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Teaser Tell All Time


Ready for the Tell All????


You all obviously did a lot of studying as we had hoped after giving you a day out in all the fresh air day before yesterday because you did so well in class for Teaser Tuesday.    We started off with a BIG BANG !

I didn’t hear a BIG BANG………….

We had a BUMPER CROP of FIRST COMMENTERS – FIVE of them to be exact…………….and when we told the Cheer Team they gave us a look that was a bit like this:

Who were our five Firsties?


Friends Furever, Two Devon Cats, The Cat On My Head, Miss Pix, and Timmy Tomcat !


Yep – it was quite amazing to have five people in the first 60 seconds of today’s class chime in and ALL of them get one of these little beauties:

I was one of FIVE (yes FIVE) First Commenters on the Teaser of April 30, 2019…..WOW!

I was here – but I had to have my diaper changed so I missed being FIRST by a few seconds! Oh Poop!

Then we posted our Teaser photo for class and hoped for the best…………it was such a gorgeous photo and it wasn’t long before we had our first RIGHT GUESS…………here’s the photo one more time:

This is the incredibly beautiful (and much loved tourist spot) Mahone Bay in Nova Scotia (Lunesburg County).   Want more info???


We can see why this is a favorite spot of tourists………..not just the photo ops here but the peaceful scenery.    Thank you Graphics Department.   YA DONE GOOD!

It’s so peaceful it made me get sleepy…..’scuze me while I nap before lunch…..

Well I’m sorry it put you to sleep because now I’m going to tell you WHO it was that guessed it first !!!!


I’m holding my breath until you tell us!!!!!!



Congratulations Miss Annie!!!!  


I guessed RIGHT on the Teaser of April 30, 2019.  Not only that but I was FIRST!!!!  YAY!!!

Were you right too?   Did you guess it correctly but just weren’t the first???   Well you get a special badge for that……………….

I was right with my guess on the Teaser of April 30, 2019 BUT I wasn’t the FIRST to guess it. Close though!


And anyone who guessed but guessed incorrectly, will get a fabulous hot off the presses GREENIE!

I was WRONG with my Guess on the Teaser of April 30, 2019 but I sure tried !!

Cheer Team?   I know it was a trial to get you to stick everyone’s name in your cheer BUT rumor has it that you accomplished it anyway – WAY TO GO!!!!

Mama Mia and Holy Cow
Five First Commenters we have now?
We’ll do our best to get it right
Listen up and just sit tight
Sharon, Jackie, Janet, Timmy and Pix
Saying all those names in one cheer was no easy trick!
First Right Guesser was Animal Couriers’ Annie
She had it right quickly – it was almost uncanny!
For all the trouble to write this cheer
We think you Professors owe us a beer!

Keep ’em comin’ bartender!

Well students – even though EVERYONE doesn’t win every week, we Professors are proud of those of you who do and certainly VERY proud of all of you who TRY!     Now – what do you say we head over to the cafeteria for a bite to eat?????

Just added a little SPRINGISH touch to my hairnet today students…..please enjoy today’s lunch selections, and move through the line to make your choices!

Today’s Delights:

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Well done students!   We’ll see you in class next week!

Your Proud Professors…………