Thoroughly Poetic Thursday


Ta Da!  Let’s Get Poetic!


Greetings Poetry fans and anyone else who just happens to pop by on a Thursday only to find that I’m WAXING POETIC!    (what kind of polish does one use for that do you suppose???)

Today is the letter “N” – we’re working our way through the alphabet and “N” was one of the letters I dreaded because I had a problem coming up with something to write about that starts with the letter “N”!    I agonized and worried and hoped “N” would just never get here but alas, it has………….so I shall do my bestest to come up with SOMETHING because I know you want me to right?



By Sammy Kimmell, 9/15/16

When I was just a wee guy

Of maybe one or two

I often was in trouble

What else was there to do?

I stole things off of tabletops

I pulled trash from the can

I turned my kibble dish over

Then when Mom came, off I ran!

It was a big old game to me

I played it every day

Now that I’m old my games have changed

In a not so funny way.

I call for Mom all night long

She doesn’t get to sleep

I ask for food then won’t eat it

The pantry is filled with my food three feet deep!

I may be slightly exaggerating

I may be just an OLD tease

But Mom I hope you won’t get mad

Just always love me……….PLEASE?

OK, I squeeze one off!   Now it’s YOUR turn……..did you write an “N” poem today?   If you did, put the link to your bloggy in my comments so we can all go take a peek at your work……OR, you can put your poem in your comment and we’ll read it NOW right here!    You know next week we’re up to “O” and I have to tell you, that was another of the letters that gave me nightmares (and daymares too) when I was planning my poetry series.    But I have a WHOLE WEEK to figure it out and so do you!

Happy Poetic Thursday Peeps!

Ahhhh....I am zee poet boy with zee French beret !!!!!

Ahhhh….I am zee poet boy with zee French beret !!!!!

Au Revoir!  

Monsieur Sam


Bacon Monsieur??




Happy Bacon Day Mon Amis!    I thought you might enjoy seeing me modeling my fabulous green beret made expressly for me by my honorary Auntie Ellen from 15andMeowing.   Isn’t it trez jolie?   I think I look very adorable in it and even though my Dad had to capture me and my Mom had to put the hat on my head and take a quick shot before I got too squirmy, I did a credible job looking totally adorable, oui?


Here’s my latest crop of fun bacon stuffs………..


And how about this for next April Fools Day when Dad thinks Mom’s cooking up some bacon JUST FOR HIM?????


Oh Mom……that’s just silly… know if Dad (or ME) want bacon you’ll make it right?  For real?  No incense?

Mom does say though that because she’s making bacon frequently for yours truly, this might ring just a bit more true than she wishes it would……….but I’m not saying a word………I wouldn’t DARE agree with her!!!!!!


Hope you have a perfectly FABULOUS Saturday Mon Amis!    Thank you Auntie Ellen for my totally wonderful beret and little matching fishie… are the BESTEST!

Love-N-Stuffs, Monsieur Sam