I’m A Winner! :)


Wowzers!  Guess what?  Our new bestest friend Dianna and her pretty cat Sundae presented my blog with an award!  That’s right – here it is:

How awesome is this?!

I’ve never received an award before….of course I’ve not been blogging for very long but this is just so exciting.  It’s awarded to blogs who have less than 200 followers – and I don’t have NEARLY that many – at least not yet!  Now we’re supposed to spread the happiness by awarding five of our favorite blogs with the Liebster Blog award.  I’ll have to put on my thinking cap on that one because I think most of the blogs I follow are HUGE with followers. 

Do I look happy????

I Can See That Fat Squirrel Hanging From The Squirrel-Proof Birdfeeder! HA!

I need a t-shirt with Liebster Award Winner printed on it!

Miss Dianna lives on the water down in Southern Virginia and is a really super photographer.  She takes pictures of beautiful sunrises and sunsets, deer in her yard, and of course there’s pictures of Sundae (who I just might have a crush on!!).  You can visit her blog if you have time at http://thesedaysofmine.com.

I suppose Mom would say I’m liable to be a little more “perky” today than usual because I’ll be celebrating being a Liebster.  🙂 🙂

Hope your day starts out as nice as mine has!!

Sammy, One Spoiled Liebster