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Sam’s Memorial Weekend


Ahhh…Saturday morning….Mom and I had a nice cruise around the yard early in the cool of the day – sure was nice!  I ate some grass, chased a couple of moths, then rested with her on the front porch for a little bit before Dad found us out there and joined us with his cuppa coffee.  Anyway, here we are listening to all the traffic out on the highway…people going somewhere for the holiday weekend or going into Washington, DC to various activities for the holiday.  We’re staying home! 

About Memorial Day…..I never met my Mom’s Dad but he was an Air Force officer and Mom says he loved being in the service more than anything.  He liked being part of the armed forces and was very patriotic (big word but I know what it means!).  Mom used to go to National Cemetery on Memorial Day to put flowers on his grave and she said the sight of all those American flags at each and every grave of someone who had worn a uniform or served their country in someway was really something.  I bet it was.  We live too far away for Mom to visit these days.  But in honor of Memorial Day, Mom said we could post this picture of her on the day she married my Dad, with HER Dad taking her down the aisle.  It was the first time he’d worn his old uniform since he’d retired and it still fit him like a glove!  Happy Memorial Day Granddad – I never knew you but I’m proud of you because Mom sure is……

Mom With Her Dad In His Uniform

Mom With Her Dad In His Uniform