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Farewell Jamison


A New Angel


Jamison – a tragic loss in Blogville


Today is a day just for Angel Jamison………….

We’ve been following Jamison’s family blog for a while but didn’t really know HIM as well as we did his brother Noodle but just as we were getting to know him, he had a horribly sad thing happen at his house.   He was attacked by a dog and had a great deal of extremely serious and scary injuries.    It was terrifying to read about, and I know his family was incredibly sad that it happened.   He had the very best of vet care with a lot of repair work and surgery and had made it home where he was cared for with the loving hands and hearts of his family.    They did everything they could to make him comfortable and help him try to recover.   He only knew pure love in his last days…………

But the injuries were just too bad for Jamison to come back from……………he fought so hard to stay but in the end, he had to travel to the Rainbow Bridge – where I am – and became an Angel.


I can assure his family that Jamison is adjusting to Angel life just fine.   We are all making sure he feels welcome and showing him how he can still visit his family “back home”………most of all I remind him that he is ALWAYS and FOREVER in their hearts.


Rest easy Angel Jamison………..

Angel Sammy

Tuesday Teaser



Hello Teaser Fans…………before we get down to business, I want to give a special “shout out” and ask for lots of prayers for our good friend and King of Teaser’s Easy’s Dad Mr. Mark.  Mr. Mark had a horrible fall in his house and injured his head and his arm badly – had 27 staples in his head and some serious work done on his arm and as of the last update, he is recovering from his “repairs” but certainly is not out of danger……..hoping to maybe even come home today or tomorrow though.   It is a very bad and scary time for Easy and his Mom………….please send them tons of purrs and POTP.   They need it!   Just click the beautiful “badge” that Miss Ann of Zoolatry did for Easy………..it will take you to his blog.   Thanks everybody!


Now on to the Teaser for today!   I said it would be a tough one – well, I’m not sure it is……..but I’ll leave it up to you.  It’s not a GUEST Teaser either………….my Dad found these in the photo box and I scanned them in and VOILA – today’s Teaser which is actually THREE photos.   Take a peek, see what you think and tell me WHERE these were taken – state/country/town if you can OK?  Ready?


They are old photos…………hope they’re not too tough to see – they’re fairly small that’s for sure!

Now – remember, if you’re FIRST to comment on today’s blog (and you don’t even have to GUESS, just COMMENT) you will earn yourself one of these beauties:


If you happen to be the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER as to where these photos were taken, you get this little badge:


If you guess RIGHT but aren’t FIRST, you still get something for your time and effort:


AND – of course – those of you who are just DYING to wallpaper your entire house with GREEN – we have the world famous GREENIE badge for you!   Just because you don’t guess right or don’t know, doesn’t mean you get left out!


SO – what are you waiting for – GET TO GUESSING!   And please don’t forget to leave some encouraging words for everybody’s friend, Easy and his family!

Hugs, Mr. Tease (if you please)

No peeking until tomorrow!

No peeking until tomorrow!