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Sam the Household Manager


It’s not easy being me….I have a LOT of responsibilities in this house believe me.  Keeping everything operating the way I want it to operate is pretty much a full-time job. 

I have to keep one eye on the clock at all times.  At precisely 5AM I wake up Mom every day and supervise the selection of my breakfast preparation…..the minute I’ve checked out what’s in the dish, I tell her it’s time to take me out on my leash for our first cruise through the yard – I know that breakfast dish will be waiting for me when we get back inside!  I have specific spots in the yard I have to check – the two cats next door need to be reminded constantly whose yard THIS is so I “mark” the trees along the property line every morning.  The rest of the day I circulate around the house to my various perches and make sure things are as they should be outside in my yard.  If I spy something that doesn’t belong there (like those darn cats) I run to get Mom and tell her in no uncertain terms that something is amiss.  Later in the day I sit at the front door and watch for the mailman.  As soon as he puts mail in our box I run and tell Dad since he likes to get the mail. 

I also tell Mom every single time I use my litter box.  Yep….I’m all for flushing as soon as I’ve used it.  Cleanliness is next to Catliness you know!  I make sure she takes care of “it” immediately or I’ll pester her to death.  Hey – I’d clean it myself if I could! 

Anyway, you can see that living here is a very busy life.  Still I wouldn’t trade it for anything.  Mom and Dad love me and I love them and we look out for each other.  That’s why I don’t mind one bit being House Guardian and Household Manager. 

It’s a tough job…….but SOMEONE has to do it!

Happy Sunday from Sammy, One Spoiled Cat

Sam’s Friday Thoughts….


What a day yesterday!  My Aunt Carol visited and after she left to go home back to West Virginia we saw on the news that there was a tornado warning right where she lives….we were all hoping that she’d gotten home to my Cousins Mollye and Toby (who hate storms like I do) and thank heavens she did.  They had huge hail and lots of scary wind but at least they were all three together and waited out the storm together.  NO TORNADO right there but bad wind, etc.  The weather has been so strange for everybody but some people have really had it so bad. 

Mom read me a story about a dog in Alabama who had survived the tornadoes down there but had been hurt badly – he was able to crawl back home with his broken legs to find his family after three weeks…..we love our families and our homes so much that we will find a way.   When the storms come and people take shelter, sometimes they can’t take us with them to safety so we are on our own.  It’s scary but we know sometimes we just aren’t all able to stay together but if we can, we will come home and if we can’t, we rely on the kindness of strangers.  We love YOU as much as you love US.

Anyway, that story about the dog just made me think – AGAIN – about how happy and lucky I am.  All of you humans who read my blog who have a pet in your lives – go give them a hug right this minute!  We love to be loved.  Honest we do!

Happy Friday from Sammy – One Spoiled (and loved) Cat

Aren't I Cute???

Aren't I Cute????

Sam’s Skunk Sighting


What an interesting morning Mom and I had while we were walking around the backyard in the dark earlier.  I had only been out for a few minutes when I just KNEW something was around in the yard that didn’t belong in the yard….well, you know what I mean!  I stopped walking and did my “paw alert”, pointing up by part of the garden and sure enough in a few seconds there appeared a dark blob moving quickly across the yard heading toward the woods!  We were quiet but it sensed us….was it a black cat (there is one in the neighborhood)?  Was it a dark colored groundhog (we’ve got those too)? …..then we saw it had a white spot on its head and on its tail….it was a “Lady Skunk” !!!!  It stopped – stuck its tail up in the air – looked right at us – then ran into the woods.  Thank heavens!  So that was the only excitement we encountered this morning.  Enough excitement I’d say!

Now, I want to tell you about another friend….her name is Zoe and she lives with my Mom’s friend Jerry in Thibodaux, Louisiana.  Jerry lost his other dog Nipper and missed having the company of a dog so he adopted Zoe from a lady who had an ad in the newspaper.  When she brought Zoe to Jerry’s house the first time and he saw her little pink tongue poking out of her fuzzy little face, it was love at first sight!  She’s quite a little ball of energy (he says).  I just think she’s kinda cute…… know – for a dog of course. 

Jerry's Best Friend Zoe

Jerry's Best Friend Zoe

Sam’s Cousin Toby


Hi All…..Sam here……first of all, I wish I could say that on my morning walk with Mom I saw my friend Freddie the Frog but unfortunately it was raining too hard to stay outside and cruise around the yard!  Even under Mom’s umbrella I was getting soaked and so was she so we both ran back inside and that was that!  I bet Freddie was inside his own house staying dry because it’s even too rainy for frogs today! 

I hope you all enjoyed seeing my Cousin Mollye’s picture yesterday and today I want to tell you about her brother, my Cousin Toby.  Toby is also a Shih Tzu like Mollye.  Mom has lots of pictures of Toby from when he was tiny like I was when I moved in with Mom and Dad, to now when he runs around with Mollye and gets into trouble.  Speaking of trouble, I decided the BEST picture of Toby is this one – he looks like he KNOWS he’s in trouble don’t you think?

Uh Oh...What Did I Do NOW????

Uh Oh...What Did I Do Now???

Toby is quite a character (so says my Aunt Carol) but then again Mom says I’m quite a character too!  So – what’s so bad about that???  Anyway, Toby takes good care of his adopted sister Mollye and that means he’s a GOOD GUY in my book. 

Tomorrow I’ll share another photo of yet another friend!  I’ve got lots of them…..LUCKY ME!

Sam’s Buddies

Mollye Jones - My Cousin!

Cousin Mollye's Funny Hairdo


OK……now before you wonder what the heck is going on in this photo, let me explain!  This is my Mom’s sister Carol’s little Shih Tzu Mollye.   Carol saw a picture of another dog with her ears braided and thought she’d try it out on my poor cousin Mollye.  Mollye is a very patient girl I can tell ya, because if my Mom tried this with me – well – let’s just say it wouldn’t be pretty (nor could she do it since my ear hair isn’t long like Mollye’s!!!). 

Anyway, Mollye is my cousin and I love her.  She was a rescue from a puppymill.  I think puppymills are horrible places and Mollye had been there for years before she was rescued and came to live with my Aunt Carol in West Virginia.  Mollye is now living a wonderful life with her little brother Toby and Aunt Carol.  They have a nice house in the mountains with a fenced yard and lots of places to go for walks and sniff things and chase each other and play.  Toby is a Shih Tzu too and he and Mollye are best friends.  Toby was very patient with Mollye at first because she didn’t know how to play with toys or do anything but just be afraid……Toby soon “taught” Mollye about toys and chasing things and going for walks.  Now you’d never know what a bad life Mollye had before.  I’ll show you a picture of Toby tomorrow!!!  See ya later!!