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Sunday Selfie Hop


It’s time to Hop………..and we’re ready to do just that!    Hopefully we’re hopping with a bumper crop of other hoppers today – will you be one of them?   All you have to do is click The Cat On My Head badge above to go to our host’s blog and  fill out the LINKY TOOL.   Come join us!

Mom was dashing around the house this past week capturing me in my “signature” nap pose.  On the bed, on the floor, wherever it was that I became overcome with the SLEEPIES and did the belly up, Mom was there.   She never gets tired of that.   Obviously she has a tummy fixation!

Here’s the latest – this was me minding my own business this morning waiting for her to finish her shower so she could give me a SINK DRINK.

Just for funzies, Mom went back a year ago almost to this day and found this photo of me which you’ve seen before – taken August 4, 2017………just to compare the two photos.

I MIGHT have been a couple of pounds lighter but already I was making it known that I was going to be a BIG BOY…………..!   I say it’s just MORE OF ME TO LOVE!!!    Here’s Mom’s Lunapic version of my newest bed shot…………and of course a puzzle if you’re a glutton for punishment!

Lunapic’s “WATERCOLOR” art effect……Mom “toned it down a little” though as it was too bright for your eyes!   Here’s your puzzle:


Hugs and Happy Sunday



Sunday Selfie


Care To Join Me For A Hop?????

Sunday is the time for the Kitties Blue (The Cat On My Head) Sunday Selfie hop and we are hopping as usual.   We hope you will join in the fun by clicking their badge above and filling out the LINKY FORM and being part of the Hop – it’s so much fun to see everyone in their “Sunday Finest”.   My Mom almost ALWAYS does some kind of artsy stuff to my chosen photo of the week for the Hop.   This week she went particularly NUTS.    Not only that but yet again she’s got my belly on display!    She grabs that camera when I am lying outside her office in my comfy snoozing position and WHAMMO – a photo she takes.   Fortunately this time I was not looking at her so no lasers mucking up the photo……..just a good clean shot of my tummy.

Of course she started out the artsy stuff with Lunapic – she used an ART EFFECT called “Tuscany”……THEN she went to good old trusty Pizap and added a patterned border AND then added a Custom Frame then she decided “enough is enough” and that’s the end.    So here I am – before adding “stuff” and after she finished playing:

Yep – I was snoring alright!

Interesting Mom…….I wonder if those blue splotches Lunapic added are my guardian angel orbs?????

AND for those of you who are gluttons for punishment, here’s a jigsaw of ME…..

Click image for puzzle and good luck!

Sunday Hugs, Teddy the Tummy Up Guy