Janet for being FAST
We hope that your good luck will last!
Who was First Right for class this week?
It was Phenny the Weim all grey and sleek!
Now pardon us if we do a little dipping in the tub
We’re starting our own skinny dipping club!

OK girls………..I think you maybe gave us too much information about your lack of swim suits but then again – we Professors are just old fuddy duddies!

They’re nekkid?


I can’t look – I’m too young for x-rated stuff!

OK students – let’s end today by having a good lunch or brunch in the cafeteria shall we?    You all did VERY WELL this week with the Teaser…………….next week we have another Guest Teaser for you……….so don’t let your guard down – keep on studying!

Greetings Students – who’s up for lunch?   We’re ready for you to come through the line and choose your favorites!

Your Munchable Lunchables for Today:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

There you have it for Teaser this week students!  We’ll see you next Tuesday at a surprise time for more fun!

Your Professors, Angel Sammy and Teddy