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Contest Results


Hello Students.   This is my final time addressing you as your Substitute Teacher!

I must say it was nice coming out of the kitchen and into the school room for something other than serving you your lunch.   However, that IS where I excel – cooking and ordering the cafeteria staff around and watching them jump when I give orders!   The school room is the Professors’ territory and they WILL be back next week for Teaser time.


I think the contest I had was a FUN change for everyone.   We had eight glorious entries in the contest……………and what a bunch of INTERESTING recipes we got !!

Interesting? I thought they were SCARY!

ME TOO!!!! I was afraid my Mom was going to make one of those things for dinner!!

Thanks for filling in for the Professors Miss Dingleberry…….

It was interesting being here but I’ve been missed in the cafeteria…..the staff wasn’t crazy about my “fill-in” chef for some reason!

All of the recipes were fabulous and creative and disgusting all rolled into one.    But only ONE received the MOST VOTES and that was………….

CLOWIE!!!!   and her Bombe Surprise!

Here’s her WINNING recipe!

This is a surprisingly simple recipe.
Main Ingredients:
1 generous scoop of pond scum
1 portion of cat puke
1 ball of dung
Optional extras:
Dead slugs
Dead snails
Road kill
Rabbit poo
Part-eaten and discarded takeaway
Gather together your ingredients. For the dung ball you need to find a friendly dung beetle and persuade him to part with the ball of dung. He may be tempted to exchange it for some fresh dung!
Put the pond scum into a dish. If you have any of the optional extras, push those into the scum around the edge.
Place the portion of cat puke in the centre of the pond scum.
Gently push the dung ball into the cat puke.
Voila! You have made bombe surprise. Bon apetit!

Clowie – we have a special badge for you to hold near and dear to your heart – you can hang it in your room, post it all over town, make copies and hand them out with your Christmas cards this year, frame it and put it in a closet for safekeeping………..but we hope you will always remember winning Miss Dingleberry’s Recipe Contest !

Each of the other entrants get a badge for just being BRAVE enough to share a recipe for something disgusting with our viewers…………we hope you will be proud of your “ALMOST WON” badge and wear it in good health (and promise us you will not try MAKING any of your recipes!).

Madi, Kismet, Phenny, Csilla, Ellen, Evil Squirrel,  and Janet this is for you:

Click HERE to read yesterday’s post containing all the recipes that were entered!

Our Cheer Team would like to honor all of you with what they do best!

Clowie, Clowie
You make us feel glowy!
Your Bombe Surprise
Our other entries were good
The best in the ‘hood!
This contest was FUN
But now we must RUN
We congratulate you all
This contest was a ball!

Now, to finish class today, I’m going back to my role as your cafeteria supervisor and serving your lunch!  

Step right up – this stuff will send you to the restroom in a hurry!  

Gosh, can’t I get a break from bathroom duty????? Change the menus please!

They told me in the kitchen to try the BOMBE SURPRISE……..BURP…..I don’t feel so good!

Thanks for having fun with us for the contest!  

Professors Sammy and Teddy