Friendly Fill-Ins Hop


Happy Friday!   Fill in the blanks fun Friday to be exact.   Our co-hosts give us four sentences missing some words and WE supply our own words.   It’s tons of fun.   You can join in by clicking the badge above.

Here are the four sentences we got THIS week.    My Mom filled in ALL the blanks this week – with my permission of course!


1. Drinking more than one glass of champagne always gives me a headache.
2. Ten years ago, I was ten years younger (hahahaha).
3. The occasional frosts and freeze is the reason I haven’t yet bought any “delicate” plants for my front porch.
4. I prefer warm, sunny days, but I also don’t mind the occasional rainy/cozy day.

Good job Mom!  I knew you could do it all by yourself this week – I wanted an extra long nap this morning so I appreciate you taking up the slack by doing the fill-ins by yourself!

The Dynamic Duo – ME and Mom!!

Thankful and Poetic Thursday


Thankful Thursday is a Hop hosted by Brian and we look forward to it every week.    Our chance to talk about what we’re thankful for along with everyone else who joins in the Hop.   If you’d like to join in – let us know your thankfuls and hook up to the HOP at Brian’s place (click the badge above).

We’re all (including my Mom and Dad) happy that our weather has been beautiful BUT the weather gurus say we are in NEED of rain.   Supposedly five inches below normal but just a few short weeks ago we didn’t think it would ever STOP raining.  Weird.  Weather prediction is super hard these days we think but we have yet to have a day that was correctly predicted in the weather department for a very long time.   I think it must be as HARD to predict as ever!   Anyway, it’s been pretty here.   Also my Mom only has another week of eyedrops post-cataract surgery and she’ll be happy when that’s over with.   Meanwhile she is “pleased as punch” that she can see so well.

Now for the second part of our post on Thursdays and that’s when we share the email we got from Angel Sammy with his weekly poetry.    Writing poems from photographic inspiration must be fun – he’s been doing this for a long time.   What’s even better is when YOU join in and wrote a poem for the photos he gives to everyone.   See you next week!

Hugs, Teddy


“Hi Poetic Friends!   It’s OUR Time!”

Time for us to share the poems we all wrote based on what we “see” in the photo I gave you last Thursday.   We’ve all had a week to think about it and come up with a poem inspired by the photo.    Are you ready?    Here’s mine!


Poem by Angel Sammy Kimmell      ©May 17, 2023



Chocolate is my favorite – it’s good on EVERYTHING

Ice cream, vegetables, meat, bread, cereal too, it makes my tummy sing!

Why is it on my shirt, the bed and even on the floor?

Well there’s no such thing as too much chocolate – I simply had to have MORE!


I imagine this was one major nightmare for Mom when she discovered what little Johnny had done when he found the Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup out on the kitchen counter.   Just too tempting to pass up obviously and so much fun to smooooosh around on the floor – nice and slippery and fun……….EEEEK.      Well as much fun as that photo was to write a poem for, I hope the one I have for you for NEXT Thursday is fun too!   Here it is:

So let’s get together next week and read each other’s poems for this one OK?    I think my Mom will like this photo.

Until then, stay happy!

I am the Angel Poet in the green beret…..and I hope you join me for POETIC FUN each week!


Love, Angel Sammy

Teaser Tell All


Alrighty then…..let’s get this class started!

“YAWN……oh alright……I guess I’ll slip my morning nap then!”

First of all let’s talk about our TWO – yes TWO – First Commenters yesterday.   Two of our class members got here almost simultaneously and so both of them are FIRSTIES today. Who were they?   Let’s have a drumroll and find out!



Woo Hoo For Those Two!

Each of our First Commenters gets one of these:

There were TWO First Commenters on the Teaser of May 16, 2023 and I was one of them!

AND here’s the fabulous photo that our Graphics Department supplied for yesterday’s Teaser……… fooled people for quite a while…….until finally someone guessed it.

This rather frightening city on the edge of a cliff is La Rinconada, Peru and if you’d like some information on this interesting place just CLICK HERE!

WHO was our First Right Guesser??

Drumroll please…………….


Miss Ingrid you are definitely someone who knows how to look for the right clues to do searches and figure out the locations.    Here’s your badge for being FIRST:

WOO HOO I was First Right Guesser on the Teaser post of May 16, 2023!!!!

If you ALSO guessed correctly but weren’t first like Miss Ingrid, then you get this badge:

I guessed RIGHT on the Teaser of May 16, 2023 BUT I was NOT the First one to be RIGHT!

AND if you guessed but you were wrong you get this one!

I guessed the Teaser of May 16, 2023 BUT I was not right I was WRONG!

Now now…..don’t get so upset… all can try again NEXT week!

Cheer Team – we need some CHEERING UP please!

The weather’s fab so we rode our Harleys
We hope the traffic home is light and not so gnarly
Let’s talk winners what do you say?
We had TWO First Commenters at the door today
Miss Sharon and Miss Janet were ready to go
They were FIRST before the rest of you made the show
Then we finally got a First Right Guesser we bet you can guess
Miss Ingrid did it again we must confess
That does it for class for another week
Thanks for listening to our cheer – now you can speak!

I hope you students are hungry – it’s time to head to the cafeteria for lunch (or breakfast – or dinner – or all three!)     Line up in the hall and let’s GO GO GO!

“Come and get it!!”

Today’s Wonderful Menu of Delights:

Congrats winners – we’ll see you next week for another Teaser!   Your Professors



Teaser Tuesday Time!


“Patrolling school grounds is so much more enjoyable on a warm Spring day isn’t it gang?   Let’s go treat ourselves to breakfast in the cafeteria shall we???”

Tuesday’s HERE and so are you – – – but have you COMMENTED yet?  

Important to comment when you get here so you’ll have a chance to win the FIRST COMMENTER badge…….everyone who comments in the first 60 seconds after school starts gets a badge you know.

“Dang – I forgot to comment when I got here!”

Just as a reminder as we start class, here are the rules for Teaser AND the badges that are available to win today……………..

Now let’s get on with the show.    Our Teaser today was chosen by our Graphics Department – here she they are hard at work looking for a suitable Teaser challenge!

And here’s the result of the search………………………………….

What is the name of THIS place??????

You two are thinking the same thing WE’re thinking!

There’s your Tuesday challenge gang.   A formidable one we think.   Do your best – we know you will.    I’m glad our school isn’t located on the edge of that town – one major landslide and we’d be tumbling down into who the heck knows where!

Cheer Team?    How about cheering our group up – I think this Teaser is throwing them for a loop!

This photo looks like a real genuine doozy
Living up on that mountain would make us woozy!
We see some snow and we don’t like that
We’d have to wear heavy coats that make us look fat!
We’ll be back tomorrow to tell you who wins
For now though we can’t look at this photo without our heads starting to spin!!!

“Good job girls!!”

Now if you’re all ready – we can go to the cafeteria and give some thought to the Teaser photo as well as give some thought to our stomachs as we eat a good meal!    Ready?

“Ready – Set – Go!  We’re waiting for you!”


See you for Tell All Class tomorrow and GOOD LUCK!

Your Professors


SPARK on Monday


Happy Monday – time for a SPARK to start the week.  “SPARKS” was started by Annie McGuffy of McGuffy’s Reader but ended when she stopped blogging some time ago. It was meant to be a way to start out each week with with a meaningful thought – something that spoke to each of us and hopefully everyone else who read it. Although Annie isn’t currently blogging, a lot of us who enjoyed her SPARKS decided to keep posting SPARKS of our own.

I’m not sure what led me to the page of thoughts where I found this one but it spoke to me as some things often do.    So I knew I’d found my SPARK for this week………….

It’s a good SPARK to think about isn’t it.    I think maybe we all know this in our minds, but at the time we just concentrate on how HARD it is not that it’s RIGHT.

Hugs, Pam