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Talk About Wet!


Gosh – it’s monsoon season (not Spring but monsoon!) here on top of my hill in Warrenton.   I’m thinking about past postings about so much rain…………remember these?

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We’ve had driving, pouring, heavy rain for two days so things are soggy (moldy?) here yet again……….but maybe this is a sign that Spring is truly coming because it’s not snow – it’s rain…..and this week is supposed to be a nice week with temperatures – higher than normal….that means maybe the sixties!   There’s hope!

We had a weekend full of paperwork, realtors, phone calls, a stranger or two, and making boxes…….Dad got boxes from the store and they have to be taped up like Fort Knox to make them safe for transporting STUFF – and believe me – my parents have had 18 years in this house and some years BEFORE that, to gather lots of STUFF.

The highlight of my week will be tomorrow though with the good old reliable Tuesday Teaser.  Will you be ready?  Will you?   You’d better make up your mind because it will be here in less than 24 hours!!

Try to have a rain-free or at least pain-free Monday………..that’s my plan…………..

Sammy the Almost Catfish (haha)


Teaser Tell All



Good Morning Teaser Fans!

This is your buddy – the old Teaser himself – SAMMY coming to you from snowy Warrenton, Virginia (yes it actually DARED to snow again yesterday!).    I spent the day watching the snow fall and you all agonized over my Teaser photo from yesterday.  Lots of super good guesses though………AND we had several right guessers.

Before we hear about winners (and losers!!) let’s refresh our memories with the photo – shall we????????


Taken by my Mom from high atop a Manhattan hotel in the room she and my Dad stayed in on their first trip to NYC together (via train from Washington, DC) in 1989.   They went up for a 3-day excursion – managed to see the sights including a carriage ride in Central Park, go to the theater to see “42nd Street”, do a bus tour of the city with a stop in Chinatown – and even had a chance to slip into a genuine NY deli for a big fat corned beef on rye!!!    They had a fabulous time and have tons of photos but this is one of their favorites.  What a sky!   I’m sure Manhattan has changed a LOT in all these years – and while they have been back once, they sure didn’t capture a sunset sky over the city like this one again.

Who was the “FIRST RIGHT GUESSER” ???   Well it was Mollie from Mollie and Alfie !!!!    NYC it is…………so you get this fabulous award Madame Mollie:


AND, there were several more who recognized this old photo of New York City and all of you get this one:


Those who had no clue or guessed many other spots like Chicago, Richmond, Las Vegas, etc. get a big fat HUG anyway for trying and taking a flying leap of faith by guessing………..!


By the way, nobody mentioned it but just for your info, I have used this same photo before!   In an old blog post in 2012.   In fact my Mom had to make sure we removed all record of it here on WordPress because you might have found some clues embedded in the photo and tried to follow the link to the old post (not that you’d be sneaky or anything….of course…….AHEM!).

So, now that you’re aware of what’s what in the teasing department, I hope that any further teasing you involve yourself in today is with YOU doing the teasing of someone/thing else and not YOU being the victim of the tease!





Pooped Friday


Alright – not THAT kind of pooped!!!!  Pooped as in tired……………….Mom’s doing all the work but I’m exhausted just watching her.   They aren’t even moving until probably mid-June but yet the activity is on an increase around here and I’m not too crazy about it……………

No it's not my Mom and Dad....these people have happy faces and my parents don't !!!  HAHAHAHA

No it’s not my Mom and Dad….these people have happy faces and my parents don’t !!! HAHAHAHA

There’s lots of information out there about how to move when you have a cat – as in how to make it EASY for the cat……I’m wondering if someone wrote a book about that subject for humans because I’m gonna get it for my Mom!!  HAHAHA    She’s like the energizer rabbit and in between packing and cleaning and fixing things up for the house to be shown to potential buyers, she’s on the computer FOR ME!!!   Trust me, if I could do my own computerizing I would – AND I EVEN HAVE THUMBS but that doesn’t mean I can do it all myself.  I need her……SO my mission is to slow her down.  What’s the hurry Mom?  Make sure you check those boxes before you tape them up!!!! 



Oh – and by the way – where’s DAD???  Shouldn’t HE be helping????   Oh I know – he’s busy isn’t he!!!!

Dad putting the plane away in the hangar after flying

Uh huh……..well he’s just being smart – staying out of the way I suppose!  

I can't wait to relax again...meanwhile I'm staying here - out of the way!

I can’t wait to relax again…meanwhile I’m staying here – out of the way!

Anyway, you might as well get used to the fact that over the next few months I will be letting off some steam about moving………..among other things………..think you can stand it?  Gosh I hope so…..I know all of YOU understand even if my Mom doesn’t quite GET IT!!!!


Sammy the Traumatized Cat



Hi Everyone……………….well our snow is hanging in there – not that we got any more – NO NO NO – but what we DID get a few days ago isn’t going anywhere.  It’s acting like it’s moved into a cheap hotel room and isn’t gonna budge until the rates go up!   One GOOD thing is that the streets are clear SO today my Mom and Dad are taking a ride to the postal center where the first batch of presents are going out from the Moon trip!   YAY!  Finally!  Did you think I’d forgotten?????  Nope!  Just been snow-bound!

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While they’re out, they have a stop to make in order to put together TWO of the six packages we’re sending out so those packages will probably go out on Friday.  Hang in there winners……..your goodies are coming soon!   Thanks to postal costs AND cost of toys though remember PULEEEEEEZE that these are little presents – just my thanks for being such good friends AND for entering the Moon contests!!


My Dad went to the airport today because he needed to chip away at the snow and ice that collects around the hangar doors where he has his airplane snugged in for the winter.  Why is he bothering?  Because NEXT week there are a couple of days where we are to have high temperatures in the HIGH FIFTIES!!!!   Sounds like Spring to me – and it sounds like flying weather……….I’ve shown some of these pix before – you can tell they certainly weren’t taken last week or anything since there’s no snow in sight – but just so you can see Dad’s plane and what HE sees when he’s buzzing around up there!

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Mom’s doing laundry today – sheets and towels to be specific – those are my favorite items of course………and when that blanket is on the bed without a cover on it I’m THERE.  Mom feels guilty about moving me when I’m on top of the super fleecy blankie so she’ll leave it for me until I’ve finished napping and moved somewhere else.  WHAT A MOM!

Sam making himself comfy while I'm TRYING to put fresh sheets on the bed!

Guess what else I’m doing today?  I’m tackling my toy wagon and basket……time to have a bit of a clear out – actually Mom will just take a bunch of my LEAST fave toys out, put them in a bag and hide them in a closet….then when I get bored with what’s left – OUT THEY WILL COME and be just like new!    Sure saves on money.  HAHA

My toy box is actually a toy WAGON!

Before I go – how about a little SHAMELESS BRAGGING on my Mom……as you know she has a mystery novel called “The Mystery of David’s Bridge”  available on Kindle AND in paperback on Amazon………..there are links on my sidebar……….help yourself!  Guess what…..there’s even a CAT in it.  His name is Eddy and it’s “the Eddy” that was the cat my Mom had before I came along.  Yep – sure is.   Mom’s main character is a private investigator in a small town who has a cat for company.  Just like I do, Eddy helps his human.   I may not help my Mom solve mysteries but I do keep her lap warm – that’s something right?   Anyway, if your human enjoys a fun mystery read, check out my Mom’s book – just click a link!  Easy Peasy!

So what’s up for you today?  Anything exciting?

Hugs To You From Me…..

Mr. Excitement (aka Sammy)

We call this the Grandma Chair - Sam thinks it's a great nap spot.