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Teaser Tell All


OK Mr. Silver Briefcase dude………….come on in and unlock that thing and let’s see what the DEAL is!!!

**opens briefcase with name of TOWN/COUNTRY where photo was taken***

**opens briefcase with name of TOWN/COUNTRY where photo was taken***

Hello Everybody!!!   Did you enjoy yesterday’s Teaser?  I personally think it was a REAL toughie – there are so many spots in Europe (yes it was taken in Europe) that might have a backdrop like that so it would be TOUGH to know right where that one was snapped.   However, before we get into details, here’s the photo one more time:


This beautiful photo was submitted by our super good friend Mr. Leo from Walk To Rio 2016 blog…………….Yes – Leo was over in GERMANY in a race and managed to see some of Germany while he was there to race walk.   This was taken in Andernach, Germany.    If you CLICK HERE, you can learn many things about this ancient town including that it dates back to 12BC!   That’s right!

If I’d shown you THIS version of the photo you would have known it was from Leo !!


Now, several of you guessed “Germany” yesterday – nobody said Andernach, but some of you mentioned towns that aren’t that far from Andernach so you were OH SO CLOSE.

But there was definitely a winner in the FIRST COMMENTER department that was my good buddies (and frequent winners of FIRST COMMENTER) Oliver and Calvin and – this is for you guys:


As for FIRST RIGHT GUESSER…………I guess technically we don’t have one…………lots of “Germany” guesses but nobody knew it was Andernach (except Leo of course) so nobody will win that badge this week……………sorry about that – in fact I’m so sorry about that I’m gonna say that ANYONE who guessed “Germany” can have this:


If you didn’t guess Germany, you still get to have a GREENIE so you’re NOT a loser….nosireee…you’re just a fan of the GREEN!


Well, I’m proud of all of you anyway – you tried – life is all about trying stuff and sometimes winning right???

Thanks Leo for the DOOZY OF A PHOTO!

Thanks Teaser buddies – tune in next week – who knows what will happen?


LOVE, Sammy



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