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To Bee, or Not To Bee…..

I Can See That Fat Squirrel Hanging From The Squirrel-Proof Birdfeeder! HA!

Hey Mom...do you see where that bee landed on my nose yesterday??

Happy Sunday Folks….so here’s my latest saga.  It’s totally BEElievable!  I was out on the front porch with Mom while it was lightly raining yesterday afternoon.  Mom was in her rocker and BEEautiful me was sitting on the top step to the porch just out of reach of the raindrops.  I had my eye on a big old bumble bee that was “visiting” Mom’s potted plants on the porch.  I have a healthy respect for bees…..when I was younger I thought they were fair game for a swat-fest like other flying insects – I’m always up for a game of “you buzz around me and I’ll try to smack you down” but I learned bees shouldn’t be messed with.  

Anyway, I watched it and watched it and it even buzzed around Mom briefly before landing on an azalea bush (maybe having a drink of water) then it made a BEEline for yours truly!  Quick as can BEE and BEEfore I could react – it landed on my nose!   I just sat there…..I didn’t know what to do……neither did Mom……I just told myself “BEE still Sam” and sure enough off it flew – in fact it flew away from the porch and out into the yard FAR away from us. 

I don’t think bumble bees are as MEAN as some of the other stingy things that come around the flowers and stuff on the porch and yard……..we get hornets and wasps and all kinds of critters that are downright MEAN.   I think Mr. Bumble yesterday was just curious about the furry red and white striped creature watching him from the porch and decided to check me out “up close and personal”……

Maybe now I have a new friend.  Somehow I think I’d rather have a chipmunk as a new friend rather than an unpredictible BEE! 

Farewell Mr. Bumble…….please find yourself another “landing strip” to park on instead of my nose!

Sammy, One Spoiled Bumble Bee Landing Zone…….NOT!