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Thankful AND Thoroughly Poetic Thursday


Oooh La La!


Today is my “combination” day – it’s my poem day and it’s also Thankful Thursday so I am doing BOTH in this one post!

If you have written a poem to join me on Poetic Thursday, you can either post it in my comments so the universe can see it OR, post your blog link and say you have a poem posted there – we will hop over and read it FOR SURE!    Write a poem for someone today – I promise you will make them VERY  happy if you do!

First though is my poem of the week.   Today we’re celebrating the letter “W” in the alphabet.   You know I thought of a million things I could write about that start with the letter “W” but because lately I’m having “old guy” health issues and think a lot about my future, I settled on this poem to share with you – my dear friends.


By Sammy Kimmell, 11/17/16

My Daddy flies his plane up in the sky

Where birds and planes and angels fly

In common they all have just one thing

They fly through the sky using their “wings”.

When I was a kitten all tiny and new

The years up ahead were abundant – not few

With age came wisdom about many things

Like the eventual day when I’d get my wings.

Through all the years I’ve not once feared the day

When my guardian angel kitty would come to me and say…

“Dear Sam you have lived a long life full of love

now we want you to come join us at the Bridge up above.

Your work here on earth as companion and friend

Has been perfectly grand but soon it will end.

We have work for you there – and one day when you’re ready,

You’ll come back to Mother Earth for another life, strong and steady.

Your wings they await you – they’re beautiful – made of gold

They will bring you good health, you’ll be young again, not old.

When your time it is here, I will be by your side…..

From this earthly life, you will rise and you will glide

To the Rainbow Bridge we’ll go and be safe as can be

Watching over all your friends and your Earth family.

From this day forward until your time has come,

I’ll be right by your side until your last day is done.”


Dear friends, I hope this poem doesn’t make you SAD……………..because we all know that our time will come and we will go to the Bridge and see all our friends we’ve had to say farewell to for so many years.    I don’t intend to go soon but you never really know……….and I wanted all of you to know how I feel about that.    Life is GOOD……live every minute of it!    I sure intend to…..

Next week we will move on to a REAL toughie – the letter “X”!    EEEEEEEEEK!    Talk about a challenge!

For the second part of today’s post, I will tell you this thing that I am thankful for…………………..I’m thankful for my Mom and Dad – I could not have been adopted from the shelter almost 17 years ago by more loving and caring humans – NO WAY……..I’m living a dream life…………and I love all of my friends and every single day I’m here, I celebrate it.    If you’d like to share what you’re THANKFUL for, just visit Brian’s blog by clicking HERE and join the hop today!



Merci Beaucoup for coming by today to see my “W” poem!

Happy Thankful Poetic Thursday  

Monsieur Sammy, zee poet!


Sunday Selfie


As usual, here we are on a Sunday morning joining The Cat On My Head’s Selfie Blog Hop!

We wouldn’t miss it – would you?  


Mom and I quite like this one…..especially the “star” on my nose and the way the star pattern plays on the spaces all around me.   This is an effect called “Stars” from Lunapic.   Mom says I look like a magic cat………..maybe I am???

You can visit The Cat On My Head to join the hop with the Linky Tool there, or just take a peek at all the gorgeous selfies there.   Either way, have a fab Sunday!


Click Badge to Visit them!!

Love, Starry-Eyed Sam

Thoroughly Poetic Thursday



‘Allo Mon Amis!


It is moi….your friendly ginger poet back again with today’s poem in honor of the letter “T” !

There are a bazillion things that start with the letter “T” so deciding on just one to write my poem this week was tricky and tough………..but then the lightbulb lit over my little head and I realized that my “T” poem could only be about one thing.    I hope you like it!



by Sammy Kimmell, 10/27/16

When I was in the shelter

Just a little tiny baby

I kept seeing humans come into the cat room

I kept hoping and thinking “maybe” !

But not a soul was interested in me

They’d look and then they’d go

The shelter lady said it was because of my extra toes!

People thought I was deformed

Can you imagine that?

How silly can humans sometimes be

About a polydactyl cat!

She said I was a “Hemingway”

Which made me quite unique

I was healthy and very happy

And worth more than just a peek!

My Mom and Dad saw me that day

Mom knew about extra toes

She loved me the instant she saw me

My ginger fur and tiny pink nose.

My toes were just a bonus

Just much more of me to love……

I cuddled right up into her neck

And knew that I’d found LOVE.

(I was adopted by Mom and Dad on February 5, 2000 from the shelter)

Well now, that was fun to write – I’ve always been proud of my extra toes – wanna see some photos?   Of course you do…………….I’ve got a LOT of photos of my toesies!    Remember, next Thursday we will celebrate the letter “U”………………now that one will be a toughie!


Sammy Superstar

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Thoroughly Poetic Thursday



Hello Poetry Lovers (or at least LIKERS!).    Today we continue on our journey through the entire alphabet and we find ourselves at the charming and lovely letter “S” ! 

I had so many ideas for this letter, including the obvious – my name – but I settled on one which most of us cats AND dogs truly appreciate – I think you’ll agree when I share my poem with you!



By Sammy Kimmell 10/20/16

Puddles of sun through windows shine

I search them out and make them mine

On my old bones the sun will heat

The healing feel from nose to feet

The summer sun is far from dainty

It drags us down and makes us fainty!

The winter sun is such a gift

We follow the puddle as the light does shift

We search it out from room to room

When its’ light is gone, here comes the gloom

We miss it  on a rainy day

No sun puddles around in which to play

We search the house for a sunpuddle nap

The next best place – my Mom’s warm lap!

Another letter closer to the end of the line…………”Z” isn’t all that far away!    Maybe we should start over again when we’ve worked our way through?    Or maybe I can come up with another “participation” blog post for Thursdays………….what do you think?    This is just a one day poll so take it now because it will be gone tomorrow……..!


I’m up for either option…………but I do love reading YOUR poems and I hope you enjoy reading mine…………let’s see how most of us feel about it!

Before I go, I thought you might enjoy seeing some SUNNY photos from my photo collection………………..who doesn’t love a good sunpuddle???????

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Did you write a poem for “S” today?  You can post it in my comments if you like, OR you can give us your blog link where we can visit and read your poem!!!   Thanks to all of you for pawticipating!

I'm a poet and I know it!

I’m a poet
and I know it!

Happy Thursday!  

Sam the Poet Guy


Teaser Tell All Time!




Hello Class!!!!!!   I hope you’ve noticed I’ve been slaving away trying to create some new graphics for the Teaser blog posts!  

NEXT week I’ll have new badges for you to win too!!!!!   

In the meantime, yesterday’s Teaser photo gave you something to think about and we had a lot of interesting guesses but several of you guessed it RIGHT……..and I’ll give you the scoop on who won what, right after I show you the photo again which was – by the way – an old photo of my Mom’s Mom that she took well over 40 years ago on a trip she took WITHOUT my Mom along.  


This is Lisbon, Portugal and that building on the far right that looks like a castle is the Belem Tower area along the water.   Here’s some great information about this historic landmark……………..just CLICK HERE!

So who were our lucky ducky winners this week???    Well first of all, our very FIRST COMMENTER (within one minute of the blog post going live!) was our good friend Miss Csilla from KOLYTYI.    Bravo Miss Csilla!   This is for you……………


Who was the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER?    It was our old friend and world traveler, EASY !    This is for you my buddy and pal:


AND, like I said, there were some other CORRECT GUESSERS in the crowd yesterday who figured it out and each of you gets this:


Even if you didn’t figure it out you are still a winner in my geography class – that’s right – you get a world famous GREENIE for your time and trouble:


Who knows what I’ll dig up for NEXT week’s Teaser…………it could be anywhere in the world!    So start studying your atlas, encyclopedia, travel brochures, and travel programs on the TV because Tuesday will be here before you know it!


Don’t forget mon amis, tomorrow is zee Thoroughly Poetic Thursday blog post and your poem should be about something starting with the letter “S” !!!   Oui?  Comprendez vous?   (Mom’s high school French was oh so many centuries ago!)