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The BEAR Facts!

Back Garden

Bird/squirrel/deer/ AND bear (?) feeders???

Howdy folks and happy SUNNY (here anyway) Saturday!  Finally, a day without clouds and rain.  Whew!  It’s about time.

SO – here’s the excitement I want to share today.  Yesterday when Mom and Dad were out in the yard cleaning up after all the rain, they discovered that all three bird feeders (you can see one dark green one in this picture hanging there) were bent down to the ground.  The poles that hold the feeders are big fat metal things so they are very hard to bend….and the feeders were laying in the dirt.  Not only that, but the bit metal hangars that attach the feeders to the poles were MISSING!  Dad eventually found one in the woods but the other one is just plain gone.  We see all kinds of creatures around the feeders – the smarty pants squirrels figured out long ago how to get around the “squirrel proof” part of the feeders by shinnying up the poles and wrapping their toes around the metal hook and hanging down over the sloped top of the feeder to grab sunflower seeds (little devils)…..and we have seen groundhogs snuffling around in the dirt looking for the spillage (!)…..deer are a regular visitor too and they don’t have the strength to bend those metal poles down to the ground.

So what was it?  We think BEARS.  Yep – black bears have been seen in our neighborhood for a while and in other neighborhoods out here in the country too.  In fact, there was a picture in the local paper that Mom showed me of a baby bear crawling in someone’s outdoor hammock in their yard!! 

I guess during the several days of rain we had a bear or bunch of ’em came and helped themselves.  Sunflower seeds for everyone!   Mom and Dad are going to leave the feeders down for several days to discourage any UNWANTED creatures from visiting.  Bears can be very dangerous………and I’ve heard they don’t mind munching on an occasional cat !!!!! 

So those are the BEAR facts………scary huh?! 

Sammy, One Spoiled Cat (on the lookout for bears)