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Lemme At It!



Good Thing I Can Smell It! 

OR ELSE…..(no April Fools joke

when it comes to bacon please!)

We don’t want to talk about what would happen if on a Saturday Mom did NOT fix bacon…………oh no…………that would be a disaster.   There would be a very upset kitty and at my age, it pays NOT to upset the kitty.

BACONBEG10Don’t even JOKE about it………………….there simply will be bacon on Saturdays as long as yours truly is around.   Mom promised me that years and years ago!

Don't EVER disappoint THE KING!

Don’t EVER disappoint THE KING!

As for what she’s making WITH the bacon at least for her and Dad………………(I’m a PURIST for Saturday breakfast……..just bacon……that’s it………nothing to distract me).   I think she’s doing waffles this morning.   I really have no interest in them so GO FOR IT HUMANS!

FUNNYBACON4I’ll be sure to brush after breakfast!


See?    There are some perfectly excellent reasons to eat bacon……………….wouldn’t you say?   All those poor plants out there at risk?  Oh yeah!!!!!!


Here’s to a BACON-FILLED Saturday for all (especially ME!).

Hugs, The Bacon King

April Fools Day!



Bet you wondered where my usual

post was this morning?  HMMM?

Actually I’m not sure it registers with everyone who follows my blog that our post goes live every morning at 3AM “our” time (EST).   EXCEPT for this morning when we thought we’d make you wonder just a little WHERE’S SAMMY???    I also bet that most of you who follow me aren’t even AWAKE this time of day.   You would be if I lived in your house though!   I wake my Mom up every morning close to 3AM.   That’s right – I didn’t do that until I got to be an old guy – now I’ll scream at the top of my lungs for her to GET UP GET UP GET UP…..so we can start our day.  

To celebrate April Fools, I thought I’d publish some of the more FOOLISH photos of me that I’ve had on my blog in the past.  There have been many as you well know!  How about this one?


Then there’s this gem:


And who could forget this one?


Or this one????


See?  I can be as APRIL FOOLISH as anyone……..Who says a sixteen year old cat can’t act just a little silly from time to time?

Happy April Fools Day!

Love, Foolish Sam