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Enough White Stuff


Good Morning from the North Pole – temporarily relocated to Northern Virginia!!!    We were promised snow and by gosh we’re gonna have it!  Lots of it.   We don’t even know how much but lots is lots.

Nope...not me...but it could be!

Nope…not me…but it could be!

I think everyone is just plain TIRED of Winter…………people who usually get a bit of snow – are getting hammered with ICE, SNOW, and incredibly cold temperatures.   Then my friends Down Under where the seasons are the reverse of ours are so hot they can barely stand it.   It’s wacky!

No Thank You !!

No Thank You !!

So to escape the madness – I’m thinking my Moon Trip just couldn’t come at a better time – in fact I kind of wish we were leaving TODAY……but we aren’t – not until February 27th………..and if you haven’t decided whether or not you’re going, well, you’d best make sure you don’t wait until the last second!   Do you remember all the details of the trip and what you need to do to go along???   No???   Then you’d better click the below photo of my Mom in her spacesuit (yes of course she’s going – someone has to do all the work up there right???) to get all the scoop!

Mom.....the suit is a bit....well....gaudy????

Mom…..the suit is a bit….well….gaudy????

I think I’ll drag out my old standby photo of me on the beach to post here today just so if you’re freezing your whatsis off, maybe this will warm your whatsis up just a bit……….think SUN……….think HEAT……….think SUMMER!

Since Camp Sammy is already here....and there's plenty of tents - come join me here!!

Since Camp Sammy is already here….and there’s plenty of tents – come join me and stay a while!


Think I’ll See You Tomorrow! 

Sammy the Snowman

P.S.   Don’t worry Sundae – the limo we’re going in to the Valentine’s Pawty tomorrow is heated!!!!