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Hiding Out


Hello!   I’m telepathically sending Mom today’s blog from the confines of our basement.   Mom’s up on the top floor at the computer and I’m transmitting my thoughts – some of which require EDITING because there may be some questionable language.   What’s going on you might ask?   WELL, I haven’t been exiled to the basement for being naughty.   Instead we have a major de-construction of our kitchen floor going on – it will eventually (please make it quick) be hardwood flooring instead of the linoleum which my parents thought looked “oh so swell” when they built the house 20 years ago.   The hardwood is going to look SPECTACULAR but the sooner the better I say.   You would not believe the noise this whole process is making!!!!!   WOWZERS!   It’s a good thing that I’m partially deaf.

Here’s the “before” floor:

KitchenFloorOld1 KitchenFloorOld2 KitchenFloorOld3

So when it’s all done I’ll take photos of what it looks like with the hardwood.   I’m sure it will look less like a 50s café with the hardwood!    HAHAHA    Mom and Dad have been upstairs in Mom’s studio together where it’s not as noisy BUT I was the one who wanted to be in the basement while this work is being done.   Because it’s an unfinished basement, it’s like unbelievably noisy down there……..like a big echo chamber.  I’m UNDER THE COUCH down there………Mom talked me into coming out for a pet and a litterbox trip and some foodables and water but then I scooted back UNDER the couch.

Hopefully these guys will finish up today’s work at 5PM or so and get out of MY house!   They will be back tomorrow though and finish up Friday.   What’s a guy to do?   I’m just being patient.   As long as Mom and Dad come down and reassure me once in a while I’ll be fine………..honest I will………….


My parents are nuts………no sooner do things settle down after they had new kitchen lights put in than they begin ripping up the floor!!!   Humans are SO tough to figure out!  Sometimes I wonder WHAT is going on in their heads don’t you????


I’ll probably  be dictating my blog to Mom remotely tomorrow too…….SIGH

Hugs, Sam Who Is Hiding Out