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Miss Alaineous


HAHA!  Get it?  Didja get it?  Miscellaneous?  Yeah I know……..I’m a laugh a minute aren’t I ?!

Well today I’m gonna talk about a couple of things so that’s why the miscellaneous subject………………first off is Bootsie’s auction and fund-raiser.   Just a reminder of that – his surgery for his ear is scheduled on August 15th and the money raised with the Auction AND the donation site hopefully will cover the cost.   It will be a great new start for the poor guy after all he’s been through.  Mom’s book has a bid on it (she donated a copy of one of her kids’ books to the auction) so that’s good!   Click the badge if you want to visit the Auction:


Brian Frum is handling the donations on the Funding Site and you can read about that part of things on Brian’s Home.

So what else is going on?  Well, I thought I’d share some of the photos from this past weekend’s “Sammy’s Travel Group” adventure in the Grand Canyon with Cat Scouts!   We had a blast…………it was a long weekend but we crammed a lot into it believe me.   Here’s a bit of a slideshow for your entertainment!   (may take a while to load – there are a lot of photos)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


So, you can tell we have a blast at Cat Scouts………………..consider joining – just go HERE……….register and join in the fun!

I’m off to see what Mom’s up to – there was mention made of possible bacon for breakfast………..you know when the “B” word is used I’m THERE!

Happy Thursday!


Sunday Selfie and More………..


First things first – here’s my contribution to the Sunday Selfies Blog Hop by The Cat On My Head!    Can’t miss this “hop” – it’s fun to see everyone’s selfies on Sunday!

This is me with my "mini-me" doing a double selfie!

This is me with my “mini-me” doing a double selfie!

Click their badge to see other selfies!


Secondly although I normally don’t include other things on my Sunday Selfie, this is a little bit special so allow me to just mention that when we first read about “Bootsie” – the cat who was abandoned by his humans when they packed up and moved away leaving him behind on his own, it touched us.   All stories like this touch us all – we all care about every animal we read about that’s in need and we’d like to help EVERYONE……………but when we learned there would be an Auction to benefit Bootsie, Mom and I decided to donate one of her kids’ books – “Feral’s Rainbow Forest Family” to the auction.


The auction will start today, August 9th and you’ll be able to see everything that’s up by going to http://earsforbootsie.blogspot.com.nz/    It may take them a while to add items to the auction so check back frequently please!


Thank you Miss Ann at Zoolatry for this sweet badge for Bootsie!

Bootsie is in need of surgery……….and the auction will help but so does contributing if you can to the special fund Brian Frum set up through the below:


Click on the picture and read Bootsie’s story and give any amount you can.  It all helps.

Thanks to Dash Kitten.com and Brian for caring enough to do this on Bootsie’s behalf…….

Here’s hoping Bootsie gets the help he needs AND a forever home – a REALLY forever home where he won’t be discarded and left behind – ever again.

Love, Sammy

Teaser Tell All


WOW!   Well, I told you yesterday when I gave you the Teaser photo that it might be easy – I never know if it’s going to be easy or hard but this time it seems it was PRETTY DARN EASY (literally as you’ll find out in a minute!!!)…………..

Here’s the photo from yesterday – we had some great guesses – I got emails from many of you saying how funny you thought the Teaser was this week when it came to comments exchanged by those who guessed…….it was super fun to watch the “activity” all day………………!


I love this photo – it’s (a) gorgeous with the colors and (b) intriguing even if you knew the answer…………..good job Guest Teasers!

First, let me give a BIG SHOUT OUT and Sammy Hug to my Guest Teasers……….Michelle and Craig from My Three Moggies!   That’s right – it’s been a while since Miss Shell did a Teaser for me with one of her fabulous “Tell All Videos” but this is one of those………..so sit back and check out the Tell All, presented by the Mom of My Three Moggies:

Michelle and Craig even did a special piece on their visit to the Royal Albert Hall on their Travel Blog – Naked Eye Travel…………here’s the link for that:

The Royal Albert Hall – Echoes in eternity

AND we actually had TWO First Right Guessers – that’s right – according to the records in my blog Comments, there were TWO CORRECT answers posted at exactly the same time yesterday……….6:07AM Eastern Standard Time.   Who were they you might ask????

Annie of Animal Couriers – THIS is for YOU!!

First Right Guesser!!

First Right Guesser!!


AND – my second First Right Guesser was EASY!   This is for you my friend!

First Right Guesser!!

First Right Guesser!!

That’s never happened before – so big major congratulations to both of you……………well done!!!    Now there were a whole bunch of you who either jumped on the Royal Albert Hall bandwagon OR who knew it for sure on your own and you all get this little gem:

Right but not FIRST!

Right but not FIRST!

Everyone else who didn’t guess correctly (even if it was a really FUN or creative guess!!!) get this little gem:

Uhoh...you blew it!

Uhoh…you blew it!


Next order of business is to remind you that there is a fabulous auction going on right now over at Mollie and Alfie’s……………..lots of really great donated goodies and tons of fun because some of the items are in bidding wars!!!   Make sure and click on the link below which is the photo of beautiful Mabel Lou whose human, Miss Holly, is trying to pay Mabel’s huge vet bill which she acquired while trying to save Mabel from bloat….which sadly she wasn’t able to…….anyway, please check out the Auction and perhaps you can help out!



THEN, as if that wasn’t enough, you might like to stop by the Tabby Cat Club today to take a peek at all the “Selfies” being posted by those of us in the Tabby Cat Club!!!   Our hostess Miss Gracie gave us a chance today to “strut our stuff” and of course I had to pawticipate!

Lastly but not leastly (haha), Friday the 13th, My Three Moggies and I are hosting a “SHOW US YOUR PAW” day……….that’s right…………..we want you to post a photo of you raising your paw in the air (yay), or putting your paw over your eyes (that flashy box is always there!), or smacking your housemate with your paw (just kidding of course) – but just SHOW US YOUR PAW…………easy?  Sure it is…….we hope everybody shares the POWER OF THE PAW on Friday!   If you pawticipate, you can have this badge to put on your blog or sidebar to show that you were one of the cool folks who did the paw thing – all animals invited to pawticipate by the way!


Well, now I’m exhausted from writing this very long blog…………so will you excuse me while I practice for SHOW US YOUR PAW day and put my big old extra-toed paw over my eyes and take a snooze?    Thank you!!!!   Oh – and have a super day!

Love and Hugs,




Non-Manic Monday


Just another Monday?  Well, yes and no…………it is Monday and there’s nothing special going on here today but it’s still not JUST another Monday – because I have something to tell you about!   YEP – that’s right – tomorrow as you all know is Tuesday Teaser but it’s also a BIG day over at Mollie and Alfie’s……….why?  Because there’s a HUGE WAY WAY WAY cool Auction that will start Tuesday on their blog.   The auction is being held to try and help out a blogville friend who sadly lost her best friend/pup Mabel Lou to bloat a short time ago – but ALSO sadly was left with a huge vet bill to pay for Mabel Lou’s care in her final days.   Mollie and Alfie decided to hold an Auction – with donations from all over the world t0 help Mabel Lou’s human out with that big bill.   Here’s a beautiful photo of Mabel Lou…………and tomorrow I’ll post this photo and when you click on it you’ll go right to Mollie and Alfie’s for the auction.


Creekhiker’s Blog is the blog Mabel’s human has and we were delighted to note that Mabel’s human has already rescued another dog who will know that unconditional love that Mabel Lou got from her happy home.    So whatever you do – make sure and visit Mollie and Alfie TOMORROW – Tuesday, June 10th to see all the way cool things that have been donated and BID on your favorites – you just might be the highest bidder and come away with some cool stuff!   My Mom contributed some cat AND pig jewelry (did you hear that Bacon???)………………..


Now – I know you’ll be visiting Mollie tomorrow but whatever you do, don’t forget we have a Teaser for you too………….AND it’s another Guest Teaser.   Not sure if it’s a toughie or an easy one for you but whatever it is – you can agonize over it at no cost – that’s right – my Teaser Tuesday is FREE TO EVERYONE!!!!   So make sure and stop by so you can possibly come away with one of my fabulous, personally designed by ME, badges of glory which you can display on your blog to show the universe that YOU KNOW YOUR STUFF!!!!!


Meanwhile, make it a SPECIAL Monday – not just another day………….but keep a mysterious smile on your face and see how many people smile back – it works!



Stretch!!  Good morning world!!!

Stretch!! Good morning world!!!