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Bakin’ With Bacon!


Good Morning!   It’s ME – your King – here to pass on a great summer time recipe for something REFRESHING with bacon!

I don’t know about you, but here in the Castle, my loyal subjects and I all appreciate having a LIGHT lunch or supper when it’s hotter than hot outside.    You feel better when you eat more “light” in the hot weather don’t you think?   Well, salads come to the rescue around here.   I asked our Royal Chef to come up with some baconized salad recipes and he just stared at me so I’m giving you a recipe I like and I hope you’ll like it to!!

My King, I was surprised a kingly cat such as Your Highness would eat something as simple as a SALAD!!

Well surprise – I love bacon in a salad!  Try this!


Yummy BLT Salad


1 16-oz. bag/box of seashell pasta

1 lb. bacon

1-1/2 cups ranch dressing

1 small onion chopped

2 tomatoes chopped


  1. Bring a large pot of lightly salted water to a boil. Add the pasta, and cook until tender, about 8 minutes. Drain, and rinse under cold water to cool.
  2. Meanwhile, cook the bacon in a large deep skillet over medium-high heat until browned and crisp. Remove from the pan and drain on paper towels.
  3. In a large bowl, stir together the Ranch dressing, onion, and tomatoes. Mix in the cooled pasta. The pasta will absorb some of the dressing, so don’t worry if it seems like too much. Refrigerate for several hours or overnight. Crumble bacon over the top just before serving.

Totally easy and totally delicious at the same time.   This is our GO TO salad in summer next of course to shrimp salad which will always be my favorite summer salad.


Don’t you just love an easy meal?    I know when the weather is nice nobody wants to be stuck in the kitchen making some “heat up the kitchen” meal.   This salad is refreshing as it can be.

I just HAD to leave you with a smile or two hence the “baconian jokes”! 

 Happy Saturday to all my loyal subjects!   

King Teddy

Early Fall Bacon Harvest!



Welcome to Angel Sam and Ted’s

Fall Bacon Harvest!

Welcome friends and neighbors – come on in and see what we’ve been up to since early this morning here in the Greenhouse……….I guess you got here by following the road I told you about……sure is a pretty drive this time of year!

Down the long dirt road….

Keep going until it turns sharp right…..

And you’re HERE!!

We’ve got a whole lot of friends here today helping……….as you can plainly see we’ve got a bumper crop this season and Teddy and I are very excited about it.   Once we get all the hard work done, we’ll rest up and enjoy some great food and drink to thank you for helping us out.   

To help keep everyone hydrated and comfy, you’ll see our friends Madi and Katie Isabella traveling around the greenhouse and the grounds and fields with goodies so just flag them down and help yourselves!

Thanks Katie!

Totally FAB Madi!

As you can see if you walk around, lots of our friends are already “bringing in the bacon” !!!

My buddy and pal Raz with a wheelbarrow full of bacon……

Our good pals, Sundae and Gypsy – now that’s a PILE OF BACON!

Marvelous Marv made a BACON sign and Sammy Pilch is helping him haul in the harvest!

Madi and Katie are not only our “snack queens” but they are ALSO helping with the harvest!


Woo Hoo!!!!!!

Well they sure went to work quickly – nice that they brought along some friends too!!

Our super duper pals Mauricio, Cooper Murphy AND Mauricio’s wife Allie are working hard……….

We even have our pal Mr. Squirrel – love his hat with Mitzi Bimbocorn’s logo!

When you’re ready for a break – just have a seat under an umbrella and rest up!

Just in case you forgot how the whole bacon greenhouse thing got started, my buddy and pal Mauricio gave me some MAGIC seeds – Bacon seeds – the variety is “CRISPY” and man oh man is it delicious.    This is our second harvest and we intend to “KEEP ON PLANTING” !!

Let’s go out in the field and see who’s working out there shall we?

We got more tractor help!   Bear (the golden) and Sammy talked their Dad into joining in the harvest!!

Lookin’ good Sam!   You’ve been a BIG HELP – you are a great “digger” !!

How’s things out there Speedy????

Mr. Jack Freckles has his special Bacon Harvest Hat on and a load of bacon…….just a little AWKWARD bringing the bacon by the pigs!  Tee Hee

Wow Charles – you picked the bacon from that whole side of the greenhouse!!!!!

Einstein did you try a sample to make sure it’s nice and ripe???

Angel Sammy was happy to see his dear friend Angel Flynn made it down from his cloud to help out today too!!

Attention Harvesters!   Time For the Party!

Come on over to the picnic area everyone – let’s EAT!   Thank you for your HARD WORK – you are REAL friends to help Teddy and me out with the harvest – we want you to relax now and enjoy some BACON and other goodies with us!

Sheeeee Haaaaw!!!!

Bring on the food!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

AND plenty to drink too!!

What a Day!  Teddy and I have some gifts for you:

A package of our special bacon!

AND, if you see our greenhouse snoopervisor, she will present you with one of our “starter plants” so you can begin your OWN bacon garden at home!

What a perfect day it’s been…

Thank you friends…..drive carefully on the way home!

Farmer Angel Sam and Farming Assistant Teddy

Let’s EAT!


Saturday means bacon right?

Indeed it does……………and I’m just the guy to provide it to my loyal subjects!   What kind of King would I be if I didn’t?   I have a couple of NEW things to show you but then anything bacon NEVER gets “old” right?

I told our castle cook to get plenty of bacon ready to fry up for us!

Which he did!  Then he told me about a few new recipes he was trying out…..

Bacon and cheese stuffed dates

Bacon and cheese potato skins

Cute little puff pastry bacon dessert bites

I told him to add all of the above to our menus in the future…………..even those dates – I never had a date but I’m game for anything that’s been baconized!   How about you??

Yep – that’s me for sure………..sorry about that!

Ain’t THAT the truth!!!!!!!   This could be two cats too!!!!

I love this!!!!!  (literally)

Some of you may never have seen this – Sammy wrote it for his buddy Bacon at PigLove some years ago…….tee hee

One of my NEW favorites!

So if you find something FUN that you’d like me to use for our Bacon Saturdays in the future just send it my way……………I’m always looking for additions to our “KITCHEN” and our Chef here at the castle is trying to keep his King and all of his fellow Baconians HAPPY after all!    OR ELSE………..

Enjoy your Saturday AND your Bacon!  

Your King………..Teddy

Bacon !!


Greetings Residents of the Kingdom of Baconia!

It’s Saturday and you know what THAT means…………….we will honor the nectar of the gods – well, not nectar because that’s a drink – it’s more a FOOD of the gods…..yeah – that’s what it is a FOOD!


Piles of it………….everywhere – as far as the eye can see………….and that’s what we celebrate here on Saturdays so are you ready?   Are you?

It makes EVERYONE happy right?????

I thought we’d start with dessert!

Yep – I love dessert so this is what I’ll look like in a few months…….

Oh why not!   We deserve something other than orange juice for breakfast once in a while right?

Bacon peanut brittle

Chocolate bacon baklava!


Then for our main course – MORE DESSERTS!!!!!!!!!!

Don’t be afraid – I haven’t gone off my nut – I’m just thinking once in a great while we should go nuts here in Baconia and fill up on SWEETS!   Spoil ourselves!

After all, I AM the KING………..and I get to do what I wanna do!    Eat up!

Not in MY Kingdom!!!!!!  Enjoy your bacon feast and I’ll see you next Saturday my friends!

Remember, Angel Sammy is watching you – he would want you to fight for your right to BACON!

A Hot Day In Baconia


  Welcome Baconians!

We are gathered together this hot and muggy morning here in Baconia to celebrate as usual our favorite thing – BACON.    I have scoured my Kingdom to find a few NEW bacon treats and did manage to find two or three that I had not shared with my loyal subjects before today.    Here they are – may they WHET your appetite for some bacon at YOUR house!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’m not entirely sure our Royal Bacon Taste Tester has provided photos of things we have not had before either – you know after a while all the bacon goodies begin to look the same!    But one thing is for sure – they ALL HAVE BACON and they all look MIGHTY TASTY!

While I’m at it though let me refresh the funny bone tickles I’ve shared with you in the past – some of these have become Baconian Classics and are worth repeating – endless maybe……I don’t get tired of them I know that for sure……………

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Yep – nothing like a bit of a giggle to start off a Saturday full of bacon right?

Is there anyone in the world left who doesn’t have an official BACON BADGE from Angel Sammy?    You know he started this Saturday bacon-o-rama years ago and for all I know, he’s probably the KING OF BACON by now at the Rainbow Bridge.    Help yourself to the badge if you’d like to declare your loyalty!!

Now it’s time to begin our day – which I will do in my usual Kingly way – with a NAP!!!!!

Enjoy your Saturday Baconians!!!   

Your Grateful King, Teddy