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Sunday Selfie Hop


Ready to Hop?

Well I am ready…………..and all I had to do is go there and link up – you can do that too if you click the badge above!    I know you want to join us in showing off your selfie today.

Mom captured me snoring up a storm on the guest bed – you see lots of photos of me on that bed – it has great sun puddles (although I was a little late for that today) – while I missed the sun, I still had my nice soft towel on the extra soft quilt and snored up a storm!

You can almost hear me snoring in this photo.   HAHAHA     She just HAD to do an artsy photo of this one with Lunapic (one of the “new” effects called VanGogh5) and here’s how it turned out:

Not bad……….I approve………..I kinda look like I have a big old bruise that’s healing up on my right hip OR maybe I’m growing moss??????   HAHAHAHA     Anyway, I like it and we used it for the Jigsaw today!


Click here for a JIGSAW of the “artified” version of my selfie!


Have a fun Sunday – if you are watching the Super Bowl – GO KC CHIEFS! (tee hee)

If you’re celebrating GROUNDHOG DAY:

Hugs, Teddy