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What’s Better Than Bacon?



That’s right – nothing is better and we’re gonna enjoy it today for Bacon Caturday right gang?


So are mine!   BIG TIME!

What shall we have for breakfast this morning?????????


Maybe………what else ya got?


Now you’re talkin’  !


Side dish???



Yeah I think we’re on the right track…………by the time we finish with this meal we will have our FILL for the week right everyone?

Purrrrrrhaps while you’re digesting “all of the above” it would be a good time to share my newest BACON MEME with you – this one came to us from our buddies and pals at Kitties Blue (The Cat On My Head)


This is my buddy and pal Mauricio from Kitties Blue modeling the latest in cupcake hat wear……doesn’t he look fabulous?   You see Mau is the official Cat Scouts baker.   He has a Bake Shop at Scouts and when we need a special cake or cookies or better yet – CUPCAKES – he’s the guy to see.   I think he makes a most handsome cupcake don’t you?   Thanks for sending me the MEME guys – I love it.


I know this has ZIP to do with bacon, but it’s one of my Mom’s favorite things to giggle over so I’m indulging her today – after all, she’s MAKIN’ BACON for me this morning!


OH IT IS SO GOOD TO BE KING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Bacon Day!  

Your King

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