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SPARK on Monday


“SPARKS” was started by Annie McGuffy of McGuffy’s Reader but ended when her blog was hacked some time ago.  It was meant to be a way to start out each week with with a meaningful thought – something that spoke to each of us and hopefully everyone else who read it.    Sometimes we need a little “spark” in our lives and these posts were meant to at least be a PART of that effort.    Those of us who enjoyed sharing a SPARK with Annie have continued doing so on Mondays – and we hope one day soon Annie will be back blogging with us again. 

After last week and all the craziness that came from it, I was looking for a quote that reflected how I felt after watching with the world what was taking place right here in Washington, DC.   I felt like everyone else felt I think and it took me until the following day or even the day after that, to look at what happened and “accept” it (if that makes sense?!).

I was raised to be a very patriotic person – my Dad was in the Air Force until he retired right here in Virginia, in close range to DC.    He was buried in Arlington Cemetery within sight of the Pentagon which is where he was assigned twice in his career.    He was VERY patriotic – he’d get tears in his eyes when he was saluting the flag or listening to the National Anthem.    I got my love of country from him.   Had he been alive last week he would have been as horrified as I was by what I saw on TV.   I won’t go on and on and on about it – we’ve all talked about it as we “needed” to among ourselves.    Let’s just say I was disappointed and saddened and maybe a little MAD.    

So here’s the SPARK I found that says what I want to say to END my discussion of last week……………..because I am not going to live in that moment – I’m going to continue in my OWN moment with my OWN feelings and hope we have a new beginning………..

And I really don’t need to explain that……………it really TRULY says what I hope for all of us who CARE.

Hugs, Pam

SPARKS for Monday


Monday – means we share some inspirational thoughts for the week – maybe something that SPEAKS to us and which just might SPEAK to you too?    Sparks was the brainchild of our good friend Annie of McGuffy’s Reader.   She thought it would be great to share a little “light” every week and start each day of the week with an uplifting idea to shine the light along our way.     Sometimes we trip and fall without enough light!     If you would like to join in and share some inspiration – click on Annie’s blog badge above – go there and join in by filling out the LINKY form – add your link OR your thought and that’s just how easy it is to share some positivity.    We can ALL use that right?

Here’s our contribution for the week……………..Have you ever REALLY noticed the word IMPOSSIBLE?

I have long admired Audrey Hepburn……….her early movies always made me smile – I suspect she had the joie de vivre NATURALLY that she radiated in her movies – a natural sense of fun and with that, a natural sense of what’s possible.    I think that’s a choice WE can make for ourselves too.    It’s sometimes hard to think we CAN do something but we truly CAN do anything – we just have to make the choice and remember that NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE…………

Carry positivity with you in your heart today and always……….it shines a light all its’ own…………

Love, Pam