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Beggin’ for Bacon


WHO ME???  Nope – I never beg for bacon.  Mom always makes bacon on weekends and if I’m around anywhere, I just wait until breakfast is ready and I get my little bit of bacon without begging!

However, that’s not always the case………….proof of that can be seen in this cute slideshow!

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Now I’m not saying that if the unlikely situation should occur that my Mom FORGETS to make bacon, or she decides I shouldn’t HAVE bacon………….it is NOT beyond me to resort to dirty tricks and flattery – many of you have told me you love this meme and so do I……..I kinda think if I tried it on my Mom (if necessity dictates) it just might work!!!!


Happy Saturday – let’s hope you don’t have to beg for anything today or ever……….!!

Hugs, Sammy the Baconator!