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Not Quite Silent Sunday


Almost Silent……but not quite……have to remind you all that THIS is the last day to vote in the polls…….AND after the polls, just one more thing – I promise – then you can have a SILENT SUNDAY!

The Voting Polls Are Now Closed!!!!  (4PM EST)


Last thing before I go???  Well, I got my package from the Dachsies With Moxie blog auction last month to benefit the Moore Tornado Victims!  I was high bidder on some kitty blankets donated by Miss Dianda at Cats & Co.   Yesterday I got my package from her ALLLLL the way from Holland!  Excited?  You betcha….and there was a mousie and some snackies as well as a card IN ADDITION to my two new blankies!  WOO HOO……THANK YOU MISS DIANDA!

Oh!  This is VERY nappable and cozy.....!

Oh! This is VERY nappable and cozy…..!

Treats and a mousie TOO?  I'm so lucky aren't I Mommy!!!

Treats and a mousie TOO? I’m so lucky aren’t I Mommy!!!

Tomorrow – Contest Winners Announced !!!!

Happy Almost Silent Sunday………Sammy