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The Eve Of Sixteen



Hello Friends and Pals and Fans and even those of you who accidentally found your way here – HELLO TO YOU TOO!    Happy New Year’s Eve!    But it’s not just that – it’s also the “eve of 16” for me.   Wanna know something?   I didn’t think I’d make it.   Not that I was particularly SICK this year or anything……………true when I lost a ton of weight and was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism Mom had a FIT but we’ve got that pretty much worked out between us.   I “mostly” take my pill when I need to…………………………mostly.



I think it’s just that this past year we’ve seen SO many of our dear friends go to the Bridge………..many of them have been around my age or even younger………a few older but not many.  Sixteen seems to be a “ripe old age”…………well, guess what………..I don’t intend to go anywhere!    Now I know that these things can happen quickly when they do (and actually when my time comes I hope it is quick!)………but I’m having too much fun to go anywhere!

I love Tuesday Teasers

I love blogging every single day

I love having friends around the world

I love sharing the fun I have in my life

I love my Mom and Dad

I Love My Life!

So please remember to help me celebrate the occasion of sticking another candle on my birthday cake tomorrow morning………….I’ll have a celebration breakfast for everyone.   If you have been partying on NY Eve you’ll have some coffee and a little breakfast at my place.   I’ll make sure there’s no loud music…….I even remember LAST birthday when I had a similar celebration and I provided lots of nice comfy beds for those of you who needed some sleep………..I’ll do that again this year.   Come recover at my house……….and celebrate me turning SWEET SIXTEEN!


See You In 2016?

Love, Sammy



Oldie But Goodie!


Hi Everybody!   Did you all know that August is Senior Pet Month?  Did you?  Well I did – and I think you know WHY I did.  I am a senior and proud of it.  Yep – thirteen years old and still hanging in there.  I know lots of cats and dogs who are older than that and still healthy.  We know that has a lot to do with our human companions and how well they take care of us but also sometimes it’s our genes (designer genes of course!).

Anyway, here’s some info from BlogPaws that I thought was super interesting:


I think I live with the perfect human family.  Why?  Well for many reasons but one of them is we are ALL “Seniors” !  That’s right – my parents are both SIXTY FIVE OR OLDER……. 😀 😀 😀 😀 so we’re all hobbling along together taking care of each other forever.

So all of you “Seniors” out there – humans included – let’s celebrate the rest of the month by keeping a smile on our faces and being grateful that we’re still here and lovin’ life!


Now you all know about MY contest – and I hope you plan to enter (CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS), but there’s also a pawsome raffle happening at Mollie’s right now to help out everybody’s friend Benny from Two French Bulldogs.  His medical bills to treat his cancer are HUGE…..every little bit helps……Mom and I bought some tickets yesterday and if you can help, please do by visiting Mollie and Alfie.   We think Benny is very brave.

We're pulling for you Benny!

We’re pulling for you Benny!


Back to my contest for a minute – TODAY IS THE LAST DAY TO ENTER – tomorrow I’ll have the voting poll up and you’ll get to vote for your favorites in the two categories………..”What I Did On My Summer Vacation” and “I Wanna Be The Teacher’s Pet”……..just wait until you see what some of our bloggy buddies have been up to!!

Happy Thursday Peeps! 

Your Senior Friend, Sammy (FUREVER YOUNG)