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Happy 4th !



Happy July 4th !

Today is a day that we celebrate our independence……many people choose to spend the day giving thanks in church, or participating in special family get-togethers, or just taking the day to reflect on life in this great country of ours.   I’m spending it by starting off having breakfast complete with bacon along with my Mom and Dad.   We will then RELAX and enjoy each other’s company and will NOT be one of the hoards of peeps who will drive their neighbors crazy by setting off fireworks all night or having a loud party or cookout with out of control craziness….oh no….we will be peacefully enjoying the day.

We're decorated though......just a little.

We’re decorated though……just a little.

We have RAIN today which will (so they say) keep all the people who normally flock to Washington, DC for the BIG, GIGANTIC fireworks display on 4th of July away……….they will, instead, probably have them tomorrow night.   They usually are pretty darn spectacular I just admit – we see them on television the next day when they replay the whole show from the fireworks.

This is what it USUALLY looks like down on the Mall in DC with the crowds waiting for the night display!

This is what it USUALLY looks like down on the Mall in DC with the crowds waiting for the night display!

And they are never disappointed (assuming there’s no rain which would postpone them for a day!)…………some photos of the past fireworks in our Nation’s Capitol:


We are hoping that the world can celebrate with us with a day of PEACE…………………now wouldn’t that be nice?

In addition to celebrating our nation’s birthday, I’m here to remind all of you Teaser fans that tomorrow is Geography Class!   That’s right – we will be having a GUEST TEASER too – so be sharp – be ready – and know that should you be the FIRST to comment on the Teaser post tomorrow (this means YOU!), you will get this:

I was First Commenter on Sammy's Teaser of 7/05/16

I was First Commenter on Sammy’s Teaser of 7/05/16

You may remember LAST week we had FOUR (yes FOUR) people who commented within the first 60 seconds that the Teaser blog went LIVE – a four-way tie so we had four winners of this badge!   Will we do that again tomorrow or will someone be lucky enough to catch it on their own?????    We’ll find out soon enough!




I’ve been asked if SuzieQ will be out of Rehab in time to cheer us on……………….we will have a substitute cheerleader tomorrow as Suzie is still up to her eyeballs in THERAPY.    Yep – when you’ve gone off the trail as far as she has, you need time to find your way back!   Counselor Grizelda says she’s doing well…………..

SO, I’ll see you tomorrow – meanwhile, join me in celebrating today – July 4, 2016 – another birthday for the land of the free and the home of the brave (and me too!).


Hugs, Sammy (the REAL Uncle Sam!)