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Thoroughly Poetic Thursday



Ah yes………….our little bit of poetic license (do you have to have a license to write a poem??!!!) is taken on Thursdays when we gather together to celebrate another letter of the alphabet.   We are sliding down the hill towards “Z” quickly now.    Today we are using the letter “U” as our springboard to a poem!   Are you ready?



By Sammy Kimmell 11/3/16

I live in the ultimate home

Mom loves me down to the bone!

I get whatever I want to eat

Whether main meals or a tasty treat.

If I’m poorly Mom will take me to the vet

The nicest doctor I’ve ever met!

I’ve got everything I could possibly desire

Cold nights I can lie by the fire….

I love every minute of my days

They are special in so many ways

At my age each day is a gift

As the sands of time I do sift………..

I’m the happiest cat I could be

Living life oh so ULTIMATELY!

Oh boy – there goes “U” and next up is “V” which might be a challenge………….I’ll start thinking about that one NOW……………then next Thursday I can whip out a “V” with no problem (I hope!).    If you wrote a poem for “U” and have it on your blog today – leave your blog link in my comments so we can visit you and read your poem!    If you want to, you can write your poem in comments here, and we can all read it.    Let’s share…….let’s get POETIC!!!!


Oui Oui Mon Amis…….I am a poet, and I know it!

Love, Monsieur Sammy

Thoroughly Poetic Thursday


Let’s Do it! (write a poem that is)


Ah yes……..the wheels of time are moving quickly now as we sneak up on the end of the alphabet – hence the end of our exercise in writing a poem for each letter!   But let’s not dwell on the END of something – let’s enjoy the moment and SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZE out a poem to honor the letter of the week – the lovely letter “R” !   


By Sammy Kimmell, 10/13/2016


Rainy days are messy

I have to stay inside

Rainy days have thunder

That noise can make you hide!

There is one thing that’s NICE though

About a rainy day

When rain stops and the sun pops out

Something SPECIAL comes our way!

Mother Nature’s paint palette

With all the colors bright

A ribbon of color across the sky

Brings smiles of pure delight.

The rainbow is so beautiful

Stretching from ridge to ridge

A reminder too that our friends are smiling

From across the Rainbow Bridge……..

Now, next week we tackle the letter “S”………………gosh………….I know someone whose first name starts with an S……….hmm……..!!!!   Meanwhile, if you have written a poem today for “R”, put your link in my comments here so we can visit you and read it OR just write your poem in comments here and we can read it HERE……….stretch that imagination and write one!

Happy Poetry Day

Surprise someone with a little poem today!

Oui Mon Amis, I did zee "R" today and next week we shall do zee "S" together, oui???

Oui Mon Amis, I did zee “R” today and next week we shall do zee “S” together, oui???

Hugs, Monsieur Sam, le poet