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SPARKS and Reminder………


It’s Monday again!    Time to SPARK your week ahead with a thought…………… What exactly IS this Monday SPARK thing we do?   Well, most of you know that Annie of McGuffy’s Reader – who started SPARKS – was hacked and has been on an extended break from blogging although her idea to spread some inspiration on Monday of every week goes on.   Many of us who participated in her SPARKS Blog Hop and found value in sharing a thought on Monday continue doing that to hopefully give each other a “Monday boost” – perhaps something to think about to inspire us in the week ahead OR help us deal with something that’s on our mind.    Why not join us by sharing something that SPARKS you?   It might just start a spark in us too.

We’re sneaking up to Thanksgiving so I ALWAYS ALWAYS focus on the things I’m thankful for – there are SO many now and as I look back over my considerable years, I realize there have ALWAYS been things to be thankful for.    Being thankful – well – it should be as natural to us as……………………..BREATHING.

I saw this graphic and it kind of says it all for me………………………being thankful – just like being happy – is often a CHOICE we make.    I choose to not let things stress me out and if they begin to, I turn it around to think of something I should be thankful for about the situation that has me stressed out.   Am I learning something from the stressful situation perhaps?    That makes me thankful – learning to deal with LIFE and all its’ bumps and bruises and curves is something to be THANKFUL for right?

Hope you have a thankful week ahead…………………………..I know one thing for sure – I will be very thankful to have turkey and all the trimmings with my family on THANKSGIVING!    Yum!

Hugs, Pam


Teddy asked me to remind everyone that tomorrow is TEASER TUESDAY – I don’t think you NEED a reminder – but just in case!!  Post goes live at a surprise time then you have to COMMENT first then guess where photo was taken…..fun?  Oh yeah!