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Baby Baconator


Bacon Baby

bacongazetteYep – the Gazette’s front page story this week is of course that I have an “heir to the bacon throne” now – Baby Teddy.    He’s a real ball of fire (when he’s awake that is)……….and one day when I truly retire to my cloud, HE will take over the Kingdom of Baconia and running the operation at the bacon greenhouse.    But for now – you’ve got ME!    The King!


This week I was so busy trying to keep an eye on Teddy and trying to show him where he could hang out and not let Mom find him and where to stash stuff he steals off desks and countertops that I didn’t have TIME to find any new silly posters or memes or photos for you.   Sorry about that…………..but I could do some “re-runs” for you!

A nice bacon salad?????

A nice bacon salad?????


Really!  Who wants applesauce when you can have BACON?

Gosh I didn't know that!  I want a panda costume!

Gosh I didn’t know that! I want a panda costume!

This always worked for me - it might work on YOUR Mom!

This always worked for me – it might work on YOUR Mom!

Makes sense to me!

Makes sense to me!


I did manage to get a couple of shots of Baby Bro sound asleep in Dad’s office chair………….this kid sleeps EVERYWHERE………..this morning Dad found him asleep IN the shower on the floor in Mom and Dad’s master bathroom.   What’s with that?   I guess he thought it was a spa?????   Oh well.   He’s learning.



Closeup zzzzzzzz

Closeup zzzzzzzz

Don’t forget that tomorrow is the fabulous Blog Hop organized by  my buddy Raz and girl buddy Madi to welcome Teddy to the world of blogging.   Boy oh boy he has a lot to learn but I think he’s going to pick this up quickly.   I’m going to let him do his very first blog next week……..if he behaves that is!    Anyway, if you’re interested in hopping on his hop, it’s being hosted by Dory’s Backyard and if you go HERE, and scroll down on the Hoppity Page you’ll come to Teddy’s Hop.   Link up and we’ll see you Sunday!     Oh – YES – I meant to mention too that we will be hopping with The Cat On My Head’s Selfie Hop as well on Sunday – busy?  Oh yeah we sure are!!!!!

Until tomorrow……I think I’ll take a snooze like Little You Know Who!


Hugs, Angel Sammy


Selfie Blog Hop


Sunday Selfie Time!

We join in the fun at Kitties Blue, The Cat On My Head on Sundays………everybody shares a photo of themselves or a friend sometimes as a “guest selfie” and it’s a lot of fun to see each other UP CLOSE and personal.   I don’t do traditional selfies though – now that I’m an Angel I get creative and Mom helps me express myself from the “Angel” point of view.   Here’s this week’s effort:


Would you like to see other Selfies or even join in with your OWN Selfie?   Then visit The Cat On My Head by clicking their badge below………………..I hope to see you in the “line-up”!    Just use the LINKY TOOL and voila – you’re there!

Click Badge to Visit Them!!

Click Badge to Visit Them!!

Sunday Selfie Hugs,

Angel Sammy

Sunday Selfie from Angel Sam


Just know that I miss you all……

but look in your heart – I’m there!


Joining up with The Cat On My Head for Sunday Selfie Blog Hop………….even an Angel guy can join the Hop you know!    If you’d like to, just click their badge below and HOP on over to use the Linky tool to join.

Click Badge to Visit Them!!

Click Badge to Visit

Love, Angel Sam


Before I go, please note when you visit The Cat On My Head that they are filled with sadness because they too have lost one of their own……sweet Fiona, who struggled so bravely with her debilitating kidney disease left for the Bridge Thursday night – she passed over in her Mom’s arms – surrounded by love.   She was waiting for me when I arrived at the Bridge Friday morning…..healthy and beautiful and excited to see me.   We both are fine…….and healthy again.    Please me sure and leave a comforting message on their blog today – they need a good dose of BLOGVILLE love…….it does help heal broken hearts!


Love, Angel Sammy